What will happen at my childs dentist appointment?

My son just turned 3; he has yellow teeth/cavities. He uses a sippy cup; I replaced all juice he drinks from a sippy cup with milk - which isn’t store-bought. He cleans his teeth every day, and we help, but he complains it’s sore. I will be taking him to the dentist soon. I wanted to know will/can get cleaned or what will take place when we go to the dentist.


He should of been going to the dentist as soon as he got teeth and your supposed to go every 6 months and I would replace it with water or things are sugar free.
Milk can cause cavities.


They will do x-rays and clean his teeth. Then they will discuss if he will need filling or not it there are cavities. They may also tell you to no put juice or milk in a sippy cup and to use a regular cup instead. They will probably have you help him brush his teeth 2 times a day if you aren’t already.


Mouth full of filling and caps if there are cavities. They are baby teeth so nothing to worry about. Both my girls have a mouth full of metal. Both my girls have teeth that are too close together and even with brushing and flossing its hard to get them clean.


Is this his first time seeing the dentist.? He should have been going as soon as he started getting teeth. Also don’t let him sleep with his cup at night. If he’s use to having it take it. It’s going to be hard but I learned this because my sister always let my niece sleep with her cup and she now had to have surgery to take her front teeth out and replace them with caps. My son turns 2 next week and he has been to the dentist since he started getting teeth he now has 3 more coming in and just saw the dentist 2 days ago. And no problems whatsoever. I’m sure the dentist can help correct the issue since he’s still so young but try to take him every 6 months to make sure his teeth stay healthy

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My 3 year old went to the dentist again last Monday. She goes every 6 months for check up and cleaning. However, she is to little to get X-rays so they may not do an X-ray. But they will clean the teeth and check cavities and fix what needs to be fixed.

They will do a regular exam and cleaning and because of his age he’ll likely need to be put under anesthesia so they can do fillings. In the meantime, switch to regular cups of just milk or water.

“Should have started going to the dentist when he got teeth”… stop the mom shaming. My son started getting teeth at 5 months. He’s almost 16 months now with 12 teeth. No dentist in our area will see him until he’s 2 at the earliest


Most likely they will put caps over them to keep the rot from spreading or if they r bad enough they may just remove them but with them being baby teeth,no worries they will grow back its just gunna take time

He’s too young for xrays so they won’t do them. My daughter is 5 and hasn’t had xrays yet. But they check the teeth and enamel, maybe floss a little, brush and fluoride

make sure they allow a parent back with the child–never go to a dentist that does not allow that!!


Xray for them is super easy. They just gotta bit down on something (cause I don’t know the name lol) and stay still. I told my daughter it was “to take a picture of her teeth” saying that helped. No cavities for my kid but has tight teeth. Also replace with just water cause even milk can cause teeth issues.


When mine was 2, they tried to do X-rays, didn’t work the best- ended up going under, they put caps on the back teeth, cleaned his teeth, filled any fillings that he had and xrayed-

Milk is so bad for teeth they will mostly likely want to do a cleaning some x-rays and depending on how bad cavities are surgery or diamond paste


Ask for silver diamine on the teeth with cavities. Caps are not a necessity. If they want to pull them also make sure it is 100% necessary as your child will have to be sedated for it.

Milk is actually really bad for your kids teeth too, in reality. It has a lot of sugars in it and the residue left on teeth rots away at them just like juice, unfortunately. I learned this the hard way with my daughter. I was giving her sippys with milk before bed when she was 2/3 years old because it helped her fall asleep in her own bed and I regret it so much now.


For future preventative measures, you could try to get him off the sippy cup.


Milk will cause cavities just as quick as juice. The dentist told me even diluted juice rots teeth. We learned the hard way & my daughter had to have her whole mouth done in caps.


They’ll look at them and assess what they can do. Probably a light cleaning, Being it’s a first visit they won’t be doing a lot so as to build up the trust with the dentist.
With my experience my son had to be transferred to a specialty office to be put under and had his teeth worked on. They did fillings, caps and pulled one as well.
Regular cups are the best option. And try to make sure their mouth isn’t always busy.
Limit drinks to food times, and or snack times.
Limit sugary drinks or snacks.

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The dentist will grumble about both juice and sippy cup. Normal glass and a straw is better for teeth. He should be using a normal cup by now.


They’re gonna tell nothing while he’s sleeping except water even milk. If you want to cut out sugar I implore you to look into things that do not have artificial sweeteners. I have a kid who is a grinder and it’s awful and that’s what they told us.

No milk at bed. No cups in bed. Period. Bad habit.


My son had a cavity when he was younger they were able to like “sand blast” it (obviously not exactly what they did lol) instead of drilling the tooth. It was enough since the tooth was going to fall out anyway, less invasive. They also “sealed” his teeth to prevent future cavities. Pretty much painted some stuff on there and hit it with a light. It seems to have helped.

