What would you get your 16-year-old for their birthday?

Hey mommas I have a question??? my baby girl is turning 16 in a month. So what would you get your 16 year old. Im throwing her a huge sweet 16 party like we bought her a beautiful dress and we are having it at a venue. Shes gonna be presented by her daddy!!! She wants a car and we’ll that just can’t happen right now as this party is costing the $$$$. I mean she plays softball but she has enough softball stuff as her room is done in softball decor… we just bought her a new phone in February and she has pretty much everything… please help im so stumpted I will add a pic of my baby girls dress!!!


How about an experience. Take a weekend Away, go to the beach or just ask her what she wants besides a car.


Honestly explain to her that you aren’t able to afford the car and ask her for other ideas.

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How about driving lessons for when old enough x

I let my daughter get a tattoo for her 16th birthday. Had to be smallish and appropriate

A weekend trip, a concert or play, a tattoo lol

My sons 16th birthday I got him some customized shoes lakers theme and boss lakers sweater and a Nintendo switch.
Pretty expensive but all teens like clothes :woman_shrugging:t2:

Don’t have such an expensive party and get her a car

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Apple, orange and a banana.

Have her choose, extravagant party or car…


a special piece of jewelry


I would have skipped the expensive party, and got her what she wanted… a car🚗


Would have skipped the party (it lasts a few hours and then all the time and money is over) and got her a car … something that she really wants (and needs)


I would have bought my kid the car and not spent so much on a party. The party is one day, a car can last years and is more practical


Nothing. The party is enough. Kids are too entitled. She can work for a car


How about a piece of jewelry with her birthstone?

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Same! I could have written this! Our Sweet 16 will be at a venue as well. Twins! And Softball family. We are doing a Hollywood theme with red carpet and all! I am purchasing them a few books as gifts but they love to read and journal. Their gift is the party itself and a sleep over with a few select girls. Good Luck Momma!

Sweet sixteen getaway just the 2 of you!! I know my 14 yo would love that


I would have skipped the party and dress, maybe a cheap car could have been bought with that money


I would have done a cheap party and bought a car because I want them to get around so I don’t have to do that anymore. Good luck


The party is her gift and maybe a charm bracelet


Should have skipped a huge party which is a waste of unnecessary funds and got her her first car


Sounds like the money you spent on the party could have been put towards a car. I am sure if she had the choice between a big party or a car she probably would have picked the car.


A ring necklace or bracelet and cash…

A expensive piece of jewelry… Of her birthday stone

I bought my daughter a really pretty ring for her 16th and she loves it. She cried happy tears. :heart: or you could do a james avery or pandora charm bracelet.


I’d have skipped spending on the party, made her a cake, and bought her a car.


iPad? Mac book? What’s the budget lol

A car ? Sounds more like a graduation gift to me !!! So if you give a car at 16, what do you give them for graduation ? A house ? No wonder today’s kids think their entitled .its because they’re being raised that way . call me old fashioned I don’t care . Children need goals and not only that ,they need to work and pay towards, if not all for luxury items . why is everyone just handing things over ? And what are you teaching your kids? To the author of this post .Do not listen to the people trying to make you look bad . Teach your children how earn things they want . Doesn’t matter if you can afford it not .And why does any child need a car ? Does she have a job? Quit bring up all these entitled kids. Just because someone has money doesn’t mean you just hand it all over. There’s nothing wrong with teaching your child values.


Maybe a nice piece of jewelry… bracelet, earrings or such

Get her a spa day ! With a friend or with you ?

I just want to see a pic of the dress. Sounds like the party is more for mom than the daughter :woman_shrugging:


A pearl necklace and matching earrings. Everytime she wears this piece of jewelry, she will remember exactly when she got it and the special memories of her party.

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Lucky girl if she gets a car…my daughter likes to go shopping and out to lunch on me.

Forget the big parry that will only last a few hours. I say get her car if you cN Fford it. Or take her on a mother daughter exclusive trip.

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We don’t do birthday presents haven’t for years, I hace 3 boys all late teens early twenties and we do birthday adventures! They birthday children pics what we do and as a family we have a day or weekend or week away doing their thing! They will remember the adventures much longer than anything else I could give them.

When you cannot but an item I would say buy an experience take her somewhere she hasn’t been and explore something new together and make good memories.

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Give her some $$ toward a car. I am sure she will get $$ as gifts from others at the large party. She can then buy a car.

Ask her if she wants a party or a car.
If she chooses the party, that’s her gift.
If she chooses the car, that’s her gift.
If you can only afford one thing, give her the thing that she actually wants.

A weekend trip going some place or doing something she would enjoy!

Took my son to Chicago for the weekend. Was supposed to be just him but he invited his little sister

I would’ve saved the money and took her to the beach or somewhere new and fun and then out to eat somewhere nice on the beach. Or the car lol that’s just what I would’ve wanted if I was still 16 :joy:

Gift cards to places she loves! Hair, nails, clothing stores, restaurants etc…

A nice ring or necklace :two_hearts:

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Have her make a wish list on Amazon and people can get her wish from them.

Savings account with a bit in it to start saving for a car


I did a book with 16 quotes/sayings and a gift to match each. Didn’t have to be anything expensive. But things that I wanted to pass down wisdom wise. I had her friends help me give her the gifts through out the day while she was at school and gave her some at home too. The last one was a dinner with close friends and family and she got the book and last of the gifts.

Private softball lessons, softball camp, makeup, clothes, a purse, shoes, what other things does she want

Maybe a nice piggy bank for her to start saving for her own car?

Gift cards to Starbucks and other places.

Well for starters I’d have not spent a bunch of money on a party and used that towards the actual necessity of a car. It’s different saving up these days as a car that’s 20 years old is still costing more than it should lol it’s no longer $4k for a decent starter car.

So maybe for her birthday tell her whatever she comes up with you’ll match her for a car. I’d start there.

I would had tried to find a reasonable vehicle and done a simple party :woman_shrugging: just talk to your daughter

Put money into a savings account. Suggest others do the same. She doesn’t need more stuff. She needs to be set up for her future.

Get her a …… job ! Don’t spoil her anymore

I think a car, something she will need if she wanted to get a job, would be more reasonable than a party…


You should have spent the money in a car instead and just make a little party :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Anyway, the party should be enough but if you want to give her something else I suggest you to wait and see what gifts she gets and then asked if she still wants something else .
You guys can have a spa day together

Help her find a job so she can buy a car

A little piece of jewelry?

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Concert her fave band or Spa weekend

The party it seems is more for you than anything else. Should’ve put the money in a high yield savings account or taken a trip together, or, just gotten the car that would take her into college.

Make the party smaller and cheaper and buy a car. A car is more beneficial then a one day party. She can use a car for work and what notZ

Family cruise/vacation, cash, new bag, lulu, special jewelry.

Money towards a car in the future would be a great gift. Just write the amount in a card that you will put towards her 1st car! :birthday::partying_face: