What was your experience with having kids two years apart?

I have a question my baby is currently four months old, and I was wondering about baby number 2 (my last pregnancy) I wanted to know from the mommy’s out there what their experiences are with children with an under two year age gap.


I wouldnt. I have 4, 2 of my own and 4 yrs apart and it still was heinous. Too close and they wont get individual attn from you. Most ppl think oh 1 is no big deal lets have another and they dont have a clue how adding 1 makes it 10 times harder. If i could go back id do 6 yrs or more apart.

My 3 oldest are a year apart and it was just fine no struggle at all. I had my 2 oldest in a double stroller and my youngest on my chest

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My first 2 were 3 years apart, my last 2 were 18 months apart. Though it was a lot of work in the end I would much rather have had them all close together

I had a bunch of kids, some under two years apart. The toddlers seemed to handle it pretty well. As they grew they fought a lot but they are super close now and their bond becomes very strong. I liked having them close in age but it can be exhausting!


My kids are 23 months apart. 9 & 11 now… I dont think it was that bad, especially since my oldest essentially potty trained herself right after her brother arrived… now that they’re a bit older they nitpick with each other more, but still pretty good.

All my kids are about 2 years apart. I struggled with balancing their needs and my own well-being. I can tell you right now I was not a fun person to be around up until after potty training ended.

Its a wonderful experience my 2 girls are 1year and 2 months apart they are so close they have that special bond with each other they don’t fight with each other at all. They love each other so much

My 1-3 are three years apart which I found to be perfect but 3-4 are a year and half and it was rough at some moments. In the school years the three years apart was very convenient. It is a matter of your patience and tolerance. I had them young so that helped. My brother and I are 1 year and a half apart and we are practically twins jajajaja. No perfect time it really depends on you and your partner.

I had 3 under 3 1/2 years …hard work but they are all still very close which is so nice …

I have 3 one is 17 the other is about to be 16 and my youngest is 14 , so when they were babies it was draining overwhelming and stressful ,what helped me was sleeping when they slept , getting as much rest as possible when possible , and keeping them entertained for as long as possible . I look back now and idk how I did it cause I could not do it now :joy:

Wish I could post pictures lol my boys aren’t two years apart but a year apart ages 4 and 5. Most days they are best friends, but some days they are not and that’s okay. Lol it won’t always be glorious. I wish I did this with my oldest. She’s almost 12 and even with younger siblings it’s like she’s by herself with no one to talk to other than me. I love being her best friend don’t get me wrong, but would of loved to had her a sister or brother close to her age so she doesn’t feel alone. Because my boys do everything together. I went for that this time for that reason. Honestly can’t say I’m exhausted. I love a fast pace environment so it works out for me. They will keep you on your toes. It’s funny when they don’t like the same stuff and you mix it up like sandwiches, one likes peanut butter, one hates jelly or one likes cheese and no meat the other likes meat and no cheese :joy: fun times

My girls are 14 months apart and are best friends most of the time. It seemed like we spent a lot of time in the diaper stage but it was nice to get it all over with at once. Now they are 6 and 7 and I can’t imagine it any other way!

My girls are almost 2yrs exact part N in the beginning it was tough I ain’t gunna lie. Buying 2 different sizes of diapers and one going through terrible twos and my newborn in the nicu it was tough but now that the baby crawls they are the best of friends

Mine are exactly 2 years 4 days apart. Boy and girl. They have always been close. Of course the typ sib squabbles. Now 14 and 12.

21 months between mine. It’s a rough start, but once you find your groove it’s amazing!

My first and second are 1 year apart and my second and third are 1 year apart. I liked it. All 3 out of diapers at once :grin:

I purposely spaced mine because I didn’t get along with my sibling who is 20 months younger.

My boys are two years apart and I love it and they fight every now and then but they couldn’t be closer

Hectic for the first few years but it is so worth it!

Mine are 23 months apart - currently 3 & 1. It’s hard. Like super hard some days. It’s great seeing them together and seeing how much my oldest has taught my youngest. But just know that it is more exhausting than I ever thought. I’m often overwhelmed and touched out. Make sure you have a great support system as you will need it.


