What would you like to see in your stocking?

What stocking stuffers would you personally like to get?


Chocolates, shots bottles, pens for work, bath & body works :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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As a mom anything for self care bath bomb lotion sprays cofty socks

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Bath bombs, comfy socks, hair ties, make up, gift cards.

Chapstick, gift cards, slippers, robe, masks, nail polish, new thermos, mascara, hair ties, eye mask, anything that helps us with self care :ok_hand:t2:

Starbucks/Dunkin’ gift cards, my fave candies, chocolates

Gift cards to favorite stores or for a spa treatment, chocolate of course! Home made coupons for anything (ex: lunch or dinner with friends with no children, message, date night)

My mom gets us socks, soaps and selfcare, one year she did adult colouring books, some knick knacks, she usually keeps it around $40. But we are also all adults now too. Always gives a PJ set on Christmas Eve.

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Bath and body works stuff. Little bottles of alcohol. Personally like plastic hair ties, makeup, cheap earrings, belly button rings, socks, underwear if it’s from a SO, nail polish.

Stocking stuffers, candy, cards, lotions , perfume, candle, flashlight, Christmas socks, cd, dvd, key ring, ornament, homemade gifts

Hairbrush,oven mittens,socks and note pads

Fuzzy socks, hot cocoa bombs, pens, beanies, hair ties, chapstick, lotion, gift cards, mini alcohols, candles

We always got candy in our stockings as well as other things and when I think back, I always remember the candy more than anything else. Sometimes we got make up and stuff too, but the Christmas candy was the best!

Hair ties. :crazy_face:

Chocolates that I don’t have to share with the kids, needles and rotary blades (I’m a quilter), flair pens, random little trinkets from my kids.

Wine, fuzzy socks, a hooded blanket and a nap

Chocolates n snacks, chapsticks/makeup, fuzzy socks, booze shooters, canna treats, fishing tackle…

Coupons for chores around the house from my kids

Candy Cane kisses, old wisconsin beef sticks and sparkling ice strawberry citrus

I stuff my own stocking and everyone elses.

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Warm socks and nice slippers.

Keys to a new truck and RV

Chocolates, liquor, mini lotions, rollerball perfumes, lip balms, mixed nuts, gift cards/certificates

Gift cards for a maid service, a massage oh yeah and the liquor store :grin:

Bath bombs, wool socks, almond joy, really good gel pens!

Socks, lotions, beauty samples, gift cards to my favorite stores.

Hair elastics, bobby pins

Yeah stocking in our house are always stuff you always need with a few sweet goodies mixed in.

As a mom, candle, body lotion, bath bombs, a coffee mug, slippers, hair ties, mini liquor bottles to throw in my Christmas morning coffee. :rofl:

My mom started the tradition of putting chocolate covered raisins in the stockings and saying it was “elf poop”, I’m carrying on the tradition with my kids. My kids are getting mittens, panties, candy, markers, crayons etc. Soothers for the babies. I personally don’t expect anything in my own stocking except elf poop lol even if I have to put it there myself this year

Sunday family get together

A pretty new Lange calendar for 2021 but I already bought it because no one knows I always want one.:face_with_monocle: