When can babies have rice cereal?

When did you start giving your baby cereal/rice ? Did you feed it to them or put it in the bottle?


Bottle - a little bit at around 3 months just at night. The doctor ok’d this but that was 10 years ago.

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With my first I did rice with fruit at 5 months in between her AM bottle and mid-morning bottle. With my second we skipped rice all together. My pediatrician said it’s just a filler, that it’s not a necessary staple when starting solids. They put in bottles back in the day but a lot of research shows it’s more dangerous that way. If you decide you want rice, just mix it really well and feed with a spoon.

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They have oatmeal cereal of you want something that’s actually got nutrients

Mine were all around 3 weeks to a no th old. Mix a little bit in their final bubba for the night after their bath they slept damn near all night if not all night

All babies are different it’s best to talk to your doctor.

I’m not for or against it, but the dietitian told me not to add it to the bottle.

DO NOT ADD CEREAL TO A BOTTLE :woman_facepalming: ITS A SERIOUS CHOKING HAZARD!!! Plus it has no nutritional value and its empty calories.
I’d wait and do BLW at 6months as that is MORE BENEFICIAL


Never. We did BLW and waited until all signs of readiness.
Game changer.

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never but never in a bottle
rice cereal is loaded with arsenic

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My doctor just gave me the go ahead to start this on my 4 month old. However I’ve heard rice cereal causes constipation and a lot of acid reflux. I’ve started her on oat cereal grinded really fine with a pinch of cinnamon mixed with a little bit of breast milk/formula to thin it out :+1:t3:

also in a bowl with spoon, def not in a bottle!

Started my daughter at 3 months getting a little each day because she was always trying to get to my food or her faters when we ate. Her doctor was good with it since she still breastfed on demand also

Feeding From a Bottle | Nutrition | CDC. NEVER IN A BOTTLE!


Feed it to them, because eventually they are going to need to learn the difference of taking bits off spoons and drinking.

We started with banana for our first and then avocado only used rice cereal to add to baby puree foods

4ish months is my understanding

Never its empty calories and unnecessary but if you must 6 months off a spoon never from a bottle


13 and 14 years ago it went in the bottle based on instruction from our pediatrician. Both my kids are fine but apparently things have changed since then based on some other comments.

Rice cereal doesn’t have the nutrients and you don’t put it in the bottle.

3 weeks… in the bottle.


Please don’t do this. Ever. It’s dangerous and it provides no nutrition. I did blw and she eats everything now. Even likes spicy food at 1 year old.


We discuss foods at his 6 month appointment. Oatmeal is supposed better for them and by spoon.

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2 months old for all of mine and off the spoon. Obviously at 2 months it was a tiny amount of cereal mixed with formula but was always taught/told to do it off the spoon because putting it in the bottle doesn’t teach them to eat from silverware (and I had a crazy mother telling me in the bottle was lazy

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I started around 5 months. Most pediatricians recommend around 5-6 months since it takes this long for their digestive systems to develop. It’s recommended to just feed it to them. It takes awhile to introduce but it’s a good start to the other fruit and vegetable solids you start around 6 months :slightly_smiling_face:

2 months in bottle 4 months spoon fed


Started with a spoon about 3 - 3 1/2 months. If you put anything in a bottle never mix it thick enough to cut the nipple. Small amounts of cereal in the formula is often used to help with acid reflux. But never thick enough to cut the nipple they can choke. And it’s always best to give cereal before fruits and veggies. Then veggies first then fruits.

I put it in a bottle to thicken the formula when we had to switch to gentlease. The pediatrician suggested it. I’ve never had a problem for any of my kids putting it in their bottle. Every mom will have their own opinion just like co-sleeping and cry it out. If the baby won’t eat it from a spoon I’d put some in the bottle.

2 mos. In a 4 oz bottle

4-5 months & my dr told me to never put it in a bottle because it’s too hard on their little bellies! :blush:

Never. Baby will sleep through the night when developmentally ready is what my pedi told me.

I used oatmeal not rice. My daughter’s doctor said it has arsenic in it. Told us to never give her rice. But I gave it to my daughter when she was able to receive it on wic. That was about 7 months.

I started at 1 month old and started spoon feeding them at 3-4 months also except they preferred the oatmeal. My son had acid reflux so bad he projectile his milk so his doctor had to put him on a special formula with rice cereal and I still had to add more. Plus give him medicine just for him to be able to keep it down. All my kids had bad acid reflux so I had no choice as well as they all have a allergy to protein in cow’s milk.

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In the bottle the day they came home


I introduced my son to rice cereal when he was 3 months old, through the bottle once he turned 6 months old, then I spoon fed it to him

I never put any cereal in a bottle… FYI… the primary source of nutrients for an infant is in breast milk or formula. Cereal holds little to know nutrient value… doesn’t matter the kind.

I had to at 3 weeks but doctors orders he was able to keep formula or anything down, it didn’t help either but it turned out he has pyloric stenosis. He didn’t get cereal again until about 4 months old

Babies should not have solids until they can sit up unassisted around 6 months.


