What to use for eczema?

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Question for all you mamas out there that have babies with ezxcema what do you use? I’m currently using coconut oil on my 4 month old as it’s on her eye. But I’m wanting to try anything before I go and get a prescription for the steroid cream, what do you use? Does it work?
It’s irritating her and some days can be very red and nasty.


I put coconut oil in my 4 month olds bath water and I use Cetaphil for his body wash …afterwards I use cetaphil moisturizing cream (not lotion) and make sure you are applying often before bed when, I’m the morning, after diaper changes.

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Aquaphor wash and cream. Stay away from anything that has alcohol in it. It’s very drying.

Robathol bath oil and Vanicream lotion. I had to take my son to a dermatologist shortly before he was 6 months old and that combination was recommended by the dermatologist. This photo is a 3 week difference after using the 2 products listed above.

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So with my son we’ve tried everything. It turns out he’s allergic to grass and trees. He can’t use anything with oatmeal or coconut. He’s been on steroroid creams for awhile but I found an amazing lotion at Wal-Mart that cleared it up. For his eyes, I just use Vaseline at night and that clears it up. He uses Vanicream (lotion from Wal-Mart) for everything else and it clears up overnight! There’s a ton of side affects with steroid creams for littles.

My daughter had eczema as a baby I bought a stocking I cut some of the leg and foot part off and would fill It up with regular plain oatmeal and let it soak it the bath with her and rub her down with the stocking wherever the eczema is best thing I ever done it worked great and it was very low cost do it every night I would also use the Johnson and Johnson vanilla oatmeal soap and lotion or aveeno eczema products

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For her eye, I would see a doctor. I wouldn’t just put something on it. That’s a very sensitive area.

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My second eldest had it terribly bless her. I got given emollient for hers and a antibiotic cream, as hers made her skin crack. As she got older, they just said to use emollient, but to be honest, i think it just makes it worse, E45 does a much better job. As the little one is a baby, it’s probably best to go to the doctors, and see what they advice to begin with.

Aveeno or pure Lanolin. Both are magic

If you’re breast feeding squirt a bit on there and rub it in. It’s weird, kind of gross and I question how like hygienic it is but I read it on a mom forum back in the day and I swear on a stack of bibles it’s the only thing that worked. No steroid or wash ever helped it, just my breast milk :woman_shrugging:t2: