What's the best way to cook a turkey?

How do you guys cook your turkey? I am a wreck with being in charge of cooking it this year and I want it to be perfect


Wrap it in bacon and throw it in the oven.

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Just throw it in the oven with some stuffing. Let’s be honest, everyone knows the side dishes are the stars, not the turkey.


But u can make ur turkey with sides… :thinking: maybe stuffed with Dressing & wrapped with bacon! Lol

Now u have a star turkey with 2 sides included

Put it in a nesco or roaster and go low and slow all day, it stays nice and juicy and you wont be know as the girl who made a dry ass turkey…

We use the cheesecloth method. You soak cheesecloth in melted butter and then cover the turkey in it and bake. :yum:

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Use a cooking bag. Follow directions on the bag pkg

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I use butter salt and pepper on mine put it in the oven on 200 before you go to sleep with 2 inches of water in the pan and let it go

Microwave that sumbitch.


Brine it. Inject it. Rub it down. Bake it. Yum!!

I always cook my Turkey Christmas eve in the evening. Then I wrap it in foil and leave it in the oven till the next day . Then Christmas day i carve it all up and put gravy over it and pop it back in the oven for 20 minutes.
Tastes lush. X

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Oster brand electric roaster!

My husband is smoking ours this year :joy: he’s always in charge of the Turkey, but you can’t go wrong with oven either. Pinterest has great recipes!

Microwave for 90 mins


We put butter under the skin (especially in the breast area) and cook in a cooking bag. Never dry.

I am old fashioned. I bake mine in an oven at 325, stuffed. I follow directions for ‘how long to bake’. I salt the inside and put my stuffing in the bird. I put it in a roasting pan, tin foil the wings tight, then cover the turkey with a lid or aluminum foil. after 1 hr start basting every 30 with drippings or chicken stock. Works every time and is a beautiful moist bird


Butter, rosemary, sage, salt and pepper all mixed and put in between the skin and the meat of the turkey, high heat 425 for 25 mins then 250 until done. (About 4 hrs for a 22 lb turkey)

Upside down, butter in skin, salt n pepper n thrown in the oven

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In a roasting pan with butter, salt, pepper, and broth of choice. Covered with aluminum foil and basted every hour or so.

This year we are going to try a Spatchcock Turkey, look it up. Way less time

What about how long to thaw it when to buy it?

Seasoned, in a Roasting bag, in the oven, breast down, than turn breast up for last hour of cook time

Put it in a bag. Turkey sucks no matter what you do

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Salt and pepper then cook in a crock pot.

I use a Turkey bag!
Defrosted turkey, Cut up an onion, orange, celery, garlic & 2 cubes of butter (hold out 1 cube). Mix & stuff with mixture. Cut up butter put under skin of chicken & in between boy & legs, wings. Cooking 175° overnight, (no need to based) will be fully cooked by morning.

me too thats why i bought one already cooked just heat in oven

Best recipe I have ever used lol


Weber kettle. Never dry, even the white meat is juicy.

I have my turkey in a brine
First year trying this
I’m going to let it dry in the fridge and then cover it in seasoned butter stuff and bake
:crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4: I hope it comes out delicious

Cook in oven on low all night. But I love a deep fried turkey too.

Probably in some heat like an oven or BBQ

I do mine upside down turns out way juicier

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Stuff it with lemon halves, smashed garlic cloves, rosemary, amd thyme. Then make a rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper, garlic, lemon butter mixture and rub it under the Turkey skin. It’s my personal favorite way. Make stuffing on the side bit stuff the bird with aromatics

I hate dry Turkey! Go get a turkey baking bag and stuff the turkey place it in bag and follow directions. The turkey melts in your mouth.

Seasoned and lots of butter lol

The best way is in a reynold oven bag after being injected with marinade and butter and seasoned thoroughly. I stuff it with aromatic veggies and fruit in big chunks and cook the stuffing separately.

And wrap the legs and wings in uncooked bacon strips so they don’t dry out

We have a deep fryer my husband’s last unit gave him for free. I’ll never make turkey another way again Haha

My grandfather always does it in a paper bag. Its so good!!

Just follow the directions on the Turkey.

My mom does this every year and its so, so good. Turkey is always juicy, skin crispy. :yum:

Cook it upside down, so that the breast is in the juice and dark meat is at the top!

Start with chicken stock and herbs in the the pan too.