Dental hygienist here. American academy of pediatric dentistry recommends them be seen 6 months after first tooth has erupted so usually around 1 year old. Anything other than water causes a Ph change is their mouth increasing risk for cavities. This includes milk, juice, infused water, and snacks too !!! If a dentist office tells you they won’t see them until 3 years old, ask them why they are not even following the standard for their organization. They usually don’t behave at those first few appts, it’s more about getting them comfortable being at the dentist and making them understand it isn’t a scary place and we they are younger so they give us time to educate the parents on how well they are doing with brushing, crowding, and things that are clinically shown to increase risk for cavities. Early intervention is always better and less invasive then if they come in with a completely decayed tooth that needs to be taken out at 3-4 years old and because no one educated you on issues or how to prevent these issues.


Give him water and swish his mouth out after he eats …floss .practice with him opening his mouth for you and act like your poking around in there so he’s not scared.

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Water instead of milk or juice


A good dental office will be super patient with the child. My son special needs and his dental office is amazing. They count his teeth (while he holds a stuffed animal) and cleaned his teeth. They had him lay a certain way and introduced him to all the instruments that was being used. His first appointment was at a year but all they did was count his teeth. They will talk about the whole milk, juice and sippy cup thing but I’m sure you know that.

Allergies maybe, I can’t drink fruit juice. The inside of my mouth breaks out. I love orange juice too.

I would definitely think about getting him off the sippy cup ASAP. If spilling is a issue then use a regular straw cup/ tumbler And replace the milk with water.

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Your kid has cavities and is saying teeth are sore so make an appointment TODAY and get him seen 🤦


Rinse/ drink water directly after drinking anything not water to rinse the other drink off teeth. Milk has sugar in it. Also some baby teeth are more prone to cavities. They will do fluoride treatments.

You will be asked to stay in the waiting room

Well you need to get him off sippy cups. That rots teeth and so does milk.

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We were told to only give me and juice while they eat, brush teeth afterwards and then water between meals. You could get the squeeze flavor things and add that to the water as long as it’s sugar free…and after they brush and floss no eating or drinking for 30 minutes so the flouride from the toothpaste can sit on their teeth.

Because he is young and gets new teeth unless they are completely rotting away they won’t remove them… they will at most give them a clean if they even can at that age.

They might do xrays, & a cleaning since it’s the 1st appointment. Probably do a fluoride treatment. Tell you how juice is horrible for their teeth, and sippy cups too. They’ll tell you to help him brush his teeth twice a day, especially before bed. And how cups at bed are bad too because whatever their drinking sits on their teeth all night.
Any cavities they’ll most likely schedule another appointment for.

Take the sippy cup away. I had a nephew at the same age getting oral surgery to remove his teeth. He is a big boy now and no longer needs the sippy cup. Unless you just give him water in the sippy cup. That’s it.


Not sure in other areas (I’m in FL) but when my son had a few cavities they brought him into the OR to put him to sleep while they did it because he was under 5. It’s sounds scary but its worse for us than it is for them… he had no pain at all afterwards. I on the other hand was a disaster the whole time he was there even though I worked for the OR at the time and knew he was in good hands

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Milk has sugar in it.


Sippy cups aren’t that bad. My daughter was still on the bottle until she turned age 4. As long as the parent is monitoring the child brushing their teeth until the child is older (age 6) and is more capable of brushing properly. Plus, keep them off juice. Milk isn’t bad for them. The calcium and vitamin D help their teeth.
Btw, my daughter is now 12, and has never had a cavity.

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I would change to water. Milk has natural sugars that may not be a good idea in his case. Or at least don’t do milk all the time.

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We just recently got our 3yr olds teeth. Fixed. She had terrible cavities on her front teeth. On our first visit, they cleaned her teeth and checked all of them to see if she had any other issues, and did some x rays. On our second visit, they just used a bit of gas and filled her cavities. Absolutely no problems, and she didnt fuss once. Make sure you go to a good pediatric dentist so you know theyll be good with kids.


His adult teeth are gonna rot if you don’t do something about them now…kinda sad a 3 year old has that bad of teeth


I had to have my daughters teeth sealed. They just had weak enamel

First, ditch the sippy cup.
Second, ditch the milk.
Third, take that poor kid to a dentist tomorrow! Should have been seeing a dentist from the time the first teeth came in.


First appt is usually consultation. They will do exam and make a plan of what they’ll probably do. If your child needs caps or fillings the next appt might be where they put your child to sleep to work on there teeth.

No juice at all n no sippy have him Use a straw instead of can’t get him off juice but water it down


My last child went to dentist at 9 months old! He had 8 teeth and his dentist said they need to start going as soon as the first 2 come in! He was 3 months old when he got his first 2 teeth! People need to stop waiting so long to take their kids to the dentist, at least by 1st birthday unless they have no teeth by then!


I’m a dental nurse/assistant the first time you take him to the dentist they will just use some toothpaste and get him used to the chair and then another appt to fix the teeth find someone that’s super gentle so there not too scary and maybe a female? Just speaking from my own experience


So my daughter had to go to the dentist at 2 to have caps put on her teeth. She brushed everyday, didn’t eat a lot of sugar at all, but bad teeth seems to run In the family. She had to have them fixed again at 4 because her front teeth got really bad cavities so they did baby root canals and fixed them.