The beginning I rough but once you fall into a routine it gets better!

Mine are 1 year and a day apart and they are girls with them growing up it was fun. Now that they are teen help me

My oldest 2 are 5 1/2 years apart. Worst age split ever. 23 and 18 yr old. I also have a 16, 14, and 12 year old. It was so much easier with the 2 year split. Even when they were little, it was easier with them all being 2 years apart. :heart:

My oldest was 15 months old when I had my twins. It is amazing they are so close in age. They do everything together and help each other so much. They are like best friends. It’s also convenient that when my older daughter grows out of clothes my younger daughter grows into them at the same time.

My first and second are 3 years apart almost to the day… my 2nd and 3rd are 10.5 months apart. The first 2 were pretty easy as my oldest was able to help with small things and help entertain their sibling. However, my 2nd didn’t decide to sleep through the night until they were 9.5 months old. 4 weeks later, I had a newborn…two babies was tough, along with a toddler. But you find a way to make it all work!!

My daughter just turned 2 yesterday and my second daughter is almost 5 months, it’s a little hectic(mostly when their both crying) but their already so bonded, as someone who had siblings much older, I didn’t want my kids too far apart because then they don’t bond, I wasn’t with my siblings until I was an adult, because when I was born my sister was 7 and my brother was 9, we never related to each other.

I have a 4yo, a 2yo, and I’m pregnant due october 11 lol. It’s not so bad. Every kid has different mental capacities though my daughter was much more mature than my son is although my son has a greater vocabulary than my daughter did at the same age. :woman_shrugging:t2: We shall see

My kids are 15 months apart boy and girl now almost 6 and 7 the beginning was pretty easy my little boy being a fantastic baby first 2 years where great but now they fight from pretty much sun up till sun down once in a blue moon they will play together don’t get me wrong they love each other just 2 very different kids… all that aside i would not change the age gap for anything hopefully one day they will be close I will never regret the age gap between them :slightly_smiling_face:

Hectic. Crazy. Worth it. :heart: First two are 10 months apart.

My boys are 15mo apart… they are 3 and 4 right now… and fight constantly! More times than not they are fighting or the older one is playing too rough for little brother and all hell breaks loose.

Personally for me I would not recommend having them so close in age. When I brought the youngest home my oldest was still very much at an age where he needed mom for everything and it was super super hard. I never recommend small age gaps for moms who ask me. But that’s just me.

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I mean I can’t tell you what it is like yet, but my son will be 21 months when my twins arrive lols :joy: we will have 3 under 2!

I have a 4 year old and my 1 year old will be 2 when my third gets here… I love the age gap!!! Now my older 2 play so well together (there a little over 2 years apart) … and i can’t wait to see the different kind of relationship they have with their baby sister :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Dont do it lol its a trap.


My girls are 16 months apart. I was nervous and anxious about it at first but wouldn’t have it any other way. Most days they are the best of friends. But they are girls and have their moments.

My boys are 13 months apart, the first couple of
Months were exhausting with two babies on completely different routines, but it gets easier. They’re now 4 and 5 and I couldn’t imagine having done it any different, best friends for life :heart:

Mine are 10.5 months apart. I don’t really remember the first six or so months after #2 came home from the nicu. They’re both a lot of fun now (almost 2 and almost 3)

If you only plan on ha omg two I highly recommend the big age gap ( my two oldest have 5 years appart) and I lovvvvvved it . Your first is in school so you have that quality time a bit of cleaning time and maybe rest lol . And they get their own identities ( not always being compared or sharing the same sports, friends , ect …) and out of all my kids they get along the best ( same with me I have a huge family with three sisters and the one I’m closest with we have a bigger age gap)

My girls are 2 years and 20 days apart :blush: the begining was great, she helped i got them on the same napping schedule. Once the baby started needing more attention and being played with ect. My 2 year old got super jealous and acted out. That phase didn’t last long but it happened again once she was like 6 months old and could take toys ect. They are 4 and 2 now and best friends. Yes they fight but their bond is amazing :heart:

My son is 1 and my daughter is 3 and I LOVE the bond that they have :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: she is definitely her brother’s keeper. Right now things did get a little hectic because we just welcomed our newest member to the family, he is 3 weeks old and I am strictly stuck to only breastfeeding. They absolutely love their baby brother and are constantly kissing and loving on him. All I can say is that, it is a lot of work but it is totally worth it :heart:

1 & 2 are 20 months apart… boy and girl now teens always been greAt friends. 2 & 3 are 2 27 months apart both girls, tween and teen, good days and bad days.

