When can babies forward face?

Just wondering, when did you guys turn your kids around in there car seat? My daughter weighs. 26lbs and is 33ins. Tall

My 1 yo is 30 lbs and still rear facing. No plans to turn him

2 years minimum. They can go to the limits of the seat

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My daughter is almost 2.5yo. She is 30lbs and still rear facing.

Look on your car seat and follow its guidelines for height and weight :grin:


3 years old and still rear facing

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I turned my son at 2.5 years old but in my state they have to be at least 2.

Be sure to start by checking your state’s minimum legal requirements. Texas recently changed to 2 years old I believe.

2yr old minimum for front faving but my 4yr old will still rearface until out grown the limits

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The longer they face rear the safer they are

All states are different especially read the fine print when you check the laws for your state. Virginia says have them rear-facing until 2 but if you read the fine print or jinya also says that it is legal to turn them around once the child meets the minimum requirements listed on the car seat that you have. obviously they say the longer they’re rear-facing the safer that they are…but my child would get car sick so as soon as I was able to turn him I did.

Mine is a year and a half, 27 pounds and still sitting rear facing. We might turn her at 2 years or we might wait a little longer

My daughter is 10 1/2 months at almost 26 pounds… no plans to turn her anytime soon.

1 yr it’s recommended till age two or they outgrow the rear facing option in the car seat

My boys i turned around at just after a year…and my daughter was turned around right before she turned 3

2 years is best, with my youngest I kept her rear facing until she was 2, but she was tiny and dainty I didn’t wanna risk anything… now my son I did at a year because he was a tank and the size my daughter was at 2, he out grew the rear facing option…

When he turned 18 months And that was only bc he could kick the back window.

This is the only picture I have of mines car seat, we went up from an infant seat to a 4 in 1, around a year old. But we have stayed rear facing in it. So much safer to stay rear facing as long as possible. She’s now 1.5 and 22-23 pounds.

1 years old for all of mine

My 4yo just started forward facing. My 3 kids rear faced until at least 3yo. My oldest was turned around at a year but when I did some research I turned her back to rear facing.

My daughter was around 2. She had been in the same rf carseat since birth and one day she just started crying and screaming in her seat just absolute melt down. The straps weren’t digging or anything she just lost her marbles. Looking back now the straps were way too low behind her shoulders even though it was the last available setting on he seat. We went out and got her a ff the next day. We need to upgrade her again cause the straps are being weird. Yay income tax

My first was 1 cause I didn’t know any better. My second was 1.5 cause I got tired of arguing with my husband about it every day. They really should be at least 2 though.

This topic leads to probably some of the most mom shaming. Look up your specific state requirements on when to turn.

Some states require age 2

Most safety professionals say 2 is best and longer if possible. If you want to turn it around for convenience, look at your states law about age/ height and the car seats safety labels. I purchased Graco 4ever brand car seats because I could keep my petite 2 year old rear facing longer and my long and lanky 5 year old uses one as a booster.

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When they were 2 that’s the car seat law in my state but you have to follow whatever the car seat laws are in your state. Look them up on google.

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Won’t turn him around until he maxes out the requirements for rear facing, 40lbs, 40 inches. Plus be at least 2.


I’m going to rear face my son for as long as I can


After the reach weigh limit of rear facing car seat (not infant) ours is rated for 40lbs.

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Best practice is age 4 or when they hit the MAX weight or height limits of their seat rear facing. My son rear faced until just before his fourth birthday. He was 47 inches tall and weighed 48 pounds when I switched him and he was perfectly comfortable rear facing.

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Our state requires at least 2 years and 40 pounds OR by the car seats manufacturer suggestions. They also now do random carseat checks and WILL issue tickets if there’s anything wrong.

2 years old for all 3 of mine

My first at 3 be cause he was able to stay longer but my second at 2 because he hit the weight limit for his seat.

My 1st was one because it was my first child and I felt pressured. My second will stay rear facing until I feel he is ready.

I live in Australia, it’s legal to forward face from 6 months. Which is disgusting in my opinion.

Keep them back as long as possible. Most people try to keep kids facing back until about 4…but we turned ours around at almost 3 yrs old. He was ready. He was also a very big toddler…very tall and long…also stalky (like a little football player lol) so he was heavy.

My three year old is still rearfacing because safety comes before convenience.

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We did at a year old. 1 year and over 20lbs. Thats what the seat said. We havent had a problem getting him to ride in the car since.

Regardless of height and weight no child under the age of two should be forward facing. Before two the bones in the spine are still ossifying (hardening) In an accident your child could become internally decapitated because the force of the crash causing excessive strain on the soft bones and tearing the spinal cord. It’s not worth your child’s life to be willingly ignorant and disregard new recommendations because you think you know it all. Ask police officers and EMTs how many dead babies they’ve pulled from vehicles because their parents turned them around too soon.

4 years and 2 months. 39"