When can you feel baby kick?

Im 20 weeks today and found out im having a girl on the 21st. on theultra sound my baby wasnt very active until the very end. I can hardly feel movement. it feels kinda like i gotta pass gas sometimes but only then. if I press on my lower stomach on my side I can feel a tiny kick…kinda just a poke. is this normal not to feel movement at 20 weeks? i went to my apt at 18 weeks and she said i should feel alot more activity by now…Im also not showing that much yet. should i be worried ?


I didn’t feel any movement until I was about 25 weeks pregnant.
My placenta was placed in front and was pretty thick so I felt the first kick at the side of my stomach

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Everyone feels their babies move at different times. I felt tiny movements around 19ish weeks. I’m almost 28 weeks and it feels like a circus is happening in there sometimes. A lot of people, especially first time mom’s, start feeling movements later than experienced moms.

Every pregnancy is different. When I would go for my daughters heartbeat appointments and her ultrasounds, she kept moving to the other side because she hated being touched lol. But you’ll feel the baby move at different times, everyone is different

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I’m on my third and I swear I felt my other 2 sooner. I get the bubbles the odd time now. I’m 19 weeks today. I say don’t stres yourself out: be patient till 23 weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t start feeling frequent movements until about 24 weeks.

Sometimes the baby just isn’t active as others seem to be. My oldest was so active you could see him moving from across the room, my youngest on the other hand, barely kicked or moved at all. Babies are people too so they have their own personality. Plus with you only being 20 weeks you might be feeling her move and not even realize it’s her.

My little girl never wanted to move I was constantly in labor getting monitored and she was fine. She would go crazy once they hooked me up and that was later on the pregnancy when all that happen. She never was a mover much. My little boy I started feeling him he was my kicker. About 22 weeks he started kicking so hard you could see it by looking at my belly. Give it a few more weeks . My boy was my first and my girl was my second. I’m almost 14 weeks with my third and I can’t feel movement unless I lay extremely still and it’s once in a blue moon feeling. With my little boy I never really showed he stayed low. My little girl I showed more with. Don’t worry. Give it some more time.

Is this your first kid?? I just had my first kid and I was worried about the same thing … I didn’t feel him really kick till like 26 and than I thought he was trying to kick himself to China…

I didnt feel much until 23-24 weeks then I swear she didnt stop moving

I didn’t feel much movement until 26 weeks ( he was a lazy little bean) now an adult and not much change lol :rofl: if you are concerned no harm talking to midwife

You could just have an anterior placenta. I have one and I’m 19 weeks, almost 20 and I don’t feel much still either.

My first and was a girl didn’t feel her move much. My second wouldn’t stop lol :laughing:

I started feeling mine at 19 weeks. But stressing yourself out isn’t good for the baby. You can always go to the Er and be hooked up and they can tell if the baby is ok

After three babies, I’ve discovered each pregnancy is different. Talk to your doctor.

I didn’t show much till around five months with my first… Now with my third I’m showing at 12 weeks :joy::rofl:

Some babies move more than others. My doctor told me at my 20 week appointment (I’m 21 1/2 weeks now with a boy) that I should feel movement at least once a day. So, once a day is good. Even a slight tiny kick. If you are concerned, talk to your doctor. I have anterior placenta, so that can restrict feeling movement. You may possibly have that.

Could mean a mellow kiddo. Which is great. Lol. My daughter I felt move at 14 weeks, she didn’t stop moving since. Lol. She’s almost 8.

The size of you can matter . Are you a big lady? Some people don’t feel anything.

Depends where the placenta is located also. It can cushion the kick so that you don’t feel them. Then it also depends on your body size.

Perfectly normalnsome pregnacy u dont feelnar all

Just keep poking her, getting her to poke back. But if she ever goes 12 hours without kicking go get checked out immediately

My son moved all the time. With my daughter I was in L&D all the time because she never moved. I was unable to do the kick counts with her. Some babies just don’t move much.

Give her a couple weeks! At 20 weeks I was barely feeling anything. But at 22 weeks she won’t stop!! Hang in there!

Mine started at 16 weeks she was active and after my dehydration scare and we went the hospital I haven’t felt her since and I’ve tried caffeine not a lot but nope she hasn’t kicked so I’m hoping as I hit 20 weeks she will start to move again

My first was a boy and i didnt feel him tell later in my pregancy. I didnt start really showing tell i was like 7 months.

I started feeling my son move at 18-20 weeks, they were only like butterfly’s though and as I got further along he became quite the active little baby… everyone is different just give it time.

As long as there is a heart beat, and they said baby is growing then I would not be but also let doctor no

If you are really showing yet it may mean that the baby is far enough back that you wont feel much movement when I went for my 20 week scan for my oldest I couldn’t feel any of the movement that we were sewing. A few weeks later he never stopped moving. And I could feel it. Don’t stress and give it a few more weeks.

Did they tell you the placement of your placenta? Mine was prosterior for my daughter so it took longer to feel movement and longer to show

i was showing very early in both of my pregnancies but didn’t feel them move a whole lot until 6+ months i was also very nervous and poked them both a lot

My first my son he kicked from 14 weeks!
My second my daughter started kicking around 20 weeks
My third my daughter didn’t kick at all (lost my waters at 16 weeks , bleeding steroid injections told to abort had her at 30 weeks) every baby is different she will eventually start kicking it’s also got to do with you’re placenta and where it is

It just depends on where the baby is kinda sitting in there I guess. There really is only a small window of a lot of movement between being big enough for you to feel movement to being too big with not enough space to move a lot. Lol. Some babies move a lot more than others too.
I would say this is normal. If you’re seeing movement on US and they’re getting a good heartbeat with the Doppler, you’re good to go.

