When can you find out gender of baby?

Can you ask how far along everybody was when they found out what they were having please!


15 weeks with my first son through 3d ultrasound and 17 weeks with my second son.

I was 10 weeks… found out via blood test.

16 weeks I was told boy, 20 weeks I found out I was actually having a girl lol

11 weeks, I paid to find out with sneak peek.

12 weeks I was told I was most likely having a girl. 17 weeks I found out it was definitely a girl

14 with my son
16 with my daughter

I’m 30 weeks and we still aren’t sure lol…this baby is stubborn!! With my 11 year old, I was 16 weeks.

Took blood test at 10 weeks, got results at 12 weeks.

Didn’t want to know… Woke up after caesaren and was told girl :heart_eyes:

Around 20 weeks, but my symptoms all pointed to girl and they were right.

Dr do it earlier now w blood test if ins pays

My first one at 3 Mos
My second one at 2wks

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I did an early blood test and found out at 11 weeks!

11-12weeks had a genetic test done due to my family having multiple children with cleft lip and pallet

16w with my 1st (boy), 20w with my 2nd (girl)

9 months In Delivery room

20 weeks both both kids…

20weeks with my 4 yr old.
We’ll see with this second baby :blush::heartbeat::blue_heart:

20 weeks with my first son, 22 weeks with my second son, and 12 weeks with my third son. My third one was a blood test.

14 weeks, ultrasound. Confirmed at 20

16w with my 1st and 18w with my 2nd both boys

16w with my first and 22w with my second

Delivery with all of mine including twins

14 weeks 4 days - boy!:blue_heart:

1st pregnancy- 18wks
2nd pregnancy- 22 wks

19 weeks with both kids but knew in my heart what they were before the gender scan

19 weeks via ultrasound with my son. 14 weeks via blood test with my second son.

9 weeks with my 3rd because i did the sneak peek blood test and my first 14 weeks and my second 22 weeks

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21wks with my first and 18wks with my second

I knew my first was a girl the moment I found out I was pregnant, it was confirmed at 19 weeks. My second I was 20 weeks along …he was not shy about showing who he was on the ultrasound screen either lol

9 weeks. Took an at home gender test and it was accurate.

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The moment of their birth.

First pregnancy- 17w1d
Current pregnancy- 16w5d

I paid for a 3D private scan for gender assessment

16 weeks with my son, and my daughter was stubborn so didn’t find out till about 22 weeks

Like 21 weeks and 6 days I think lol

18 weeks. Girl (Would have been 12 weeks but test came back inconclusive)

12 weeks boy

22 weeks with my 1st, 14 weeks with my 2nd

Im old so when i had kids you never knew till it was born. Liked it that way

13 weeks 3 days with early gender.

I was 13 weeks for the ultra sound confirmation but ten weeks with the blood test

6 months with my first
20 weeks with my second

19 weeks with an ultrasound

20 weeks for my twins gender. Found out I was having twins at 7 weeks.

20 for my first 23 with second my younger 2 had the opertunity at 20 weeks and 21 weeks but we decided to wait till birth to find out

19w2d at my anatomy scan, we chose to forgo the blood test that tells gender.

18 weeks with my son, 23 weeks with my girl.

You can know at 10-11 weeks with the Harmony test

At delivery, 20wks, 11wks

19wks for the first & 21wks for my second

1st 2 weeks, 2nd 6 weeks, 3rd 3 weeks, 4th 2 months

16 weeks with my first. 15 weeks with my second.

20 weeks via ultrasound

19 weeks with my son and 30 with my daughter

Around 16 weeks! A lot of ppl find out around 14 unless they do the blood test

1 day shy of 18 weeks when I was pregnant with my son

Tristan was a hider. All these different poses and not one allowed the gender to be seen until 23weeks.

15 weeks. We could clearly tell he was a boy!

20 weeks! I loved seeing all of her fingers :sob::yellow_heart:

When they were born :smiley:


20 weeks for my first, 14 my second

18 weeks with both of my kiddos.

I was 16 weeks. Triplets.

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I found out at 15 weeks with my son . My daughter I was 24 weeks but that’s when i had my first ultrasound and just about the time I found out i was pregnant with her ( she’s a birth control baby long story ) and with this baby that I’m pregnant with well I’m 14 weeks right now my ultrasound is scheduled at the end of this month so I’ll be close to 17 weeks so I’m hoping they will be able to tell me then .

I had 6 babies and found out for each of them at delivery! It was more fun that way.

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21 weeks with an ultrasound

Mariah was a hider during most of my pregnancy and I was 20 weeks when I found out that I was having a girl.Malaijah was kinda shy during my second pregnancy but she was manage to show up on 25-26 weeks when I was having another girl.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

40 weeks and 6 days lol

I was 2 weeks pregnant when finding out by blood at the doctors that i was pregnant & 10 weeks by blood test to determine gender❣️ Ultrasound recently confirmed “its a girl” just like the blood test said😊

20 with first two, 15 for current one due in July

22 weeks, 17 weeks, 18 weeks- all by ultrasound

Officially at birth but I instinctively knew from conception with both

At delivery with my son, and at 10 weeks with my daughter (harmony blood test)