What will I need for new baby?

Hello! I’m three months pregnant with my second baby…my oldest is 12 years old already. What does everyone think I necessarily need for this new baby? We have six months to plan and prepare which still seems a ways away…but I’m up for suggestions and advice anyways. I plan on breastfeeding which will be a first for me; so suggestions on breast pumps and whatever else I need to know in regards to that is appreciated too. Thank you

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Personally this was my list-
Diapers and wipes
A few muslin swaddles blankets
A few thicker blankets
3 in 1 car seat (saves a ton of money on car seats).
Baby carrier (I like to baby wear especially since we use a car seat that stays in the car).
Onesies short and long sleeved
Zip up footed pajamas
Baby socks
A few baby hats
Halo swaddle sleep sacks
Pack and play
Baby swing
Boppy pillow
Baby shampoo and lotion
Newborn care kit (nail clippers, nose sucker, baby brush and comb, thermometer, etc)
Babocush pillow (it attaches to any baby swing and is a god send)
Baby Tylenol
Saline nose spray
And a Hubble (it’s a wearable ankle bracelet that tracks baby’s sleep patterns and the base machine plays white noise, music and has a light and it all operates thru an app on your phone, plus you can listen for crying thru your phone too and talk to the baby thru it if you’re at work and someone else is home with baby but you just want them to hear your voice still).
That’s my whole list. I don’t like having a ton of extra stuff because I have 9 kids and don’t live in a mansion :joy::joy::upside_down_face:

I don’t know much about breast pumps bc I’ve only ever used one. But do get a portable and a plug in on if you’re able to. I’ve heard mom cozy is the best.
I don’t know where you live and if it allows you can get a free breast pump with your insurance.
Buy diapers & wipes any time you can that will help you out a lot.

Lots of different size diapers. At some baby showers I’ve gone to, I noticed that they got ALL newborn diapers :wink: my new grandson grew out of them in a couple weeks. So we had to give them away :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: the best thing I have for him is, a jumper that turns into a walker. They didn’t have those when my kids were little. Also, my grandson started walking early :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: he just turned one year old a couple weeks ago

Definitely use insurance to get 1 pump. I got the spectra 2 it was great, then for portable pumps I got the elvie and momcozy m5. The m5 Definitely did better than the elvie for suction. Also a travel system was super great so the carseat could latch into the stroller. Also a life saver, we bought the baby brezza sterilizer and I love it.

With breast pumps look into inurance because some will pay for it.

-Join the Walmart clearance deals. We got boxes of diapers for like $5 I had some left over from my last pregnancy.
-We’re on baby #3 I did breast feed 4-6 months. Favorite pump is spectra (insurance may cover) and I have the portable willow pumps. Order a variety pack of flange inserts I found mine that’s compatible with spectra pump and a list of others on Amazon for $12. Wished I did it sooner!
-footed pjs!
-pack n play/sheets
-we loved the Velcro swaddles with our last
-bottles if you have to have a back up. We picked up a few packs so if my husband needed to help after I pumped.
-nipple cream of some sort.

-Breast pump (Spectra) most insurance will buy it for you

  • bottles
  • milk storage bags
  • drying rack
  • bottle sterilizer
  • pacis
  • bassinet or pack n play
  • baby swing/ bouncer
  • baby lounger (not for sleep) Rahoo is recommended by pediatric therapists
  • burp cloths/ bibs
  • crib
  • baby bath tub or mat for sink
  • baby soap, pipette is all natural and no chemicals
  • baby laundry detergent, attitude from Amazon is all natural
  • diaper rash cream, lotions, medicine paci, thermometer, cradle cap brush
  • sunflower lecithin to help milk supply
  • newborn car seat
  • baby carrier
  • zip up onesies footed that also have the built in mittens
  • flange inserts for pump
  • pumping bra
  • breastfeeding cover
  • diapers/ wipes, target does a lot of buy a certain amount of diapers get a free gift card
  • haka breast milk collector to collect extra milk or unclog milk ducts

Also just a thought I’m not sure if it even exists anymore but WIC gives you a breast pump when you on WIC