What would you do if your child was not allowed on the furniture at their home daycare?

If your kids attended a home daycare with pets and the pets and another child were allowed on furniture but your children were not, what would you do, if anything? Note- the kids are not rowdy or disrespectful by account of the provider.


Yeah, I’d be finding a different daycare provider.


I’d find a different one :100:


I would remove my child for sure…

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Be finding another daycare

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I wouldn’t care what the reason is. Your children are little humans and need to be treated as such. Remove them from that daycare immediately.


That’s weird if PETS and other kids are allowed on the furniture. Absolutely not. Get her outta there now


That’s definitely odd and i would be looking into a new care center. But I’ve always felt it’s odd to have an in home day care. Few years back in my home town a woman ran one and her husband was on the “nc *** offender registry” so that was a big **** no for me. Look into places that have cameras so you can check in during the day


Remove them to a different daycare

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I would ask why, and go from there. My sister babysat siblings and they where not aloud on her couch because they treated it like a trampoline running and jumping all over it. So she didn’t let them on it, one she didn’t want them getting hurt, and two she didn’t want her couch to get ruined. She tried ove and over again to get them to stop and they wouldn’t. So she just didn’t let them on it and explained to them why.


I would find out why. If the pets and other kids are allowed on the furniture and yours aren’t, it’s a big red flag to me. I would be looking into a new daycare


I would take my child out of that daycare and find another


Change sitter all kids should always get treated equal


Remove my child from there


Remove your child! Your child is treated differently, meaning there is already a problem!


Think you already know your answer!!! WANT AD LOOKING FOR CHILDCARE!!!

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When I was young, I wasn’t allowed to sit on the furniture at the sitters house, I had to sit on the floor (by myself). I also had to eat everything the way her children did, ie; mac and cheese with Ketchup. Can’t say for sure there is a correlation but to this day, I cannot stand even the smell of ketchup.


I’d ask why and find another daycare.
What else are they not letting your kid do.


No brainer. Change daycares.

Um if that is an issue I can’t imagine what else is going on


Is it licensed…file a complaint, find another.


My rule of thumb has always been that if in your gut you are unhappy that your children are not being treated well, that is enough for you to do something. Trust your gut. This is not right. Find another daycare… Now.


make other arrangements. there’s a reason.

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I would move on. They are being mistreated!!

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Did you ever ask why ?
I mean we all think our children are well behaved . It might be different with other people.


You know what they will always complain about something… my granddaughter climbed the table as well loved going
up and down stairs….busy times before we got gates.
So as for a daycare centre having issues with certain people that they are not allowed as a parent or child.
You should find better daycare for your children

Is it in the policies and procedures? That seems off.

Red flag, unsafe environment!

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We weren’t allowed to sit on the furniture growing up… me personally I think it’s incredibly WEIRD to have that much of an attachment to a piece of furniture… In this case are your children young?


I’d be asking for my phone call to get bailed out

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Communication… Find Out why… if not comfortable with the reason move your child


I have an in home daycare

Depending on the age is who sits on the furniture

3 and under are potty training , they don’t sit they jump and stand on it

Older kids get to until they prove they prove the can’t .
They know to blow their noses instead of wiping it on whatever

Just some of the reasoning

You have only your children in your home we have several families kids in ours .

I’m sure if you ask your provider they will tell you .

We love our kiddos but we can’t afford to replace our things like a commercial daycare.
We try to be fair as possible .


That means your kids at minimum are treated less than a pet as you must clearly be aware of … Not sure why people run to Facebook like this … So if we said do nothing would you listen & let your children suffer ? Daycare doesn’t like your children for whatever reason very obviously your kids are made to feel bad daily fido can lick his balls on the couch but they can’t sit & you want to know if you should do anything about it…

Is your child being disruptive?

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If you can ask your children how they are treated compared to how the other children treated by the provider. Ask the daycare provider the reason why your children are not allowed on the furniture when you clearly see others on it. Then go from there.

I would definitely find another day care.

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Should be same rules for all. If in this situation I would discuss with the home carer and then the provider if still not happy.

Absolutely 100%find a different provider!!! No second thoughts! When the pets have more privileges than the paying guest, it’s time to change things!!!

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Definitely find a new daycare

I’d find out why, and then find a different one.

Is it like while they’re eating or drinking? There’s a lot of things at play. My kids and other kids aren’t allowed to eat or drink on furniture but welcome to it any other time as long as they aren’t jumping on it.

