What Would You Do If You Found Out Your Husband Cheated?

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"I just found OUT MY HUSBAND CHEATED. Literally he is at the girls house right at this very second. I pinged his phone after finding messages on his “broken phone”. His other phone is still connected to it and I’m seeing allllll their texts. Apparently this has been going on for YEARS AND SHES MY FRIEND. I’m not thinking rational… but what should I do!?!?! Help me. I’m soooooo pissed and upset."

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"Sorry Cheating is zero tolerance at this house. He would get home to his shit in the yard and the locks changed. The next week he would be served with divorce papers. For me it is just something I cannot forgive no matter how much I love him. My husband and I also discussed this while dating so he is aware it is not something I am willing to live with in a marriage. It would be bad for all involved. I can forgive and move on but I cant forget and live with it… Just not who I am. That being said only you can make that choice. I know people who forgive indescresions over and over again and seem fine with it. not for me. My mom taught me once a cheater, always a cheater… It only gets easier after the first time. Good luck and I am sorry you are going through this."

"Confront both of them about their phone texts etc. Sadly she’s not a friend."

"I’d pack and go - Remember there is no such thing a home wrecker - your husband let the woman in his life."

"First she’s not your friend second get ready for anything and confront him"

"Calm and quick as you can - make a plan to leave and LEAVE."

"I would call her up and act normal then have his bags packed when he got home"

"My ex husband cheated so if my current husband cheated I’d change the locks, transfer his mail to his mother’s and file for a divorce."

"Change the locks and put his stuff outside"

"Go to her house and drop off his clothes and leave and change your locks on your house while he’s gone. Send her a congratulations on her new relationship."

"I threw mine out and got a divorce. No regrets."

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