What would you do if your husband did this?

So I need a advice and its a lite rant too.What would you do if your husband tells you he doesn’t wanna do anything for your marriage and doesn’t love you anymore and also start talking with a girl and the reason why is because the have similar interests but you also know he hasa crush on her and he will probably not stop talking with her but also don’t wanna Divorce because we have three kids together


Only thing to really do is go file for divorce and custody of the kids then move on with your life. He doesn’t love you anymore, he has someone else, why stay and put the kids through a stressful dysfunctional marriage? Best to leave.


Send him Divorce papers. He can’t have his cake and go eat somewhere else.

He wants to sleep around then he can do that. You deserve so much better.


I went through the exact same thing…we went through a divorce, the best thing for each of us we also have 2 kids together.


You obviously give him the divorce that he wants. What can you possibly benefit from staying Married to him?


Move on… if he truly loved you he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing


I would ask him to leave the house, start arranging everything i need for me and my kids to move on.


You hold your head high, keep your dignity and walk away. You cannot make someone want you or love you!


Be strong. Let her have him. If he isn’t 100% in with you and your kids it’s a hard NO! Your kids need a good example of what love looks like and this isn’t it.

I’d save up what you can. Move out. Get job. And divorce his ass. Staying because of the kids is a lame excuse. We know that’s not healthy for you or the three kids.

Okay, he wants that but what do you want? To stay in a loveless marriage because of the kids

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Ur marriage is over and has been for a while now…u start the process


He’s already made the decision, get a good lawyer, fight for child support and custody. Marriage is over.

Why would you want to stay with him? Kids aren’t a reason to stay and be miserable.

This is easy … Leave.

You can’t make him love you but you can release yourself from a relationship and go find someone who does

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It only hurts kids when parents keep them in this environment


You answered your own question. He doesn’t want anything to do with you or the marriage, doesn’t love you, and has moved on…
What would I do?
Divorce and let him do what he’s doing.


Get rid. You deserve better . Let him go see that the grass is not greener . He will regret it

Why you want to stay when you clearly don’t love you? Cuz yall have kids? Girl tell him to leave and show your kids a life lesson to not stay in some BS like this!!!

I would start the divorce proceedings.

Leave him & file for divorce

Get rid of him what’s wrong with you? He wants his cake and to eat it he’s a greedy asshole

Lmao! He doesn’t want to pay child support :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: file for divorce girl. :wave:

Well I certainly wouldn’t stay with the :pig2: just because I had kids to it.

Leave if not for yourself for your kids it’s not a healthy situation to be in

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What does having 3 kids have to do with anything?
HE :clap: SAID :clap: HE :clap: DOESN’T :clap: LOVE :clap: YOU :clap:


You file for divorce and let him have his out. Staying married for kids is not a reason to stay married.

Honestly if he’s openly said he doesn’t love you anymore, I would just leave. You deserve more and your kids will pick up on things. They should see their mom being loved correctly. You set the expectations they will have in life. And he’s talking to some woman after telling you that? It’s a no for me.


I’m not a huge Dr Phil fan but he does say some on-target stuff sometimes. Like: Kids would rather be from a broken home than live in one!!


If there is a way to get him out of the house, I would. You and your kids need the house to comfortably move on. It is his decision not to work on things, so he needs to get out. I know that isn’t always easy but you should at least try while getting divorce papers ready to go. Good luck, Momma.

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He doesn’t want a divorce because he knows it’s cheaper to keep her! Go file!


Having kids together isn’t a good enough reason to stay married :woman_facepalming:


He doesn’t want to pay spousal support and child support. This is a prime example of wanting his cake and eating it too … don’t stay find your own happiness!


Do you really want your kids to grow up seeing a dysfunctional toxic relationship? Is that what you want them to have when they are grown up bc that’s what you showed them? That they can be unfaithful and that they should accept less than from their partner? Or do you show them that they should expect more from their partner like love and respect. Someone who doesn’t put their emotional and medical needs at risk.

Please respect yourself enough to walk away from a man that doesn’t want you. Do not stay together for the kids. It’s not fair to put the weight of a dead relationship on them.


What does he expect you do? Sit around and wait on him to be there for him if things don’t work out with the other person. I didn’t think so. He wants he’s cake and eat it to. You need to file for a divorce, now. And move on. He told you he did not love you and was not wanting to put anything else in the marriage. Someone else said he does not want to pay child support or alimony. Don’t make it easy for him. Im sorry. Good luck.

He doesn’t want a divorce because of child support. You are basically live in help! Ask him where he’ll be living and call movers. If you let him stay you’re accepting what he’s doing to you and his kids. Why are you even asking what to do? File for divorce like yesterday.


i would file for divorce. He just told you he’s done with the marriage and is not hiding the fact that he is cheating.

You never stay together for the kids, it creates a toxic environment that they shouldn’t need to grow up in.

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An unhappy home is also a broken home. Remember that. Don’t stay just because the kids. They don’t wanna live in a house where you are not happy!


I Will get a divorce whether he likes it or not.Why would you want to be with him anyway?Women wake up we dont need men to have a good life.


He’s openly said he doesn’t love you. I’d believe him. I’d also start making plans… With out him.
as to the hole “don’t want to get divorced because you have kids”. That’s a load of BS and you know it. What your going to do is teach them is it’s ok to stay in a toxic loveless relationship.