First off ruined or perfect it’ll be a great memory. Do all desserts day before and cook the turkey and sides like any other dinner on thanksgiving day, your rolls last.

Can’t go wrong with Gordon Ramsey. Easy recipe. CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Roasted Turkey With Lemon Parsley & Garlic | Gordon Ramsay - YouTube


Im right there with u. I have never cooked a turkey. I looked it up step by step on how to cook it in a bag and so I will try to do this tomorrow. I did buy a ham just incase lol

I just bye the rolled turkey lol

I brine my turkey for 24 hours before I cook it I roast it in a turkey bag

We’re deep frying ours this year! Best Turkey you ever had in your life!!

Find a recipe that makes you comfortable and go with it. I have had in oven, roaster, air fryer and deep fryer. Regardless…all have been delicious

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I do the America’s Test Kitchen recipe for the perfect roast turkey. Season 1, episode 2, you can find it on YouTube. Super easy and it cooks in about 2 hours, nice and moist, even the white meat, and crispy skin. Can’t ask for a better turkey. Plus, I use a flavor injector to inject melted butter inside the turkey.

Brining is key to juicy turkey. Mix seasonings of choice with real butter and put under skin and on top. Also basket weave bacon on top. Basting is very important as well

First off; don’t stress over it. You’ll be fine!
Make what you can ahead of time; coleslaw, salads, green been casserole, sweet potatoes, dressing (all can be made the day before put in the fridge and cooked the next day). Purchase no fuss sides; like frozen corn, dinner roles, canned cranberry sauce, and even the pumpkin pie. And I have found putting my turkey in the oven (breast side down with butter placed under the skin) at midnight at 250 degrees has always been a success. Oh, and remember to remove the package of the neck and giblets that are located inside the cavity of your turkey (family joke; my sister didn’t the first time she cooked a turkey, we still laugh about it). Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy!

I make a lemon herb butter that I spread all over and put under the skin to make it super juicy. I have never had a dry turkey doing this. Then I roast it at 325° for about 13 to 15 minutes per pound. So I have made 22lb turkeys and they were done in little over 4.5 hrs. This year I’m making a 14lb one and it will probably take 3.5 hrs. I have never had to use a turkey bag, or put it upside down to get it super juicy. The butter under the skin provides that for the breast. Here’s the website I found years ago that talks about thawing, cleaning, stuffing, roasting, and resting the turkey. Its actually super easy! Doing all the sides is the hard part in my opinion! Easy, No-Fuss Thanksgiving Turkey - Tastes Better From Scratch

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I use lemon herb butter, and use Gordon Ramsey’s recipe but I just up the portions a lot more. It turns out SUPER MOIST. I usually marinate for over a day and a half. I marinate Tuesday night and cook Thursday morning on low for thanksgiving lunch.

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First … How big is your turkey. And How are you wanting to cook it. Oven Deep Fry etc

15 minutes per pound. Its pretty easy just throw in the oven with whatever seasonings you want and some butter. Happy Thanksgiving :purple_heart:

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For first-timers and foolproof I would use the Reynolds oven bags I them for twenty years are the best if you don’t have access to have it deep fried or brine for days beforehand


Oil salt peper oven bag cook turkey upside down it falls apart works every year

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Don’t check the oven every 10 min.
Let it do it’s thing and don’t give into temptation. Appointment someone to hold you accountable if you open that oven…
PS a herb butter rub UNDER THE SKIN prior to cooking and lemons onions etc inside the turkey abyss to steam as it cooks.:turkey:


I slow roast mine, super easy and I pretty much put it together and leave it. Way less stress while trying to do everything else

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I follow the guide on the attached website for baking cook time. BUT. Only use seasoning salt. Don’t add anything else. No pepper nothing. Just seasoning salt. Rub it right into that turkey. Don’t stuff the bird. Cover tightly with aluminum foil. Do not peak. The last 15-20m, take the foil right off. go ahead and baste that bird every few minutes till it’s got some nice crispness happening. Take it out. Let it sit (that’s key) then go ahead and carve er’ up. I will 110% guarantee you will have the most juiciest turkey ever. Save the drippings for an even more amazing gravy. The key to gravy is saving your potato water to mix in the drippings. I promise this method will not disappoint.