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Would you like to find out??

The first step is to ask why. That way you make an informed decision on what to do next.


I personally will not use a home daycare. I have seen way too much. Centers with cameras only for my child.

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Change daycares immediately!

Find a new daycare. I know it’s not an easy thing to do but I would be suspicious about this one. Your children are too precious. If they are being singled out I worry what else is going on you aren’t aware of. Wishing you good luck in finding a new day care near you in the same price range.

Definitely start by getting an explanation.

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Find a new daycare. This is the absurd rule you know. I bet there’s more you don’t.

Then they shouldn’t have a daycare at home….:raised_hand:t3: what would we do… find a new day care that is kid friendly

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I would ask why first , I know I have grandkids that love to act like furniture is a playground and won’t listen to you about the jumping and doing flips on furniture, they don’t care if they get hurt or not , and even though they have pullups on the pullups at times leak and may get on the furniture, so I got tired of washing my furniture and wouldn’t allow them on the furniture until they were potty trained


There’s always a reason for people to do things … I’d say your child likes to jump on the furniture and the provider just doesn’t want to tell you. If you ask don’t be afraid to get an answer you don’t like

I feel like it depends on the age of the child. Misunderstanding can happen very easily with young children. My kids aren’t allowed food or drinks in the living room. My youngest one time told daddy that “mommy won’t let me watch TV” when in fact I told her she had to finish her snack before watching TV bc the food isn’t allowed in the living room.
But I would without a doubt be asking for an explanation from the daycare and do it in person to observe their reaction and mannerisms.


The day home should have a area designated for the children. So where do your kids sit?

I’d be finding a new daycare of I had any concerns


I would remove them instantly. I remember being a young fosterkid and being told not to sit on furniture or having to eat meals in the bedroom instead of at the dinner table with everyone else. At best, you’re treated like a pet. At worst is isolation and emotional abuse.


I don’t understand why people just don’t ask those running the place why.go directly to the source

Leave and go somewhere else. All need to be treated the same. I had a babysitter like that when I was young she treated the boys amazing and the girls crappy. Still remember it to this day.


Ask why and if not a good reason which I can’t think of one then find another place.

Definitely ask why .
I’m a babysitter and work at my place and neither of my kids are allow on my furniture, specially my little ones and I have never ever had any problems with any of the parents

Maybe ask the sitter instead of randos on Facebook

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Take them out…signs of abuse …my kids were outside the whole time to the point my child broke fence panels also not allowed to do what others were allowed…remove before it gets worse


Find out why… I had a child in my daycare that parents swore was a good kid. And for most part he was but he had separation anxiety and if he was in our couch he would literally pick a hole in the cushion and pull out the stuffing. It happened twice and I had to ban him from our furniture.
Noone ever wants to admit their kid may be doing something wrong. If you’re not happy there find a new provider

Find someone else to watch them

Are they not potty trained and the others are? I mean, even than i would be upset. U cant open a daycare if ur THAT worried about ur furniture. I mean, messes n stuff kinda comes with that territory. Speak up, u are the voice for ur babies!! If something isnt seeming right than talk to who runs it. If nothing changes or they don’t have a reasonable reason for this than find a new provider. And until than try to find a temporary sitter who u trust so u don’t have to keep bringing ur kids there

I have watched kids from my home but for me when they were littles, under 2.5 years I got them their own little couches on the floor. I was terrified of them falling off the couch while I would grab a sippy or whatnot… When they turned 3 they were usually on the couch. And fully potty trained. The other I watched is 5 and got him a little couch on the floor but as I got to know him I realized he is honestly very good at sitting on the couch. Not bouncing jumping etc. So he can sit on the couch whenever we are in that room. I honestly wonder if it’s a potty training issue. Like my couch the cushions don’t come off. They can’t be thrown in the washer. My old couch I could but not this one. I honestly think it’s something to do with not wanting to clean them WHEN/not if but when an accident happens

I beg your pardon? So your child is sitting on the floor? The pets are allowed on the furniture but your child isn’t? All children should be treated equally and if it’s a home daycare they should’ve expected children sitting on and making messes on furniture from time to time.

Find a new daycare ASAP.

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No need to find out. THAT WILL BE HER LAST DAY THERE!!! And are strangers allowed during daycare hours will be a question for an home daycare setting! I wish my kid would say she sit on the floor while the dog has the couch.

