When can i get my tubes tied after pregnancy?

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In most places it depends on how old you are/how many kids you already have/your OB. My cousin wanted hers tied after her first kid, she was mid twenties, and her OB said that she either had to be a minimum age of 30, or have 2 kids in order to have that done.

It depends on your area, what age you are they have to concider all of those.

Removal is better. You’ll reduce your risk of ovarian cancer.


My OB told me at least 8 weeks post partum, or during a C section if you have to have that during delivery. That was for me personally - I’m 27 and this is my 3rd pregnancy. Also in Ohio. But I have heard that every provider is different.

I got mine tied at age 27, 6 weeks after birth

My first one was at 25…one kid and miscarriage of triplets… second one was at 35 the day after giving birth. Did not untie them.

Mine were removed 4 weeks pp

Depends alot on your insurance too

Getting mine removed this week during my section. I’m 30 with 2 kids.

Well after I had my fifth child they did it while I was still in the hospital

I got mine done the next day in Delaware

As soon as she came out. I was in Arkansas and 23 years old. Tied em up. One and done.

Your OB. They refer out mostly.

i just got mine done this past Tuesday.
6 kids. 3 (2 boys 1 girl) with my ex. 3 (2 girls, 1 boy) with my love, now… it was time! 5 csections have ruined my tummy. my youngest is almost 7 months old. i had to have a umbilical hernia repair where my stomach didn’t close right, this time around.

I had mine removed, reduces chance of ovarian cancer, 2 months after I gave birth.

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They did my moms a few hours after she had my sister

It depends.
I wanted to get my tubes tied after my second child and my doctor refused to do it. He said I was (A) No married, (B) too young (I was 21), and (C) basing my decision on my circumstances (I was unemployed and my oldest was about to turn 1 years old).

How many kids you have

Depends on age, kids, medical conditions, Dr, spousal approval, and such. As well as some Dr’s do it right after give birth and some do it at the 6 week post partum.

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My sister got hers done the next day. My twins were almost 2 months old when I got mine done.

I had mine done 3 months after with two kids age 24 no consent needed… im 36 now and ill be living my best life in my early 40s :laughing::laughing::smirk::partying_face:

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They are doing mine 6 weeks after i give birth. If i have a c-section then they will do them then.

Depends on the doctor. If at first you don’t succeed find a new doc. That’s what I did

I had mine removed during my c section with #3.

Having a c section and getting mine removed at the same time

You can get it done after birth while still admitted to hospital. I didn’t sign paperwork in time so i didn’t get it done until i was 2months pp.

My dr was wanting to do mine a day after I delivered, I was in too much pain and waited 6 weeks. I had very rough pregnancies and she knew I didn’t want anymore. I was 21 when I got mine. Didn’t need spouse approval or anything. I have 2 kids as well

My mom had a c section and had her tubes tied right after she had my little sister

Had mine done :white_check_mark: a couple hours after having my second daughter :heart: 28 years ago . No problems :blush:

On the delivery table

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I had mine done at 32 after fourth child, before I left the hospital. I had the baby at 9:45 pm and went into surgery the next morning at 6:30.

I had a c section, they tied my tubes right then

Got mine done a few hrs after my son was born

Got mine done the day after I had my last child. Signed my paperwork the nite before I had him. … My youngest was born almost 10 years after I had my second child.

I had mine done right after birth (vag birth). I was 21 with 2 children. They made ex-husband sign the paperwork.

I did it when my last was 6 weeks

Had mine done the day after i gave birth

I had my baby today and getting my tubes tied around 6 weeks

I’m getting mine done the day after birth , depends on the hospital

Got mine completely removed six weeks after my son was born.

A lot of doctors now won’t do it after birth unless it’s a c-section and you’re already open. My Dr made me wait 8 weeks after vaginal birth to make sure everything was fully healed.

I got mine done the day after birth

Mine was the next morning.

If you get a c-section, right then and there.


Check w your dr. And the hospital you deliver at matters!

Currently pregnant with my 3rd and that was one of my first questions at my appointment :laughing: they told me depending on how stable and delivery goes, it can be done within a day after having the baby. If you have complications then it would be about 6 weeks out from delivery

Got mine during my emergency c section. Depends on your doctor. Sometimes you can right after you have baby and some docs make you wait the six weeks.

I got mine done the next morning.

Same day as you have your kid

I got mine done a couple hours after having my daughter

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Had mine done after 2nd kid at 23

They asked me before my last c section. Not sure why I said no. Wasn’t planning on having anymore kids after my 2.