My youngest 2 are 23 months apart and I honestly love it. My 3 year old loves on the 1 year old and wants to show her everything. In turn my 1 year old is picking up on things so fast because my 3 year old is always talking to her and showing her how to live life…lol

It works out were they can play with each other as they grow… i have a 7 yr old and a 5 yr old then a 2 yr old and currently due next week

All 3 of mine are 2 years apart
Very hard & crazy :rofl::joy:

19 months apart. 12 and 13 now. Exactly the same size weight and height. They are very close still super snuggly with each other. But fight alot over clothes like all sisters.

My 2 are 18 months apart. They are best friends but it’s alot of work. They drive me crazy but I love them with all my heart

My daughter just turned 3, my son is 16 months and I have another daughter due at the end of the month. So they are all less then 2 years apart. It can be hectic sometimes but I love it. The kids are close and have fun together. There are moments where they are both cranky and crazy that can be trying but that will happen with any age fap

My kids are almost 2 years apart. My son was born on June 23 and my daughter was born on July 14. Honestly,it’s hard the older child wants to do a lot to help and it doesn’t always work out like that. The oldest gets jealous and acts out,but they’re also very happy together when it’s peaceful. They love on one another, and the oldest loves holding him.

My kids are 17 days from being exactly 2 years apart. Had the same due date with both. Not gonna lie, it was very rough and stressful when they were in diapers and getting into everything. But as they got older and more independent, its soooo much easier. They are now 12 and 14 and I am so happy that they had each other to grow up with.

Wait till the first is out of diapers.

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My boys are 27 months apart. It was great because my oldest was able to “help” with his brother. He would bring me diapers and blankets. The only bad thing is that everytime he cried my oldest was able to get to him before me and would try to pick him up :flushed: He’d say “butter needs the boob” :rofl:

My kids are a year apart…I don’t recommend it. My son was 4 months when I found out I was pregnant with baby #2. I love them to pieces and don’t regret anything, but it’s mentally draining most of the time. They’re now almost 2 & 3 (girl & boy) and they fight ALL the time.

Mine are 2 years apart. It is hard they do fight a lot especially over who does what all the time (like throwing something away or getting something) ends with one of them screaming :unamused: They also copy each other with everything good and bad so when it’s bad it’s double bad loll. But they also love each other a lot too. My oldest always looks out for his younger sibling especially when she gets hurt he always wants to make sure she’s ok :heart:

My first 2 were 19 mths apart the the third came in 17 mths later. I had no help from my partner at all and it was not hard at all. As far as I’m concerned it is only as hard as u make it. Don’t always focus on all the fancy details and keep life simple.

My oldest is 25mo and youngest is 6mo. It is very very hard right now! But…take that with a grain of salt because we are in a pandemic and I don’t have my usual supports (parents and in laws), childcare, or even a break from them at all.

My kids are 21 months apart. It’s perfect. They are each others best friends. My oldest is a boy and youngest is a girl. My boy wanted to help all the time when his sister was born. He was in love from the beginning.

My first two were 2 yrs apart and then I had another a yr from the 2nd one. 3 in 3 yrs. they are teens now. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. They were/are never lonely. They take care of each other and they have a lot of the same friends and interests. Only the first few years were hard (diaper/bottle years)

Lots of patience and prayers. My first two are two years apart but my youngest and middle child are a year and a few months apart. Its a struggle but you will learn a schedule and how to run things your way

It’s been perfect for me! They are 10 and 12 now.

I think the hard part is having kids farther apart. The ones a year apart are easiest

I have two girls a year apart and love it. I totally do recommend it.