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You should take him at his word and let him move on. Your children deserve to be raised in a happy home, free of domestic drama. It won’t be easy, but you get to keep your dignity and you will be happy again.


I’d say hasta la vista baby and he’d be gone. Start your plan now because it isn’t going to get any better and you can’t make him love you. Staying with him because of the kids is not fair to you or them. Practice good co-parenting skills, which can be tough but necessary, and move on :woman_shrugging:t3:

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He wants to sleep with other people. He told you he doesn’t care about you. The only reason he doesn’t want to get divorced is because he doesn’t want to pay child support. Leave

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To the left, to the left- put everything he owns in a box to the left…
Honestly, see an attorney and protect the interests of YOURSELF and YOUR CHILDREN. Give yourself a little time to heal. Decide what direction your life will take next.

Hes moved on. As hard as it is to accept you need to as well. It will hurt like hell and be rough but you will start feeling better after some time. Focus on you and the kids and eventually when ur ready, start putting yourself out there and date. Find someone who gives u those butterflies and puts in the effort and time for u.

Get a divorce and half of everything he has, retirement 401K investments , get the house, your car, child support(23%) of his income. You are not 2nd best so believe in yourself, see an attorney and go from there.

Think about what is important to you. Then proceed. I’d divorce him no question. The disrespect is unbelievable and I couldn’t be happy nor would I want my kids to see that. Love yourself.

Get a divorce he straight up said he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a marriage if I was in your position

Why would you wanna stay with somebody who’s disrespecting you like that take your kids and make a life for yourself and your kids don’t use your kids as an excuse to stay because what do you think that does to them watching the distance between the two of you move along

You can get a divorce and remain friendly for the kids. You are teaching your kids to be a doormat or to remain in an unhealthy environment. Tell your husband to go to her and see what happens. Why is the other woman putting up with this?

Set the example for your kids, of what a healthy relationship should look like. Divorce him and find your own happiness.

File for divorce! He’s not a true man nor does he take his vows seriously! Time for you to be happy and be with someone who’s worthy of you

Hunny I think you already know the answer to that. If my husband was doing those things, I’d be saying then go live with her. If he told me he doesn’t love me, well there’s the door. The marriage would be dome if he was talking with and had a crush on a another girl. Bye.

Uh if you want a divorce, file for divorce. He can’t make you stay married to him.

3 kids isn’t enough reason to stay in that unhappy place. Life’s too short go get the divorce and find someone crazy about you

You can file for divorce
Why would he, if he can have his cake and eat it too

Lol he can’t have his cake and eat it too! Bye Bye :wave:

5 kids here and you described my exact situation. Been divorced 6 years now. Best decision I made.

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Have him reiterate all of that to you, record it as well sk ge can’t pull anything slick in the divorce. He’s just using you as doormat & backup plan.

He is telling you he doesn’t want to be in the marriage, so you leave. It’s not going to change.

Girl he said he is done you can’t force him! Get a good lawyer! And start taking time.to heal :green_heart::green_heart:

Never be second choice or beg someone to stay… leave.

Take care of your children and yourself . He made it plain what he wants

You don’t need to wait on him to file. Go down and file yourself.

Move on. He has already checked out. Nothing left to do but pick up the pieces and go on with your life.

Take the proof of infidelity to the courts and ask for a divorce. The courts will side you.

Girl if you don’t file for divorce take the kids and go be at peace. :pray:t5:

He just doesn’t want to pay child support. Divorce him.

Get a good lawyer, kick him out

Y’all need to start loving and living for yoselfs. Lol.

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Leave. You can’t force someone to be with you. You can’t keep someone from cheating. You have three kids. Would you rather them go through the tension and drama or just leave?

Leave. He’s already left the relationship. Kids deserve happy parents. A loveless marriage is not a happy one.

Walk away with the kids. File for custody and divorce.

These laughing emojis… I really don’t see what’s funny …:thinking:

Start your “divorce file” with a trip to the doctor to get tested and make sure to get the after visit summary to add to your paper trail and then lower the boom, otherwise you and your kids can suffer for years until you finally do what you should start to do right now

Divorce is not easy. And I’m sorry you’re going through this. Find a legal counselor before you make a move. Especially there’s kids involved. Woman can do all by themselves :raised_hands:t2::pray:t2:

I’d get a divorce out of self respect

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Leave and get a lawyer, then drain him dry for the adultery :woman_shrugging:

Do what is best for the kids…. Let him go

Kids are no reason to stay together. Let him go

…. You’re really asking for advice on this one?

Pack his bags for him, and move on.

Oh he sounds real selfish, it’s not about keeping a home for his children, he doesn’t want to be locked into child support…
Advice××× nail his a$$ to the wall

The first thing I would do is learn how to use punctuation. The second thing I would do is file for divorce.

Kick him out and hit him with dicorce papers.

Time to leave. Why keep your kids in such a dysfunctional family?

A miserable family is not better for the kids. Pack his shit and he can be her problem.

Never let a man tell you more than once he doesn’t love you or want you.
Don’t stay in a crap marriage for the kids. That does more damage to them than the actual divorce. Leave him.