The baby I babysit just went for her 4 month well check up and they said we can start oatmeal and veggies.

Feed with a baby spoon we started him at 2 months as per the doctor

Soilds come off a spoon liquids out of a bottle. Feeding time actually stimulates the brain. Why eye contact is so important when feeding.

My doctor said that my son is too young for rice cereal but she recommended a formula for no spit up that has rice stuff in it since he has severe reflux

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Spoon fed never in a bottle . I did it at 4 mon with my first but that was 8 years ago now they want u to wait till 6 months.

around 6 mths if before 6 months its because baby wasntgetting enough with formulas and wasnt feeling full my oldest was a cereal bottle with wide nibble and otherwise was a spoon

I fed it to them at 4months.

fruit and cereal but your fruits and veggies one at a time all week watch for allergies then start next following week

I started when she was 4 months old, spoon fed her out of a bowl, i mixed in formula and water

Around 5 or 6 months and feed it to them. Neither of my kids liked it very much, tho.

Anywhere from a couple weeks to a month old in their bottles (7 kids). I mostly didn’t start stage 1 baby food til 6 months, except my 10 year old son (to this day, his nickname is stomach) who started stage 1 at a month because of how hungry he was.

I started putting a little bit in my sons bottle at a couple months. Drs orders due to his acid reflux. I started with a pinch and worked my way up to get his little body use To it. When he was starting baby food at six months or whatever age it was I started putting it in a bowl. I would mix jar baby foods with it to make it last longer.

Skipped it. Went to veggies at 6 months.

Spoon feed. No bottle. No rice. Give oatmeal when doctor says baby is ready. Not when u are ready.

We started at 2mo, dr recommended to help his reflux.

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5 months cut a x in the bottle’s nipple

Rice cereal is unnecessary , it’s empty calories and if your wanting to do it so they will sleep better it does not work.


My daughter turns 6 months old this week and is breastfeed. She eats one to two baby food containers a day. When should I introduce ceral into her baby food?

Never in the bottle. Igive it to him spoon fed.

The day they turned 4 months old on s spoon like you’re technically supposed to. Only did it onxe then 2 weeks later started veggies. There is no nutritional value for rice cereal so they dont ne3d it.

Never. No benefit. No nutrition.

My son is 4 months old and we started a couple weeks ago. I spoon feed cause putting it in the bottle is a choking hazard. Start of really runny though otherwise baby will get constipated

I started her on rice cereal at 3mo to get her used to the spoon but dr gave the ok to start more foods and we r doing poi

Mixed it with baby juice in a bowl at 3 months with formula feedings. Ped suggested for constipation issues, worked great. After a few weeks of that we have baby foods

Most babies start pureed veggies first around 4 to 6 months old…never start on fruits… also dont use rice at all what so ever… no nutritional value…empty cals…added sugar…high in toxic arsenic…even Gerber who makes the stuff recommends not to…:woman_shrugging: all the drs in my area say if you have to do oatmeal never rice… but it is still very frowned upon…leads to constipation, over feedings, raises their blood sugar, I mean I can go on and on… also raising 4 babies soon to be 5…so comes from experience…but hey it’s your child you raise your child the way you want and…do what you think is best… :tipping_hand_woman:


About 4 and a half months, but super thin with a spoon and slowly thickened it each time.

I literally just had this conversation with my pediatrician 2 days ago about my 4 month old. She said start with rice super thin on a spoon once a day and slowly thicken. A few days later start with veggies. I bought oatmeal instead of rice, but she said to start with rice because it is very easy on their tummies and less likely to have any allergic reactions. I know there isn’t really any nutritional value, but it’s merely a stepping stone for their tummies and mouths to introduce the good stuff.

6 months with spoon. The bottle way is a choking hazard.

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Unless your babies dr says to put it in their bottle then don’t because it can be dangerous it can cause choking. Cereal is actually not necessary it has no nutritional benefits. I never used rice cereal maybe once n while I would give oatmeal but not rice cereal it has no nutritional benefits. A lot of people only use it cuz it keeps baby full for longer times.

Never! After 6 mos I’d let him have regular Quaker oatmeal w fruits for breakfast or something but no never baby oatmeal

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I mixed a little bit in bottle to get her belly used to it
Started spoon feeding cereal at 4 months

First at 4 months. Second never. And NEVER in a bottle. it’s not needed.

If you put a small amount in bottle it’s fine. Your not leaving them by their self so there isn’t any big chance of choking. Did this with mine. But you can also just mix it with water and give to them. As long as it’s not really thick.

I was told to put it in the bottled for acid reflux at 3 weeks old. At 4 months to spoon feed it as well, but was also told to start baby food

She jumped from bottle to actual food. But her dad was putting it in her bottle til they gave her one flavored with strawberries since noone listens to me and she wound up with a rash. I was only gone for a week. :unamused:

2 mo Rice and oatmeal in bottles

About 5 months old I started giving him cereal in his breast milk