My son is 3. All top teeth have cavities. The dentist said to try to put them on structured meal/snack time with water in between. Anything with calories produces an acid which stays on the teeth for 30 mins… My son is on rice dream. Uses a cup at night. Structured meals and only water doesnt happen at all. We brush twice a day. He is being seen every 3 months for a floride treatment. Our dentist will not do surgery unless absolutely necessary. They say they can not get worse and become hard cavities. If they are not bothering them they wont do anything. Honestly unless it was ABSOLUTELY necessary and was causing harm then I would consider filling or capping if needed. But I don’t like pulling teeth if not needed at all. Every dentist is different. Do a second opinion if needed. Less stress on the kids that way.


He should’ve seen a dentist by now


My 3 yr old has bad teeth. They said it was due to the medicine he has been on. They just tell me to brush his teeth twice a day or after each meal. They did say if they get worse then he will have to have them pulled out. They’ve not cleaned his teeth due to his teeth always being clean when he comes in.

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My 3 yr old just had her first demtist apoitment. She loves to brush her teeth, and i thought wr were doing great. However They did find two small cavities, they cleaned her teeth that day to just get her used to it. Scheduled us to come back 2 days later for a special fluroide treatment. It stops the cavity from getting worse or hurting her. It does turn the tooth black they said but hers are in the back and as long as we get a handle on it now amd learn from this we can do better :pray:

Wow its sad your 3 yr old has bad teeth already. My son who is 5 who has gone to the dentist since he was 6 months old. I still brush his teeth. I brushed his gums before he had teeth with a baby toothbrush. Its your responsibility as a parent to take care of your child!


My 4yr old is having dental surgery next week after having his first dentist appointment 2weeks ago. (Don’t start, I know he should have went in sooner) He has sensory issues and I really wasn’t sure how well he would do, I let it go until he got a little older and was able to process things at least a little better. (We’re waiting on an appointment for autism testing)

He had his physical today that the hospital required for him to have dental work.

They’re gonna count his teeth, brush and floss them and then they’ll go from there on what they need to do. They opted for putting him to sleep because with his sensory issues and everything that he had to have done that there was no way he’s stay still long enough for them to do any kind of work in there.

When my son was 3 he had one tooth that needed a root canal they put him to sleep did it and he woke up and we were good to go. My other son was born with teeth so they just checked them and we went back three times to check how they were and if they needed to be pulled which they do not. They teeth he was born with are yellow with no enamel because 1. He was born with them so he had them on the inside 2. Formula when he was first born and since you can’t wash their teeth until 3 months but even so they weren’t developed teeth.
You can have your child drink milk it’s recommended one cup a day due to the sugar content. And juice in moderation. My son we give milk with breakfast because after breakfast he brushed his teeth. Then he gets apple juice with lunch cause after he brushed his teeth and water with dinner. If he’s thirsty through out we give water. I also freeze fruit and put it in his water or a water enhancer or lemon. It’s recommended to brush teeth 3 times a day after each meal. We don’t brush after dinner we do play then he has a snack then we brush his teeth and he goes to bed.
It could just be his enamel is weak and it’s just how they developed as well
No matter what the dentist will examine maybe x-ray clean and set a plan

Find a good quality brush and toothpaste and start brushing after every meal. Sadly teeth can be genetically effected and if anyone in your fam has issues higher chances your lo can. Keep helping him brush it’ll be ok. Make a list of questions for your dentist b4 u go and ask them how you can better help your son with his teeth.

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Both my kids went to their first dentist appointment by 1 1/2 they each had several coming through at that point. I would say it’s def not recommended to sleep with a cup. It will be hard for a few days and then he should adjust. He will be okay, go in and talk to them, tell them all your concerns. Make sure youre being very consistent with brushing and flossing. Teach early on how important dental hygiene and taking care of their teeth is. Hope everything goes well!

The first appointment is a consultation they would do the exam make a plan of what needs to be done… from there they will probably schedule general anesthesia depending on Behavior but if there is a lot of dental work they ought to putting them to sleep for the time being. It is recommended that you take your child to the dentist when they are 6 months old but just because you didn’t doesn’t make you a bad person so don’t let any of these comments affect you just do what you have to do now to get his teeth taken care of the good news is you get a second set. But I wouldn’t let him sleep with a sippy and milk is honestly no better for their teeth. I would try to get rid of a sippy cup. Have him drink with his meals and only water in between. The teeth start falling out at about six years old so by then it’s best to have this kind of stuff under control. This is all just my Insite and opinion good luck mama

so after you take your child to the dentist make it a good habit and take them every 6 months. I have 5 kids and I did that for them all their life til they turned 18 then they are on their own. It worked for us

Kids should be seen by a dentist by or close to age 1.
That is all.

My daughter just got teeth fixed because of the bottle and she’s 4. We had a bad experience and I didn’t take her back until recently. They had to put her to sleep to fix them. The dentist never bashed me for it I was bashing myself for it and he said it happens all the time. They did brush them at her visit.