When can babies sleep with blankets?

At what age did you give your children pillows and blankets to sleep with?


Blankets from day 1 and pillows at 16months once they were in a big bed

I gave my daughter a blanket at 1. And then a pillow around a year and a half.

blanket 9 months. after watching my kids like a hawk at nap time with a blanket. they’re 17 months and no pillows yet.

Pillow only when he transitioned into a big boy bed. Blanket he always had

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Blanket my son always slept in and a pillow he got around age one

Around the age 1 1/2. It’s not recommended earlier than that.

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Blanket was given at nap time so I could monitor a week before my son turned 1.
I think pillows aren’t recommended until 2ish so he doesn’t have one.

15 months for a blanket, still no pillow yet.

Blanket from day 1
My daughter is too little for a pillow still but i think my son was 15 or 16 months

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When he came out of the crib.

At about one they recognize that they need to breathe, and realize when they are suffocating.
Many people don’t realize that is the actual risk. Babies do not know they need to breathe, so they seldom fight suffocation.


When we transitioned to the toddler bed, about 15 months

A year for blankets & at 14 months a pillow. At 14 months he was taken out of his crib. He sleeps with his Dad & I sleep on his twin size bed.

Lose blanket I think 6mo, I wrap my son around with it till then. And a pillow I think at 9mo

When they could move around on there own

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Blanket from day 1 pillow at 1…they are 2&4 and never had an issue

My son has had a blanket snice the day he was born. It just has gotten bigger over time. A pillow at age 2 hes almost 3 now

No pillows yet but he’s had sombre type of blanket/ cover since day 1 from waist down. He’s 9 months

I have a blanket on my three month old sits right at his hips. No pillow till 16 months.

I gave a very light breathable blanket at 6 months… my daughter will b 2 in july and still doesnt have a pillow

Blanket and pillow since day one, she did perfectly fine, I have a camera monitor and she is now almost 17 months and loves her blankie and pillow.

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Blankets since birth with supervision and pillows around 1

Blanket at birth. My twins are only 7 months so no pillow at night but when I’m with them during nap time, they LOVE my pillows

Blanket at one and pillow when they move to a toddler bed.

Around a year for a blanket with my 2.5 yr old. Now she has to have about 5 blankets lol. She got a pillow around 18 mos. my 18 mo old had a blanket about 14 mos and she still don’t have a pillow. She likes to sleep on her face lol. My oldest is 16 now so I don’t remember when I gave her a blanket but probably a year old as well.

Pillow just recently at 2.5, blankets, since about 9 months, once he could get out of the swaddle consistently

My son didn’t start using a pillow till after a year old maybe 14-15 months? But blankets since day 1 :blush:

My daughter is 2 and doesnt use either one. Should I give them to her? :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m expecting my 5th /When they were brand new I’d swaddle them - as they got older I would put the in goes or long arm/pants with footies onesies(no blanket) - my current youngest is 11 months and I put a blanket on her (she takes it on/off herself) but never a pillow … my 2 yr old just started using a pillow per her request … the way I was always taught is when they’re little if u use a blanket it has to be swaddled to where they can’t move it … once they’re old enough to cover themselves up with a blanket then they can use a blanket… pillow when they are out of the crib

My kids have used pillows and blankets since they were born with no problems ever.

we/I used the sleeping bags for the kids when they were small they were like 3 when I finally gave then a blanket, and they out grew the sleeping bags, but they had their pillows?? when I do not remember that was almost a life time ago, they did 3 of the 4 have their stuffed toy they slept with

My son is 2 and he’s had a pillows for a few months. Blankets around a year I think, I don’t remember :upside_down_face:

Now he sleeps with a fuzzy body pillow and he loves it. He lays underneath it instead of on it but whatever :joy:

Since birth. Wasn’t a heavy blanket by any means. A real thin one and they did just fine!

baby blankets from birth, pillows once they moved out of cribs & into toddler beds

Blanket and Pillow at 1. I used sleep sack blankets up until almost 1 and no pillow.

I asked the pediatrician & he said around 2 for pillows.

