When can you sleep in bed after a c section?

I had a whole assortment of pillows to prop myself, but straight away.

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I waited a a week but only because I worried about walking up the stairs

When I got home it just wasn’t easy lol

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It took a week or so for me because of the two flights of stairs mostly! But I was most comfortable in the chair. It’s not worth being uncomfortable. You could try it with pillows & see if you’re ready!

I honestly slept in the bed right away. It was horrible trying to get up, but I learned to adjust quickly. I held my abdomen as I rolled and had to push up instead of use those muscles. If you do have the chance to wait, I’d wait at least another week. Maybe even longer if it’s your first birth experience. My c-section was my third birth, so I had other kids to take care of too.


I used my pregnancy pillow and body pillow took me two weeks.

It took me 3 weeks before I was able to sleep in bed again

I slept in our recliner for almost 2 weeks cause I could put the handle and it’d help me sit up lol

As soon as I got home I was in my bed


I did the first night I was home


I slept in bed when I got home


I got a really firm husband pillow to prop myself up in bed and used it for weeks

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I slept in a hospital bed, the day I came home I slept in our bed. I remember with my first c section I slept on the couch because I had a really hard time bending down and back up, and it was easier to reach the bassinet on the couch. After 5 days I was relatively pain free.

I was in my bed first night home, three days after section. Sore but needed my own bed.

As soon as I got home.

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Soon as I got home from hospital

Prop ur head with a few pillows
Elevate ur feet too

I’ve had 3 and been in bed day one at home. Call your doc if your pain is that poorly controlled!! You may need stronger/different meds or something could be healing improperly


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I think I was about a week or so. Mine was an emergency cestion and I couldn’t sleep laying down. I had the hospital bed rather upright for about a week

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I went from the hospital bed to my own bed as soon as I got home 3 days after. I took Tylenol the first night home but after that, I didn’t need it. Getting in and out of bed the first couple days home wasn’t as bad as I thought. I just held a pillow to my stomach and got up that way. But everyone’s pain tolerance is different, if you still need to sleep in the chair, don’t feel bad, just sleep where you are the most comfortable and can sleep.

I went straight to bed when I got home!

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