My youngest are 10m apart my daughter is June 22 2009 and my son is April 22 2010 I also had a 3 &5yrs when my youngest was born they are now 10 and 11 and have the closest bond ever when they were little everything was one tight after the other they did fight sometimes and still do but the bond and the moments I still see even at this age are unforgettable it was crazy insanity some days but eventually you’ll miss the crazier days :grinning:

Mine are 2 years and 3 months apart. I wanted them close. (Not too close bc I wanted to enjoy my first daughter and get to know her well let her have her own time and attention.) I don’t regret it at all i had two girls sisters and I LOVE that they’re 2 years apart not 4 or anything else bc they can do the same things play with the same things enjoy the same things etc and it’s partly bc their close on age they have the same interests instead of one being 7 and into different things than their 3 year old sibling. Now I want two more but I’m waiting on 3rd until my younger daughter is in school full time and I want to give myself a little break with 2 kids in school and me able to have some alone time shop alone cook some bathe alone finish their baby books etc etc etc stuff you don’t do with toddlers and newborns etc etc etc. (I live across country from my family and have no one to help me really at all so I have my kids 7 days a week 365 etc etc etc i don’t get breaks or shopping or errands alone etc etc bc husband works all the time.) So my advice it’s great and has pros (most especially if 2nd baby is same sex) but yes like someone else said it was ALOT have a 2 year old and newborn i was feeding and wiping butts sun up till sun up no breaks. That was alot. Bc breastfeeding and two in diapers and with bottles etc etc etc. Again I knew most people put 3 years between them on purpose to make it easier have first potty trained etc but I wanted them close and I’m so glad they are!!! Especially in school I wanted them close also jic it was another girl they’ll be in middle school together high school etc etc etc always be close and doing similar things. Love that. Definitely ENJOY your first let them get to at least a year and really soak them up there is NOTHING like your first truly. It’s just you and them and it seems like alot but it’s much easier with only 1 so really soak them in and enjoy them. I highly recommend really giving them a full year or more before getting pregnant and you’re sick and more tired etc etc etc

:raising_hand_woman:t3: My boys are 21m apart! (Currently 3&5) They play hard, love hard, fight hard. With both being boys, there’s this inevitable competition for whatever reason…
I found it hard when my second was born to adjust. I went from 0-2; breastfed both, coslept with both and I was young aswell (18&20) so… it was hard… but looking back a lot of that stress was self-created (co-sleeping, rocking them to sleep etc.) Overall though my oldest was- and is- amazing with his brother and my youngest has always been super easy! Would I recommend it? Every age gap has their pros/cons. They like the same toys and movies, one grows out of clothes the other gets them right away. My youngest was potty trained by 2 from watching his brother at 4 potty training😂 I like that there’s not this huge gap developmentally. They’re also super close- they fight hard but they’d fight twice as hard to keep the other safe. So much protectiveness and love!

My last two are 13 months apart. My second was 4 months when I found out I was pregnant. They are both boys. Now 2.5 and 3.5. also have a 9 year old daughter. It is mentally and physically tiring lol. It is slowly getting better. But I’ve never been so exhausted In my life. The 5 year gap between the first two was good because my daughter was in school and we could nap in the day with my son and still have energy to go with my daughter. Having 2 so close they are just hyper and all over the place lol. But they are starting to be better to manage. But the fighting never ends lol. My second is starting kindergarten this sept so I will only have 1 left at home in the days. But they are best of friends. I love watching it. They may fight but they always share or think of each other. It melts your heart to watch them lol

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My kids are 10 years apart . Was great

I reccomend it 4 5yrs and under .was hard but they were so close sibs and playmates was great

I’m 2 yrs younger than my brother and we have always hated eachother. I have 4yr old twins and they are cute together but they fight. I also have a 15yr old daughter. Thats an 11yr age gap and I love it.

Lots of mum guilt at first great now that youngest is not so reliant eg walking and talking

I’m loosing my mind …

My oldest are 13 months apart, honestly it wasn’t that bad with the 2 kids. For the most part they get along pretty well. Honestly the hardest part was feeling like I missed out on the special time with my oldest. He will never remember what it was like being an only child since his sister was born right after he turned a year. Now my 2nd & 3rd are 2 1/2 years apart same with my 3rd & 4th being 2 1/2 years apart and the bickering and sibling rivalry is so much worse.

