What was your experience with the copper IUD?

Has anyone had any bad experiences with the copper IUD? I’ve had random cramping, intense cramping, and discharge, especially after my period… been to the doctor and was treated for a minor yeast infection. My cycle has become longer, and I’m wondering if it’s worth it anymore. Thanks!


I had a horrendous time with the copper IUD. I essentially had my period for 1/2 to 3/4 of each month. The extended length of my bleeding cause me to develop bacterial vaginosis multiple times. Add onto that bad cramps…I ended up getting it out after 7 months

I had it for awhile, it made my period cramps way worse. I got it taken out after a month or two of having it.

I hated the IUD. I only lasted like 5-6 months. The cramping was horrible.

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Had mine taken out after two weeks. My uterus swelled and never went back to size

I am setting up a dr appointment to see what’s going on with mine. It’s been 4 years of pain and super heavy bleeding.

I had horrible sharp pain monthly with the copper iud. I had it before I had kids though so that may have made a difference

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It made my periods horrifically painful and heavy. I hated it.

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I got it like 3 months ago. I don’t do good with hormones so wanted to try this since I’m done having kids, and so far I love it. I don’t have any cramping I always had long and heavy periods so they are pretty much the same maybe for two days it is a little heavier then normal and last about 6/7 days (thats normal for me) but so far I think it’s worth it not to have worry about getting pregnant… I got it put in 6weeks after having my daughter


I had it for 3 years and got pregnant with it

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My body rejected mine. Had a really bad uterine infection (PID) from the rejection and it was immediately removed without notice to me. Had IV antibiotics due to possible sepsis. But I’ve heard other stories of people not even knowing it’s in there. It can go so many ways.

Everything you say and then some, my body worked hard to constantly try to expel the foreign object!!

I loved the IUD, had one for 6 years, before my next child…had no trouble.

Hated the periods but loved the IUD.

I was super excited to get it and not have to worry for 10 years. I got mine in September, 6 weeks after having my son. Cramps recently started getting better. No complaints really…until it fell the eff out last week! sad face

I personally love the copper IUD just for the fact that there’s no hormones. After I had my son I decided to go back on the nexplanon and I gained so much weight on it and it made my mood swings worse. My gyno suggested the copper iud since there’s no hormones and the only thing I could complain about is it made my periods worse

It gave me horrible cramps while I was on my period and I was heavier. I also got pregnant on it. So :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Had it twice I love it. Heavy period first two months now two heavy days two light and done

My experience with that copper iud was so horrible. Constant pain, yeast infections, bv. After i had it put in i got pregnant after 3 yrs with my son whose now 9 yrs old. When i did i ultrasound d couldnt c it so the doc said it had dropped out. Had my normal dilvery had my tubies tied a mth after. Still after constant pain, yeast infections. My husband thought it was hw i had tied my tubies at early age. Never went to the doctor for it listening to my nw ex husband. When i do go to the doctor 11 yrs after because of the insistance of a friend is only to find out copper iud was still inside of me. It had gotten misplaced. Had to have surgery to take it out. Since then no pain no yeast infection no bv. I wont recommend copper iud to no woman try something else.

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I don’t actually have experience with that one. And it’s because of the issues of cramping. My OBgyn told me I would not be a good candidate because I already have really bad cramping pain, and he said that IUD could make it worse.

I had an allergic reaction to it & it got imbedded into my uterus. After removal, it stunted a major cystic condition that lead to complete infertility. I would stray away!

Had my first one for 6 1/2yrs got pregnant 4 months after, and now 10 yrs in on my second Paragaurd copper IUD :grin: my periods did get a little longer but no cramping

I bled for 2 months straight… awful.

Loved it had mine three years, it’s most likely not longer it’s your natural PMS it’s has no hormones to shorten or make you bleed less, I don’t what you used before but most contraception effects or changes your cycle due to hormones

Try mirena, skyla, or kyleena. My daughter is on her third mirena with zero issues (new one every 5 years). She is a women’s health nurse and knows her stuff. The amount of hormones in mirena is only 52 mcg and when you divide that over 5 years, you get a daily does of next to none. Skyla and Kyleena are every lower doses! They are proven safe and effective. She just got the third one 2 weeks ago. Cramping that day. Spotting that day. Done. See you in 5 years! Btw… she’s 41 years old with 3 kids.

My sister got pregnant with this she had to terminate the baby she was devastated it wouldn’t be a good outcome sad

I love having the copper IUD. I’ve had it for 5 years so far without any problems. My period is always on time. I get pms cramps a few days before my period, but they’re not bad. I love how it has no hormones and lasts for 10 years. It’s way better than the Mirena.

I hated it. Actually had to get it removed because it was literally making me sick. I was white as a ghost and couldn’t hold anything down

Im allergic to the Copper one. I think every women should find out before chosing this 1 if they have a metal allergy.