When can kids have fruit?

Hi there! When is a good time to introduce a baby to fruit baby food?


6 months if they meet all signs of readiness

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1- when babies paed says it’s ok,
2 - When baby is showing signs of wanting


After veggies. Always do veggies first because once they have those sweet fruit they will want it more than veggies


I’ve been told after veggies

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4 months is when we started. Bananas are a good starter.

4 months. I went straight to fruits. I wouldn’t eat the vegetable ones so no way in hell would I feed it to my kids.

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Who knows don you think he/she is ready my baby was eating mashed pork and beans at 5 months… just depends on the kid try it and see what happens…

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Time for Solids :brain: is a great place for feeding advice!

I would highly suggest after you introduce veggies and meat so they don’t get used to the sweet and not want anything else.

Do veggies first or they wont eat any veggies! Found that out the hard way with my first born. My second still loves veggies !

I gave my babies rice cereal when they were about 2 months old…no it was not to young…they loved having substance in their little bellys… plus they slept all night…


Anytime the baby is showing signs of readiness like opening mouth when ever you put something close his mouth to eat

After you introduce veggies. :joy:Cause once they taste that sugar…:joy:

The doctor told me After veggies. Babies are smart and will want only the “sweet” stuff if introduced to fruits first

Every baby is different. About 4 months. Some maybe a little older I would do a veg for a week then a fruit. What ever you as a parent feel comfortable with

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Whenever you end up deciding, it should only be AFTER the baby has grown accustomed to the taste of lots of veggies.
That way you don’t start them down the path of only preferring sweets.

Always After vegetables. If you give them sweet its really hard to push veg. s. Or mix it up, sounds bad but babbies dont care

After you introduce the veggies. :four_leaf_clover:

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Whenever. If constipated, sooner than later.

6 months or later AFTER baby shows all signs of readiness


I always did veggies around 6 months and fruits around 9. :heart:

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Starting Solid Foods - HealthyChildren.org anytime after four months, before six months of your family has allergy concerns. No evidence that introducing veggies first matters, really is up to you.

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I started both my boys about 4 months. My youngest is 5 months and still depends primarily on his bottle but he enjoys the different flavors. I feed him some baby food 2ce a day

6 months. Thats the reccomendation. That’s when you introduce baby food. Which is fruit or veggies.

6 months but always give veggies first, try fruit as a treat here and there.

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When your baby starts to show interest in food.

4-6 months, whenever your dr recommends starting solids. Fruits are just as good as veggies for first foods.

I started all 4 of mine at 3 months

Jenn Barnette said it!!! AFTER the veggies!!!

Start with veggies…and after you’ve been giving those for awhile then introduce fruit…they tend to like fruit better so get them used to veggies…if about about 6 months

Started both of my babies about 6 months. But like everybody said try veggies first. Then add fruit