When can i get my tubes tied after pregnancy?

Depends where u live I no in guelph ont u got to wait to after ur 6 week checked

Mine was done an hour after my youngest was born

I’m getting mine done April 16. Almost 4 months after my son

Had mine tied the day my son was born I had him by c-section

I was able 6wks after I had my last son…

Talk to your OBGYN for the most accurate information. Every doctor and every woman’s body is different, so what may be okay for someone else may not be suitable for you. I am having my 3rd cesarean in June and will have mine tied then.

The doctors I worked with did it same day.

Same day as the csection.
I signed papers. No husband permission needed ! Im 36

Couldn’t have mine tied right after birth due to delivering in a Catholic hospital. Outpatient facility a few weeks later.

I got mine done while I was cut open for my emergency c section

Had mine done when I delivered my 2nd child. I had a c-section so I was already had the paperwork filled out and waiting for them.

I’m in PEI Canada . My gynecologist wouldn’t tie my tunes until after my 6 week post birth appointment. Was told that it was due to the uterus and tubes are still swollen from the pregnancy and tying the tubes at the time of birth wouldn’t have the tubes tight enough. But of course it depends on the doctor

If you have a cesarean they’ll offer to do it while they’re in there

I had mine tied during my second c section. I was 30

I had mine done at 4 weeks PP