My kid turned 2 and 10 days later, became a big brother! He absolutely adores her and actually wouldn’t give her back lol. She’s 16 days old and he’s still obsessed with her.

I have three girls, 5yo, almost 4yo, and a 2yo. Age gaps are 19.5mo between first two, and then 20mo between 2nd and 3rd. I personally love having them close in age. YES, they fight! But, they are also so very close​:two_hearts:. I have three sisters myself, five yr difference between me and my older sister, and then 7&8yrs difference between me and my two younger sisters. As adults we’re all pretty close, but growing up I didn’t have anything in common with any of them. I soooo wish I had a sibling just a tad bit closer in age with me. My two younger sisters are extremely close…and yes, they fight the most out of us sisters, but they are also best friends :two_hearts:. I think it’s a person choice. I chose this life with my girls and I would do it again in a heartbeat, even with the extreme fighting at times​:see_no_evil:

I wanted mine 3 years apart so that when my oldest was in preschool I could have that 1/1 time w my youngest. Even still it was hard. My oldest was very jealous and the baby had a hard time nursing. I had to pump and trying to do that w a 3 year old running around or a newborn crying was tough to say the least. They started playing together when the babe was about 2ish. Now they are best friends

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My sons are 18 months apart. It was a bit hard since my husband was in the service and we were 3000 miles from family at the time. They grew up together, fought like siblings normally do. They stood up for each other when needed. I don’t regret having them so close in age. They’re 51 and 49 now and though they live far apart are close in heart.

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My oldest son was 9 days shy of 14 months old when my twins were born. They were born 6 weeks early. I also had a 4 year old. It was difficult, but not terrible. My oldest son was never jealous of the twins because he doesn’t ever remember life without them. They were always mistaken for triplets during Elementary school. Then my youngest was born when my twins were 3 years 8 months old. Never any jealousy. Now they are all very close.

My youngest 2 are 10 months apart (irish twins) and was a little difficult at times. My oldest 2 are 2 1/2 yrs apart. No matter the difference it’s an adjustment and you will be ok.

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My 2 older kids are 11 months 5 days apart my daughter came 6 weeks early. It was hard but not to bad. Right now I have 2 year old and my youngest is 4 months old and I would say right now it’s harder but I think it’s because I have the 2 older ones home because of distance learning so it’s running back and forth between all of them. And more exhausted


Mine are almost 3 years apart.It was perfect my girls are growing up very close in age even though they fight every 5 sec​:rofl::rofl::rofl:by the time I had the baby the other one was potty trained


I have 3 children. My oldest and middle are 23 months apart age 7 and 9 now for me my oldest is way to mature for his younger brother they do play together but not as good as my last and middle child witch is 16 months apart. Last is age 6. There is alot of disagreement going on between the first 2 but they do like to play video games together. :heart: good luck

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My first 2 are 3 years apart. It can be challenging when they’re little. Trying to chase a toddler when you have an infant. Potty training your toddler with a baby. Having to divide your time and attention. But when they are older they have a sibling close in age to play with, and grow up with. They are now 12 and 9 and have a baby sister. Although they are very different and bicker with each other, they also enjoy playing together. My youngest is so far apart from her siblings she won’t have someone to play with like they do.


I had a 5 3 2 and newborn. It wasn’t easy but it WAS fun and once they hit high school it was GREAT!!! I loved it! However-they all leave close together too and that was just as hard!

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My girls are almost 3 years apart and they are 7 and 4 ( youngest 5 on Thursday) its getting challenging some days but most days they adore each other. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My youngest does get jealous very easily and the oldest doesn’t care. But I definitely think that could be any baby of the family.

Our daughters are 19 months apart. I will be honest, it sucked. Lol Everything was back to back, so it was nice to get it done so quickly. They hit high school and became friends. Those younger years were hard, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. They are 19 and 20 now, and they are best friends.

17 months apart. Everyone thought they were twins. It was difficult having a newborn and a toddler but I’m glad they grew up together and used to be best friends. Now he’s a 16 year old boy and she’s a 14 year old girl…no more to say. LOL


I have three (boy, girl, boy). 17 months separates the 1st and 2nd and 2 1/2 years separates the 2nd and 3rd. I have loved having them closer in age because they play well together and they are interested in the same things, most of the time. Yes they fight and get jealous of toys but for the most part they are each other’s best friends.