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oven bags the best. bag must be floured and slits in top of bag
dont stuff the turkey. I always put salt and butter on Turkey so it gets brown

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My mother in laws method that I use now that i am in charge of holidays. I do oven bag. Flour the bag add turkey. Mix mayo and poultry seasoning and coat turkey. Add 1 cup chicken broth 1cup white wine ( or just 2 cups of chicken broth). Throw in the the over 15 min per pound. Nice a moist great flavor and the skin browns beautifully. Don’t check the turkey often just let it cook.

Melt 1 cup each fresh butter and olive oil together with a pinch of pink or sea salt, crushed pepper, lots of fresh basil leaves, rosemary, a few bay leaves. Simmer on low until melted and flavors combined… rub into the meat inside and out. Place in a bag, bird upside down and slow roast on low heat, like 300° for 9 hours… when it’s done the meat is falling off the bone and melt in your mouth tender

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Stuff the turkey.butter it up,add spices,use oven bag, flour it, slit the bag pop it in the oven and let.it do its thing… we do this every year and it turns out perfect,. Once done take turkey.out of bag.use the drippings/liquid to make the gravy…super delicious :yum:

I am so weird… one oopsie in the kitchen my 1st year and I do it every time now. I season my turkey thoroughly, a little extra with butter and my favorite seasonings,place it breast side down cook it on high heat 450 for about 30 minutes to an hour while basting to get good crisp and color. I put half an inch of water, Cover it and turn it down to about 325. Usually 3 hours at the least if it’s 20lbs or bigger, but i poke it and check for the juices to run clear. Juicy yummy turkey!


We’re frying ours. But basic is even cooked. Don’t forget to take it out asap if its frozen and take out the giblets :+1:t4:

Rub it with butter before baking

Make sure it’s completely thawed. I use the turkey oven bags and bake for the recommended time ,13 minutes per pound, or until the timer pops out.

I use roaster. It keeps oven open for the other things that need baked.

My mom always cooked her upside down…it causes the juice to run to the breast( the usual part people eat) and helps it be super juicy and not dry…other then that it’s done regular…clean it,clean it out, pat it dry, stuff the inside with herbs and butter mix…rub the outside of the Turkey move the legs apart to make sure you get everywhere…tie up the legs properly…and cook…the time is based on the size of your Turkey but it should be on low give yourself plenty of time…and cook it upside down and covered with a lid or aluminum foil to keep the steam in to help keep turkey meat soft and juicy( also get a baster or a soup bowl and get the juices from the side and pour it on the turket every so often) …the last 10/20 min of your time uncover to give the skin a chance to crunch up some…with cooking it upside down it’s not as pretty cooking it upside down it leaves the rack mark on the top but we always slice and place slices turkey on a plate so people arent standing there attempting to each carve the turkey or have 1 person cutting for everyone…so for us it works…good luck and just make sure your cooking time and heat settings match up with your turkey…I also don’t like doing stuffing in the Turkey i like doing it on the side but using some of the drained turkey juice when doing my stuffing it flavors the stuffing but since we slice our turkey it’s kinda pointless to stuff it…but butter and herbs(salt,pepper,thyme,rosemary,garlic,and I sometimes add sage depending on who agrees to come to eat not everyone is into cooking with sage…to much can take over your meal falvor)and lemon or lime to flavor the meat and the aroma is o my gosh…

We deep fry ours it takes half the time also

Place the turkey on a board cook in oven for three hours, throw the turkey away and eat the board

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Butter under skin put in roaster add chicken broth put dressing in bird and around it cover and let cook on 350 baste once in a while. Today done.been doing this for 45 yrs

I am going to do this with mine this year.

We smoke ours or roast them. But, we put apples inside the turkey with fresh rosemary and onion. Smoke with apple juice or put apple juice in the roasting pan. Put butter inside the turkey and melted butter allllll over the outside. And of course season to taste.
This year were not doing an apple bird like usual so, I’ll be using a garlic season mix on them that I make myself. The key is to not let them over cook. Don’t baste over and over again it dries out the skin which holds in the moisture to the meat. Just throw love into it, and let them cook slow and low.

Reynolds oven cooking bags. Best thing ever.

Order from Fresh Market & reheat! :slightly_smiling_face: Seriously!

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Brine it. Go with a very simple brine. Stuff with holy trinity veggies (carrots, onion, celery…remove and toss when finished roasting). Roast it without basting or opening the oven.

Also don’t forget to take out the neck, liver and gizzard before you cook it. Seen that mistake a lot. :rofl: