What would you do?

I’ve been with my boyfriend about a year. It’s been very good, we haven’t ever really had any issues come up. My two kids have a great relationship with him and we have just moved in together. We have talked about having another child.

I got a call from my OBGYN last week and one of my tests came back a little weird. She said it’s likely nothing but they want to check to make sure that it is okay because I’d had pre cancer cells removed several years ago. She said if there is anything there it’s probably not even bad. Since I had the bad cells before she’s just making sure I’m ok and she’s not worried.

Because it reminded me of the past, I got quiet and it bothered me a bit. My boyfriend didn’t ask me about it or anything. He could tell I was upset. That night…my daughter got photos of him on tinder. She showed me the next day. He didn’t deny it…he said it was a hard conversation to have with me and he wanted kids of his own. HE DID NOT EVEN ASK WHAT THE DR SAID. HE DIDNT EVEN LET ME GO TO MY FOLLOW UP APP IN 3…3!!! Weeks!! After a couple days I said I’d give him another chance. But I don’t know if I can handle this. I feel betrayed. I’m furious my daughter was exposed to this…i am protective of my kids and it was so sickening having to talk to her about what she’d seen in appropriate way.