Find another daycare…that’s the ish my foster mom used to do to us. The dog could sit on the couch, but we couldn’t. That lady was low key evil.


do you smoke at home or in the car? my kids went to a daycare where the woman’s grandkids weren’t allowed on her furniture because the woman’s daughter smokes in her home and the smell on their clothes would linger on the couch and bother other kids and herself.

I would find someone else to watch my children.

Would move providers if my child was treated differently or badly

Find another daycare simply as that

I’d be finding a new provider

Oh my. My 5 year old knows not to eat or drink on the couches, not to jump on them and etc. and is perfectly fine sitting on the furniture. Not allowing your kids to sit on the furniture is a bit much. You teach them from right and wrong.

I would find out why.

If the problem can’t be fixed, I’d take them to another daycare.

I would get a new childcare provider

Absolutely find a different provider because if she isnt allowing them to sit on furniture I can’t only imagine what else she is possibly doing to them this just sounds abusive

Doesn’t sound like somewhere I’d want my kids honestly

I’d be more worried about what else is happening to them if they aren’t getting the same treatment as other kids.

IMMEDIATELY, find new child care.

Change daycare immediately

Find a new daycare, ask why and be ready to jump ship. Of there is an issue be ready ro report it. Maybe the kids, for some logical reason aren’t allowed on it? Maybe she had it cleaned and it was damp…? Could be anything.

I would be finding a new provider…my kids aren’t dirty dogs.

Ughhh this happened to me as a kid!! This woman watched us before and after school and we were only allowed to sit on the floor to watch TV and at a kitchen table for breakfast. She had kids that would be up and playing with their toys, but we were not allowed to touch them. It was awful, she was horrible! Still remember it like yesterday and I was 7!! Traumatizing. Get em outta there!


Don’t send your children back to this home! This is a huge red flag that your children aren’t loved or respected. Pets are nasty even when they’re “clean”. Their butts… if the pets are allowed on the furniture but your children are not that’s a problem. Your children are being tolerated for the money you pay.

That depends some children put there feet on furniture and jump on it …if your kids dors this own it fix the problem or suck it up but if not then there is a problem

Ask why. There could be many reasons. I know at ours when a kid was potty training they wouldnt sit on furniture, or if the kid constantly jumps while on the furniture they wouldnt be allowed. Or if one is a really messy eater then go on after their done. So ask & see the reason & if your not happy with it then you need to decide if you want to find care else where or stay. Simple

What? That’s weird. I’d be finding new daycare. I wouldn’t even bother trying to figure out why. They’re just gonna lie.

They would no longer attend that daycare that’s for sure

There has to be something you aren’t telling us cause that’s wack.

Find another daycare or find out why cuz I know at my in-laws house they’re just now getting to where they can be on the furniture because my son has a habit of jumping which I don’t allow either but for some reason he likes to jump on their couch to be honest I’d be mad I was mad when they said the kids aren’t allowed on the couch or furniture I said fine then I ain’t coming over

Switch daycares immediately.

Your kids being singled out is not lost on them - and it will effect them emotionally and psychologically. You knowing it and doing nothing: even more so.

First, let’s call it what it is it’s not a daycare it’s a babysitter. You have no idea what goes on at a babysitter’s house which is why they are so unsafe. I would definitely ask why your children are not allowed on the on the Furniture and how you came to know that knowledge, but call it what it is it’s a babysitter. Babysitters can do whatever they want and you have no saying it and you have no idea what goes on in that house unless they have cameras I would seriously worry about the safety of my children and the way they were being treated.


That’s segregation. It makes your children feel embarrassed. It is not right. Can you find another home daycare. I would wonder what other biases they treat your children with. I don’t understand it. I love children. I would definitely look for another care place and I would tell that women how rude she is and how she shouldn’t be in this line of work. I wouldn’t just walk away. I would let her know how much it hurt you and your children.

I would ask why, I saw this post before on another forum. They had some valid points. I was would specifically ask if your child disrespected the furniture. Dirty hands, jumping, coloring on the furniture? Can you provide the babysitter with your own chair for your child?

Run and Get your Child out of there IMMEDIATELY ! Something Wrong!!!

Ur kids cant sit on the furniture?? I feel really sad for ur kids & this daycare shouldnt be a daycare,10 out of 10 would not recommend

Ask why your child can’t be on the furniture. If you don’t like the answer look for a new daycare.