My girls are 10 months apart! When they were little it was adorable because they would tell people they were irish twins. They were best friends. They grew apart for a little bit when they hit middle school but now they are 17 and 18 and get along well! They have an older brother who is 20 and 2 younger brothers that are 15 and 11. I never really dealt with jealousy but each family is different.

My kids are 19 months apart and it was good for me. My son was very good and wasnt jealous when my daughter was born. They were so loving with each other. I was able to do everything with them around the same time ie potty training, learning to ride bike, swim, going to school. Since they were close in age they liked the same movies, toys and shows. It was easier for me but some people would find it hard.

My son was born 2 days before my daughter turned 2. The baby years are rough diapers and attention. Then they are friends then they cant stand each other. You cant share birthdays anymore. Now 16 and 18 (and 14 yr old sister too) and they have good days and bad. Some days they dont even speak to each other. Some days they get irritated with each other and some days they are best friends. It never gets easier it gets different.


Mine are 18 months apart. Normal sibling fights sometimes but they like the same type of things so it makes activities and toys so much easier. They entertain each other.

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My older two are 2 years apart and it worked out wonderfully because they always had each other to play with. My youngest is an 10 year gap and 8 year gap from my older two and that’s great too because they are super sweet and loving toward her. I was worried about the huge gap but it’s amazing. I honestly think you’ll be happy with a 2 year gap though.

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My children are 22 months apart. First was girl and second a boy. They are the BEST of friends. They are 10 and 8. They now have a 1 year old baby brother. Although they are great with him, my little guy is still on his own or bugging mommy most of the day. Being 8 years older than my siblings, I find it better for the kids to be close in age.

I have a 2 1/2 year age gap and a 4 year age gap. I enjoyed the 4 year one more but both are good for different reasons :blush: A toddler and baby can be a tough combo but they also grow up being pretty great mates.

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My youngest 2 are 22 months apart. I loved it. When they were little, they were inseparable. Plus hey, share clothes! As they got older, they had their own interests, but they stayed close. Older still and my older son continued to look out for his little brother. Now they are 18 & 16. Still friends, still look out for each other. My 18 year old just moved away to school 2 hours away, and my younger son misses his brother. But they still text daily.

My 2 youngest of 5 children were 18 months apart. The diaper/infant age is exhausting! With them now tweens they fight a lot but will also look out for each other and play together

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My girls are a year and a day apart. It was tough at first but got a routine down with them and it all worked out. They became best friends in no time. Of course they are teenagers now and have their tiffs but they still for the most part are inseparable. Plus side I have always bought them clothes to share and they always fit them both lol. Jealousy was come and go but nothing worrisome. Good luck!

23 months between my daughter and my son. They’re the very best of friends and my daughter doesn’t remember a time before her brother was here. Its beautiful and I would never change it. I’ve just had my 3rd 10 months ago when the other two were 5 and 7. Id love another small age gap and little buddy for my mini but I have life things to do first (uni, move, holidays etc)

My two girls were 19 months apart, two in diapers at the same time but not for long. It was a little tough but my oldest wasnt jealous at all. She was too young to be jealous i suppose or just never was. As they got older, it was so nice because they were great playmates. They are 35 and 33 today and they have a brother who came 6 years after them.

Jealousy is huge no matter the age gap I have a set of Irish twins 10 months apart They have absolutely no jealousy towards one another But my oldest who is four years older than my third child reverted when he was born throughout the time he was about three it was a lot. And now my three-year-old is jealous with my seven-month-old it’s very different than the older ones she just wants to be cared for more and babied but she’s also at that age where she wants to be a big girl so we try to give her more tasks and more responsibilities with her brother so that she doesn’t feel singled out and helps when they help as a mama five if they’re all invested then they’ll all stay happy

My oldest 2 are 10 days short of being exactly 2 years apart. It was had when they were both in diapers. But as they got older they were always together. It was nice to have someone always there for each other. They love each other dearly.