I was in surgery less than an hour after my daughter was born

C section, done right there after baby was born. It was a planned c section and planned tube tie. Doctor leaned over the curtains and said are you sure? I said yup 1 and done at almost 38. No complaints here.


I got mine done the next morning.

They said 6 weeks for me as I had complications with my son and now again with this pregnancy so after 6 weeks I can go and do it

I got mine done same day I delivered.

I had mine done when I was 22 about 2 hours after the birth of my second child…

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In most cases if you have insurance you were going to have to wait 30 days. So if you want your tubes done right after birth you need to tell them so you can have the paperwork on file

I had mine done the morning after I had my daughter. It’s easier, and only one incision if you do it after birth. If you wait too long it’s two incisions. Just make sure to sign paperwork at least a month before. I signed 4 months before labor


I had c section so they did it while I was cut open. Make sure you do the paperwork in advance though.

Depends on your doctor. Better off asking them. Every one of them is alittle different on it. Most do it 24 hours after some do a couple weeks after, also depends on how delivery went

I had my daughter 5 yrs ago at 345 am had it done at 1pm that day. I told my dr the day I found out I was pregnant that this was the absolute last child lol i signed the paperwork at 7 month’s because of insurance.

Depends on how you deliver and state requirements. Sometimes if it’s a c-section they can do it while you’re open anyways instead of having to wait. Sometimes they try to talk you out of it because of age and sometimes state law says you have to be a certain age and have both genders or get your spouse to sign off on it. I know my moms ex husband had to get her permission and sign off on getting fixed because she never had a boy (even though he did).

Mine was done right after they took my son out… had a c sections … im guessing depends on a few things

I had mine during my emergency section but I was told it would be 6 weeks after once I was healed then to start the whole process of getting referred and waiting til they had an opening

I got my done at the same Time as my csection!

Mine was done after the birth of my only child. Had mixed feelings, but having a child at 40 was a risk worth taking, but my son wished I would given him a sibling close in age so he wouldn’t have felt so lonely. His dad had serious health issues that weren’t diagnosed until my son turned 2; so I guess it was the right decision for our family. My husband’s health declined steadily until he passed away when ny son was 15.

I got mine done and the only requirement was I had to be 21. I signed papers the day after my 21st birthday and got both my tubes removed 8 weeks after I had my daughter (the delay was my fault)

They tied my tubes during my c-section with my 4th. The doctor/nurses insisted I have it done to prevent any future issues. My last two babies were born super premature.

They can do it right after you deliver

Depends on when your OB will do it. I had to wait 10 weeks after having my son, but that’s also because my regular OB was out due to being hurt and the one filling in for him refused to tie them.

New York state makes you wait until after your 6 weeks check up and they no longer tie your tubes they remove them.

Before you leave the hospital if you fit the requirements.

I had to wait 8 months before I was able to get it done. Got mine done 11/25/03. I remember the date so well is cus thats my nephew birthday

I got mine done about 2 hours after my son popped out.

I had mine done after birth. I had a c section.


Mine was done during my C section.

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I had mine right after delivery after my third child

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Immediately :woman_shrugging:t2: mine were done during csection :clap:t2::clap:t2:


I got mine done right after I had my son almost 5 years ago.

I got surgery the morning after the birth of my 3rd child. However I did have to fill out forms months beforehand

If its a c section they do it before they close you back up

Same day and time as the delivery

Right after u give birth

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Had mine done at the hospital 12 hrs after giving birth

I’m on my third and was offered it when my third pregnancy was confirmed at the doctor’s office. It can be done same day as birth. I’ll pass tho. My husband is taking one for the team.

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I did mine after birth

Depends on you and dr. I had my tubal day after. But my ex husband cousin couldn’t have hers till 6 weeks due to complications in labor and delivery.

I had mine done right after my c section

While they were in pulling the 2nd kid out (c-section). I was in a catholic hospital, and at the time they would only do it if it was medically necessary. I was 26.

I had to wait six weeks

I had mine done the day after I gave birth to my last. The dr said if I were to have a c-section they would do it while everything was already opened.

Depends on your insurance, your doctor and all that crap. Im 40. 2 bio kids. Doctor refuses to give me a tubal. Says i 1. Need husbands permission (husband passed) so i need a new husband to get permission from (in case i want kids with new husband?)
2. Have to have 1 bio male 1 bio female.
My age isnt a factor any longer.

I have to wait 30 days after giving birth to get my tubes taken out. If I have a c-section the doctor will take them out then. I’ll be 29 with 3 kiddos.

Same day with a c section.

That’s a question you should be asking your Dr.