All 3 of our girls have used a light silky blanket from about 2 months on. They know it’s nap time or bed time when I grab it. I didn’t give them a pillow until they started asking for one. I think it was around a 1.5-2

Depends on the kid. My first, i didn’t know better and had blankets and bumpers and everything. My second, she was able to sit and roll over, so probably around 6 months. And my last HAD to be swaddled, and has used the same huge adult blanket since the day she was born.
Key is… they were all in my room. The second two, right next to my bed. The last, we did “side car” her bed, so her crib was open right next to me.

My daughter had a pillow at 1. She had blankets at birth because we lived in Iowa and it was cold. Lol

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Blankets around a year and a half; pillows when they could roll both back to belly and belly to back

My daughter is 1 1/2 and uses a pillow and blanket.

My son is now older. Back when he was a baby the whole giving them nothing to sleep with wasn’t a thing. He slept with a blanket from birth. Whether it was one he was swaddled in or just a big one laying on him. He also slept with stuff animals. Never really had a pillow.

I just don’t think its right to lay them in a empty crib with nothing to keep them warm. I couldn’t sleep like that. At least swaddle them good or give them a small light blanket. I also kept an eye on my baby.


My son had a blanket since he was born a pillow since 1 and a half (hes 3)
My daughter is 6 months old and has used a blanket since she was born

2 kids & both had blankets since birth. I didn’t give a pillow until 1 though

Bout 1 and a half yrs old

Birth for blankets. 16m for pillows

Blanket since birth, and my daughter is 3 and has a pillow but doesn’t use it, pillows you definitely want to hold off on until after 1.5 though because their spines are so soft

I gave mu baby a pillow at 1 yr old. And her cover since she was born…

My kids always used light blankets from birth and pillows my daughter and son was bout 10 months old. My 1 month old sleep in my bed on his boppy pillow wrapped up

Sleeping bag from birth

Both have had blankets since birth.

My son has used a pillow since he was about 10 months old

As soon as they could roll over.

I’ve always had pillows and blankets around my son since birth, he doesn’t really use them but they’re there when he needs or wants

My daughter has had a blanket since birth and we gave her a pillow at 2 1/2 months. She used our pillows on our bed so we gave her one when she went into her own bed

Blanket from birth , pillow she was 6 months old

My daughter has used a blanket or swaddle since she was born. Never have I ever let her sleep without something to keep her warm

At an age when they were old enough!!!

Blanket around 2 weeks only for naps, otherwise swaddled. Around 5 months began giving blanket for bed, by then he could remove it from his face if necessary. I tested him a few times while he was asleep, covering his nose or face just for a second to see if he reacted and he always did. He moves the blanket every time. So that’s what made me comfy with the blanket. As far as a pillow, I still don’t give him one at almost 13 months. He loves to bury his face to sleep (darkness) and I feel like he would bury his face in the pillow without me noticing and it could be bad… the mattress is scary enough

Blankets for birth.Pillow for 1 year old

Just now started giving my youngest son a blanket to sleep with (he turned a year old Mid April)
Pillow, I’d say at 2 years old.
But honestly, I’m paranoid when it comes to sleeping with blankets and pillows at a very young age. I still check on my son every 10 mins with his blanket lol

Just want to say because im seeing it alot. How many people. Bring there babies in bed with them. Its unsafe they cant sleep with you at birth. You should have your child if you cosleep you can kill your baby that way js And. My son. Got a pillow at 4 months and planket since birth.

Blanket 8 Months pillow 2 years old

Blankets 6-8 months small ones
Pillows about 2 or when they go to toddler bed

My daughter has had a blanket since birth. Haven’t given her a pillow yet tho. She is almost 9 months.

Blanket at 2 months n so far so pillows he is 15 months old he just won’t use them lol

At about a year my daughter a pillow and a loose blanket in the crib…she still to this day doesn’t use the blanket but does use her pillow.

Babies can suffocate with blankets. My two year old still gets wrapped up in his, but he cries so I can come rescue him. Didnt get one until 1.5 yrs. No pillow

All 4 of mine had a blanket from day one and a lil pillow. … Pillow n blanket grew as they grew … And ive done the co sleep w my oldest and third child and never did i or i n their dad. Roll over them. My oldest is now 22 n married n healthy n my 3 one is 8 and full of life … And w her is was more her rolling over us. … And that cause she slept in the middle so we were like her bumpers .lolol

A single blanket from the time they came home since mine didn’t like being swaddled and a pillow with moving to a toddler bed with all 5 of my kids