What's the Proper Punishment for a 4th Grader Who Broke Their Chromebook?

My kids have piggy banks where they keep money for trips/souvenirs/toys and such, I’ve told them that if the mess their chrome books up on purpose that they’d be paying for it themselves with their money and if they don’t have enough then they’d be selling toys to make up the difference or working for it.


On purpose or accidental?
I have a 4th grader, he fiddles with the keys when he’s bored…but I told him if he breaks a key off the keyboard(since I’ve given him a lot of warnings) then I’d sell his iPhone :woman_shrugging:

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If you have to pay the school for the chromebook make your child do extra chores and jobs at home and for neighbors to help earn some of the money. It can be a lesson on the value of things and how hard it is to earn money. Taking other electronics away for a time is good, but I think the lesson of value and hard work for things will stick longer.

I agree with taking away electronics and giving challenging chores, that’s how I was raised and that’s how my kids are too. They know if they don’t respect it they don’t get it until they either deserve it or pay up for it (through chores for either you and/or neighbours if you are close)

Take all her electronics away from her and out of her room. Have her do big chores. Not Basic chores some deep cleaning big chores. Make her pay for it herself.

Take away game console and phone

Take away electronics and make her work to earn money to pay for the chromebook.

I told my kids if they break it I have to replace it with Christmas present money. I’m not rich and education comes first.

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Do you know an older person who she can work for? Help clean house, cook etc. My mom used to punish me by having to help others. It didn’t just teach me that what I did was wrong but I also learned a lot. Cooking, hearing old stories, cleaning short cuts (& some long cuts lol), planting/gardening. It was punishment then. Now I look at those moments foundly.

Make them pay for it if have money I watch money with there if break there paying

Depends if it was an accident or done deliberately

After seven and a few no alot of accidents and I decided it was the eighth child. Kids are kids and if she didn’t do it on purpose maybe just let it go and be alot strick next. Time. She probably feels bad