When can you feel baby kick?

im 13w with my 4th child. ive had 3 miscarriages so this is the longest my bodys let me hold a child. im already starting to grow but i was wondering how early other mothers felt their children kick. i havent felt anything yet but i want to be somewhat ready for it lol. and any advice for my second trimester as well would be highly appreciated :heart: thank you EVERYONE!!


I wanna say I was around 16-18 wks

Depends on the location of your placenta if it’s at the back then probably anywhere from 16 weeks on if it’s at the front it can be the same or you may not feel it at all I think most with a placenta at the front usually feel their babies around 24 weeks

As a mother who had 3 miscarriages before she had her rainbow and pregnant with her 5 congratulations I know you are very emotional and you are absolutely waiting for that first kick. You will feel them probably around 15 weeks sometimes a little bit earlier depending on your size. Wait until you get to feel the hiccups it feels like fart bubbles popping in your butt!:joy: just try not to stress yourself the moment you feel it he will know exactly what it is and once more congratulations and I pray for everything to go safely and happy

You may not feel your little kick until around the second trimester. For your second trimester get ready for some big changes. Your body is gonna change but take pride and joy in the fact your a home to the greatest gift ever

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It feels like a butterfly in your tummy and then I was like omg that’s my baby.

I am a ftm and didnt feel anything until about week 17. I wasnt sure what i was feeling until week 19 though


Around 16 weeks…feels like a flutter. Women and pregnancies are all different, but generally around 4th month. <3 hoping everything goes well!

Cant remember how many weeks I was with first bub but my 2nd i was 16 weeks. I’m currently 13 weeks with bub 3 and I feel lil flutters every now and then but no diff kicks yet

My first pregnancy I didnt feel the baby move until around 17 weeks, ive had 2 mc and with my second i could feel her at 12 weeks, and with this pregnancy at 11 weeks, i honestly wasnt sure if that was def him moving, but when i went in for my 12 week us i could feel him moving and it matched up with his movements on the screen :blush: my uterus tilts backwards

I’ve had a miscarriage, and I’m pregnant with my 2nd after 6 years. I’m 15 weeks and feel baby. The feeling is almost like getting butterflies.

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i was about18 weeks for a flutter and 23 for real kicks

12 weeks with both my babies

I was about 16 weeks with my daughter and 12 with my son. Actual kicks started after 20 weeks with both.

I lost 4 before finally having # 5 stick ( currently 31 wks) i felt kicks around 18 weeks

Very very soon! Congrats :heart_eyes:

I’m 13 weeks with my 2nd and i already feel flutters especially after i eat a big meal.

4 month around then u should feel them kick

I’m 16 weeks and I started feeling it last week :heart_eyes:


I was 18 weeks. Didn’t the flutters, first kicks were pretty hard. But I have a little hulk in there lol.

16w with my first. 13 with my second. Congratulations

17 weeks flutters (like a guppy swimming around) 20-23 weeks the kicks got much stronger. Sorry for your loss…i just had my rainbow 11 weeks ago.

16 weeks with my daughter and 20weeks with my son

Depends where your placenta is if its in front of your uterus also know as anterior u may not feel it till way late my placenta was posterior in back of the uterus so i felt baby way earlier

My 1st at around 18 weeks my second around 15 weeks my 3rd around 13 weeks and now with my 4th around 10 weeks.

My first I felt at 17 weeks, my second I felt at 14-15 weeks, my third I felt around 14 weeks. At first they feel like butterfly flutters or a cricket running across your belly.

Around 16 weeks with my son (1st) and about 14 weeks with my daughter (23weeks now) it feels like gas bubbles or butterflies at first.

With my son it was 17 weeks before I felt him kick.

Congrats!! The first"kick" is more like a, quick flutter actually. Like a little tickle…after 20 weeks you may feel like its actual kick.

16-18 weeks for flutters, which you may confuse with just gas. 20-25 weeks for real kicks

I just felt like butterflies or tummy rumbling
Not an actual kick

Congratsi felt my sons first kick at 14 weeks But they say that is quite early.

I was around 14.5-15 weeks. But I wasn’t 100% certain what I was feeling for a couple more weeks. When they’re that tiny it’s more like a tickle than a kick. I thought if felt like someone popped a kernel of popcorn inside my uterus. Lol.

16 weeks I felt lil flutters kinda felt like gas but 17 weeks it was slight movements if I layed flat and 19 when I felt full hard kicks

Each pregnant is different no one can say you should feel baby at this many weeks talk to your doctor

16-19 weeks I felt flutters. 20 weeks is when I really started feeling kicks. It’s an amazing feeling mama. So sorry for your rainbow babies.

Pretty soon! Congratulations. Prayers for a fullterm healthy baby.

My first I didn’t feel anything til 20 weeks or so. I didn’t even know I was pregnant til I was 13 weeks! My second I felt around 17ish weeks. I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant with #3 and so far I can’t tell if it’s gas or the baby moving around. Lol

15 weeks with my first and 17 weeks with my second… but the kicks really started around 20 weeks with both

With my second child I felt it really early and it felt like butterflies I cant remember how far along I was with my first it was around 14 weeks and I almost got sick from it

With my first, 15 weeks
With this pregnancy, about 18 weeks

Congratulations! I’d guess about 20 weeks

I was early, like 13 weeks. Feels like a fish flopping around. my second pregnancy they say you feel earlier in second + pregnancy. Also depends on where your placenta is

About 15 weeks is when I felt my son

Prayers for a full term healthy baby.

I felt kicks around 20 weeks.

First one 21w second one around 17e

It feels like gas bubbles you really have to pay attention

Im on the tiny side and I was 17 weeks with my first and 15 weeks with my 2nd when i started feeling flutters

1st child for me was 20-22 weeks & 2nd child, about 16-17w

I didn’t feel my last one kick till after 21 weeks…shes my 5th baby…I felt all the others long before that I was worried but her placenta was positioned in the front of my belly so she was behind it n I couldn’t feel her

I’m 13 weeks as well, and I can feel baby if he moves around a LOT! Feels like an upset tummy. I’ve also felt him kicking on my cervix, once I rested my hand on my lower tummy and moved positions it stopped.

I didn’t feel kicks at all and carried to term

Felt mine around 12/13 weeks. It feels like a twitch or like a butterfly fluttering. You’ll know when it happens lol

My 1st 19-20 weeks my 2ed 12-14 weeks

My best way to describe the first kicks and flutters is if you had a little goldfish swimming around and your tummy bouncing off the walls of your uterus

With my first I was 18 weeks before I even felt flutters. With my second I was 12 weeks when I could feel kicks.