I went 37 weeks until i gave birth my whole pregnancy my son barely moved. He probably moved max 45 times (that i could feel). He wasnt very active but he was healthy.

My daughter barely moved at all. She is almost 7 years old now. All kids and pregnancies are different.

Do you know where your placenta is located? I had an anterior placenta (on the front of the uterus) with my daughter and didn’t feel her much until the end of my second trimester when she got bigger. I bought a Doppler heart rate monitor to use when I’d get worried and it made me feel better to be able to hear her heart beat.

It may depend on the location of your placenta.

With my first baby i didnt feel distinct movement til 21 weeks

I hardly showed with my daughter until 28 weeks. Then wow! She was 10 lbs.

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Hang in there! Dont stress, when you stress she stresses.

I started really feeling moves and kicks around 24 weeks, also is about the time I started showing.

Most first time moms have a harder time feeling. And you may retain a lot of Water ! Its okay, everyone’s different. :heart:

Whoever told you that you should be feeling a lot at 20 weeks was wrong. Lots of women don’t feel regular movement til after 25 weeks. It’s normal for your baby not to move during the beginning of the ultrasound. They’re usually asleep from all the walking and have to be woken up. Stop worrying you’re doing great and baby is just perfect!

She is very active but shes so tiny right now it’s hard for you to feel her but belive me by 7 n 8 mo shes gonna be stretching , kick in ng your ribs , poking her feet out your belly will take on many shapes n forms

When in doubt get checked out. But yes your placenta placement does effect it with my first I started to feel the flutter movements around 18 weeks but didn’t get full body movements when you could see my belly move until about 25/26 weeks then she moved a lot all the time and it was visible from the outside.

She could me facing towards you’re back my son Nash was and really the only time I felt him or seen it he was turning I hardly ever felt his kicks

As she gets bigger and starts running out of room you will feel her

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My placenta was on top so it was absorbing all movement…it wasn’t until I was about 20 weeks that I felt flutters

I didn’t feel my first born until he was 22 weeks. When I had my second born I felt him move at 12 weeks and my third born I didn’t feel him until 18 weeks! Each baby is different. Just try to relax (easier said than done I know) if your really concerned book an appointment with your midwife again or book an extra ultrasound to reassure yourself :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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I didn’t feel my baby move till 25 weeks and even then it was really faint :heart:


This is my second pregnancy but I lost my first at 7 weeks. I didn’t start feeling actual movement until about 21-22 weeks, that were noticeable. I mean I could see some movement at the very bottom of my belly but didn’t feel much at all. Once 21-22 weeks hit he’s been super active and I can see and feel every kick and punch!

With my son, I hardly ever felt him move. It worried me so much. I went and got a Doppler so I could check his heart rate to ease my mind. He is now a healthy very active 11 month old.


Yes it is normal. I felt my second baby at 23 weeks because if where the placenta was placed. Also, the drs don’t count kicks until 25 weeks+


If you’re worried, call your ob or go in. Every single time. Until that baby is earthside!

Yes. Baby is still really tiny. Also some babies just dont move a lot. My son rarely moved throughout my pregnancy. I would get worried and try to force movements and if nothing happened I would go into the doctors. He was always fine amd as soon as we got the momitors on me he was going crazy. He really hated those being on my stomach. If you start to worry it is always good to see the doctors. But most of the time theres no reason to worry.

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I didn’t feel my little guy move that much until I was 28-30 weeks. Now he’s super active and just fine. Ask your dr if you’re not sure.

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Omfg I have had two kids. Literally stop trying to make everyone feel sorry for you


What you expect the kid to jump like a 32 week baby in a stomach

I’m sure the baby was sleeping . Oh first time moms are fucking stupid . My baby this and that omfg stfu

Chrissy Mae im just curious as to what your point is? Just because YOU had two kids doesnt really matter in this situation. People like you are why moms dont ask for advice.


Did they have concerns about anything they saw during the ultrasound?

I didn’t feel my sons first light kick until 22 weeks and even then I wasn’t exactly sure :see_no_evil:

Im 19 and my son hardly moves baby. Depending on your size you may not feel strong strong kicks until later. When i got pregnant i weighed 165lbs…im 5ft2. All my weight was in my ass and my gut so ive got a nice layer of fat on my stomach, contributes as to why i dont feel him as much. You will eventually feel him baby. Dont worry.

I didnt really feel definite movement until about 22 weeks

Depending on your body type or even if it’s your first pregnancy, lots of factors. First time pregnancy kicks you feel later

If it’s a first pregnancy, that’s completely normal. With my daughter, I didn’t start feeling real kicks until 25-26 weeks. With my son, I started feeling them at 18 weeks. I was also told by an ultrasound technician that the amount of amniotic fluid can change how you feel kicks. If there’s more fluid, it may take longer to feel kicks.

Baby is still small so I wouldn’t worry too much, give it a few more weeks and see what happens. Some babies are also more mellow then others, while my first didn’t move a whole lot the one I’m carrying now doesn’t sit still for very long.

My baby didn’t move much the WHOLE pregnancy. She came out and slept A LOT. Then I knew why she didn’t move much lol.