When can you remove the infant head piece out of the car seat?

At what age did you all take tue infant head support out of the carseat? Not seeing anything about it in our carseat manual so figured ask mommas opinions on when they took it out. Thanks :heartpulse:


Once baby has good head control. I used towels & recieving blankets tho.

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When she grew out of it at 4 1/2 months. She had good head control since she was a month old, but too little to me to take it out

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I took my daughters out once she could control her head

Usually the head support comes out once the straps are at the highest slot- bc the straps and head support cannot share the same slot.

When they both could hold their head up and started sitting on their own. Once the real motor control started in I felt ok without the extra support

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About 6- 6.5 months old!

My son is 7 months old and still has his

I think my son was about 6 months or 7 months

When their head was too big for it. Then I switched to a neck pillow when they fell asleep

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My carseat said the second slot up for the straps. By then my son could hold his head 3ish months

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If there is nothing specific in your manual, then it’s at your discretion. Ask Car Seats for The Littles, they’re the pros :heart:

No particular age, when baby can support their own head.

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My child is 17 pounds and almost 4 months. Their feet are even to the end of the carseat. Good head control and almost sitting on their own with little to no support. I’ve been thinking of taking the head support out because of the good head control and because their head seems almost too big to fit into the support. For now though I plan to leave it and ask their ped about it at our next visit in a few weeks.

Check the manual for the carseat