What to use for mosquito bites?

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It’s that lovely time of year for mosquitoes…with that being said,
My almost 2 year old already has 2 mosquito bites on her face - what’s something that always works for you or your child to help relieve the itchiness and redness from the bites? :blush:


calamine lotion always worked for us

Witch hazel works great, my daughter is allergic to mosquitos, and it clears them up in no time.

I’m not sure to be honest but becausefull of the bites they like to also carry infections a bite from a moquito gave my son staph… Currently he is taking sulfametuoxazole :grimacing:

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Witch hazel to clear bites up, and I have found that this creamy baby oil works best to keep the bugs from biting!

Bug Bite Thing! I have a handful of them floating around living in Georgia. Once bitten- use it and BAM! It goes away!

Avon Stay So Soft lotion, cream, or spray

I carry a cheap bottle of facial astringent and cotton balls. As soon as my kid scratches, bump or not, I put that on it. As long as it hasn’t been around for hours, it dries it right up and no bump forms. 🤷
If you get the bump, Benadryl cream and/Gold Bond cream are great.

We use rubbing alcohol. Swelling is down by morning.