What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

Hi guys, I need advice. I am 9 days past ovulation. We have done the deed (TTC)a day before ovulation. Sorry TMI. I started feeling weird from 5dpo, like a poking, tingling sensation on the left side of my uterus, more like twinges, cold symptoms, runny nose and sneezing, itchy eyes, PMS type of cramps which are not as painful as PMS, and have been very emotional which I rarely am. I started crying over Michael Jacksons’ moonwalk dance lol. I don’t even understand why I even cried, So not me—been feeling moody and cranky. Having very vivid dreams, and it felt so real. I’ve been feeling very tired and hungry and dizzy especially when I get out of bed. I also have very dry skin on my forehead and my back. Did anyone else have these symptoms before you got a BFP (big fat positive pregnancy test)? I know it is very early to take a test, so I just wanted to know if anyone had similar experiences. Thank you.


You wouldn’t have any symptoms only being a week pregnant it could just be your subconscious telling you take a pregnancy test


Are your boobs sore? That was my tell


So I got a BFP at 9DPO but had zero symptoms. I didn’t really have symptoms until about 6 weeks.

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Although it is too early to actually be experiencing symptoms from pregnancy. I got a positive 9 dpo. I was tracking my ovulation and took a test starting a week after ovulation. We really wanted a baby. It was very faint but there. I am now 25 + 2. I didn’t start getting symptoms till later but I did get a positive.


Boobs!!! And I was really emotional.

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I had implantation bleeding. I figured that’s what it was but I didn’t wanna get my hopes up. No other symptoms early on though. :woman_shrugging:t2: my boobs were sore just before I took a test so that was my tell.

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My first symptoms were at 3 weeks and like my first pregnancy it was a tooth ache and feeling lightheaded. All other symptoms weren’t until 5/6 weeks

They say you don’t have symptoms early on, but I was only one week pregnant with my youngest son when I ended up at the ER 2 days past Christmas because I was throwing up and couldn’t hold anything down. Thought I had caught a belly bug. Nope. I was pregnant. :rofl: I noticed breast tenderness pretty early too, from about 3 weeks on, and I felt crampy, but never bled.

I had none. I even had a period for the first five months. Everyone is different.

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My first symptom that made me question if I was pregnant and went grabbed a pregnancy test was extreme dizziness. I stood up and the room was spinning.
I got a positive result!
You should be able to get a result at 9dpo.
Good luck :blush:

At 9 days past ovulation the only symptom wpuld be a missed period.

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At 9DPO I felt nauseous after I cracked an egg open and slept for about five hours after a full nights sleep. I was hesitant but tested the next morning at 10DPO and it was very positive.

My boobs told me everytime. They were overly sensitive!


The day before my period was supposed to start I had symptoms with my last baby. Waited few days took a test was positive. Had blood test at 5 weeks was originally twins, at 5 weeks 5 days had 1st ultrasound too early hear heartbeat. 1 was baby and 1 empty sack.

I had cold symptoms both times I got pregnant… just a few days after our embryo transfers

I was extremely tired and had horrible motion sickness right away that lasted until about month 7. It was to the point that in order to go in a car, I had to wear a motion sickness band on my wrist.

My boobs dull ache in my pregnancies they’ve been my trigger warning xxx

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I would have only been a few days pregnant for the first time when I got stretch marks on my abdomen. I was horrified as I hadn’t put on weight and had no idea I was pregnant. Everybody is different. It’s exciting for you. Try to be patient. You will find out soon for sure

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I had no symptoms and had a period until month 6 I started having really bad dizzy spells and would get sick when I would take a shower. Went to the dr and found out I was 6 months. So u never know everyone is different… get a test or go to the dr

I had a awful taste in my mouth that wasn’t going away. I found out i was pregnant 3 days before my period

Sneezing. Apparently it’s a thing called rhinitis.

Indescribable fatigue. I couldn’t get out of my own way. Slept 12 hours at night.

Sounds a lot like my symptoms. I was so irritable, tired, and my uterus was so sore especially by day 7 and 8 - to the point I couldn’t wear jeans and any pressure on my pelvis made the cramping/aching feeling worse. I didn’t even want to wear pants. I had 3 miscarriages in the 5 months previous to that so not sure if that’s why I was extra sore and could feel implantation? But I felt it each time. Also got very lightheaded dizzy and out of breath barely doing anything, even just getting dressed.

I was exhausted, everything made me tired. Also my boobs were sore.

My first one my boobs was sore and I kept heart burn. The second one I had constant cramps and thought my period was coming but it never did.

Tender breast, felt like I had a cold, motion sickness

I had gotten so dizzy I almost had to call my hubby home from work to keep an eye on our son, and even though I didn’t have it confirmed right away my microscopic daughter was deff hitting my uterus like it was a trampoline and I knew before a test I was pregnant with a girl

I thought I had bad pms I would cry from tv! I had cramps so I thought my period was coming. My boobs were extremely sore I texted 6 days late

I missed my period had sore boobs and cramping like my period was close but it never came. Tested after my missed period got 4 positive test back. Currently 8 weeks and I have very vivid dreams sometimes not all the time the nausea is insane and my boobs still hurt

At about 10 DPO I had period like cramps and then 11DPO I started to be turned off by Satay (not like me) and 12DPO I picked a stupid fight with my partner and at that point decided I should go buy some tests. Tested that night and had a dark BFP. :tada:

Everyone is different!!! I have three kids and I had symptoms the week of. Not even a joke. My tatas hurt in the shower. I was nauseous. Tired. Crampy. Its probably 1 in 1000000 but trust me it’s possible to have them that early. I did. I KNEW instantly and it was extremely hard for me to get pregnant

The tingling for sure

Head caches sore boobs and sciatica

I was about a week post ovulation and my boyfriend told me I was pregnant. We weren’t actively trying, but we weren’t trying to prevent it either. The day of my missed period, the pregnancy test was positive. I had no symptoms though. :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

Wake up and throw up! Morning sickness.

Intensified sense of smell and nausea

I had similar symptoms with my first child. My mom had just died, and I blamed my issues on stress and grief.

1st of I just had a positive at 1 week lost the next day so take a test of test line there it’s a positive but I didn’t have any symptoms just need to know for a physical