When can you sleep in bed after a c section?

`when were you able to sleep in your own bed again after a csection? i am a week PP and still sleeping in our chair


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When can you sleep in bed after a c section?

it is easier if ur bed is higher so u can essentially roll out. I was able to on day 1 home with my second with my first I was on the couch for a week.

I slept in my bed from day one

I stayed about a week on the couch but it was so uncomfortable so I slowly one by one took the stairs to my bedroom.

My first I slept in a chair for a month my second I went right to the bed

Try using a foot stool if your bed is high

I slept in our bed from day 1.


I did after a few days. Out br was upstairs.

I spent a week on the couch after both of mine. The first one I was healing from an infection also so it felt super inflamed and my bed was too tall for me to just roll into and out of. The second one I was not ready to go up and down the stairs just yet.:joy:

My bed was really low for me and it took me about a month before leaving the couch

Our bed from coming home. Our bed was also broken so we temporarily moved the mattress onto the floor so I needed alot of help getting up and down into “bed”

Day one. Support your belly with a pillow to roll over

I slept in the hospital bed that night and my bed at the time was an air mattress. I slept on that when I got home

From day one but on my back

I Slept in my bed straight away when I get home just had loads of pillows so I was sat up abit more then when I felt more comfortable I slept laying down on my side with a pillow under my Legs/Belly

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The night I came home plan on doing the same after this one in a week there’s no way I could sleep any other place

I never not slept in my bed.

I slept in my bed from day one, with both c sections.

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Can sleep in your bed right away. Just make sure you prop yourself up until it’s comfortable enough to lay down.

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The day I came home from hospital

I couldn’t sleep in my bed for 4 weeks.

I slept in bed as soon as I got home from hospital.

I slept in bed the first night. I was still in the hospital but even once I came home I only slept in my bed. I would even sleep on my side.

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With my first I had to sleep in a recliner for a few weeks
My bed was also 5ft tall

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I slept in my bed same day I came home

It took me about two weeks

Yep. I did. Just had to prop up a little to make it easier for myself to get up.

I slept in my bed the day I came home from the hospital, I had 4 c-sections

With my first c section I did. My second one it took 3 days. My third one it took a week. It seemed like it worse after each c section :weary:

I slept in my bed the day I came home. And went back to work at a daycare center when my son was 2 weeks old.

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The second I got home after all 5 C-sections :joy:
Like literally got home and took a nap each time

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I slept in bed for all of mine but if you’re more comfy in the chair, I’d stay there for a while longer

I slept in bed when I can home but I need pillows to prop me up- and for my legs. Basically use one of those maternity pillows I’d suggest.

Um I slept in my bed when I got home. Are you up walking enough? A week PP you should be doing better.


I used a wedge pillow so, I was propped up and slept in bed as soon as discharged… I used that pillow with all 3 c-sections

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I went home from hospital and got rt in my waterbed!

as soon as i got home. press a small pillow to abdomen for support and when moving and log roll to get up

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I slept sitting up on my couch for like 2 weeks after my son. Mind you he was born 2 months early with emergency c section & i spent 10 days recovering in hospital. With my daughter i forced myself to go up the stairs to my bed lol. I was in the hospital 3 days with her then home

You can immediately, but it’s whenever you’re comfortable & ready. I think with my first I spent 3 weeks on my couch. After my third I was in bed after about a week after coming home, and as soon as I laid in that bed I wished I had done it sooner :joy:
Don’t feel bad if you need longer, whatever is best for you and best helps you take care of that new baby :heart:

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I did right away, just put pillows under my back/head to give me a wedge like and I just took my time getting out of bed kinda rolled to the edge and slowly slid off with feet feeling for floor.

I didn’t even have a C-section and it took me a year to get comfortable to sleeping in my bed again :joy::rofl:

As soon as I got home, hate those hospital beds

I slept as soon as I left the hospital

I was able to right away each time, I had 2

My first I slept in the recliner because our bedroom was upstairs. For our second baby, all rooms are on one floor so I slept in my bed immediately, my husband just had to help me up so I didn’t strain too much

I always slept in my bed. The day I came home from the hospital, I was sleeping in my bed. I was able to get more comfortable laying in my bed and it was easier for me to get up from that than the couch or recliner.

If you aren’t comfortable to sleep in your bed, then honestly, follow your body’s lead. Don’t push yourself, because you just had major surgery. Rest where you can, when you can. Sleep in your chair/recliner as long as you feel like you need to. Giving birth is hard, no matter what way that baby comes out, you are in pain. So don’t stress and just rest where you are best able to do that. It won’t last forever, and there is no reason to stress yourself out about extra things. Being a new parent is hard, you don’t rest well, so rest wherever you feel the most comfortable. Also, please don’t hesitate to ask your partner or loved ones for help. You need it and they don’t care to help you.

Immediately. I stuck a pillow under my belly when on my side for a few weeks but i could never sleep in a chair unless there was no where else to sleep. Even at the hospital i laid the bed almost flat to sleep.

I was more comfortable after my staples came out. Good luck honey!!! I had three and each one was different. But after staples came out I was way more comfortable and could move more freely.

1st child a week. 2nd child 2 months

I slept in my bed as soon as I got home . It hurt but made myself move around .

soon as i got out of hospital

As soon as I came home I slept in my bed

It’s SO hard. Took me weeks each time. Take your time…do what you’re most comfortable with.

I was going upstairs to our bed the night I got home… it’s whenever your comfortable. We have a high bed, so I has a set of little stairs made, that way I didn’t struggle getting in and out of bed

It was like 2 weeks. I still then had to take cushions from the couch and use them as pillows in the bed because it kept me propped up since they were so big/puffy

Same day I came home from hospital with each of my 3


I slept on the recliner chair for a while lol it was easier for me to get up.

I was sleeping in bed immediately after. I hope you are able to soon. :heart:

I slept in my bed right after my 4 days in the hospital I just propped myself up on some pillows so I wasn’t flat down trying to get up.

You can sleep in your bed anytime, I slept on my side with a pillow under me for extra comfort down where my incision was when you get up go slow try to use your arms as much as you can to lift yourself up on your side also holding a pillow tightly down on your incision helps so it doesn’t pull as much ( atleast it did for me) when you stand up

I slept in my bed right after 3 c sections. My husband just helped me up each time I needed to get up.

The day I came home. I was sleeping on my stomach in the hospital :woman_shrugging:

The more you put it off the worse it’s gonna bed. I was sleeping in my own bed propped up with pillows for first few nights with all of my 3

You slept in a bed in the hospital didn’t you ?


I slept in my bed right away after both my c-sections. Just proved up a little more than normal with some pillows

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I slept in my bed the night after I had my first 2 days after my second just needed sone help sitting up

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My first 2 I waited a few weeks as I couldn’t walk up the stairs to get to me room my 3rd I went to my bed the day I came home

I didn’t have a c-section, but had a hysterectomy that had an incision from pelvis to pelvis. I slept in my bed when I came home from the hospital. I slept on my side and swung my legs off the bed to get up.
An older nurse brought me a white wide elastic belt with Velcro band to wear. It was a game changer. I was up and moving around in no time.

I slept in my bed from the 1st night home.

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First c section took me 4 weeks. Second I went about 2 weeks then finally was fed up with hurting from sleeping in the recliner that I moved to the bed and just propped pillows behind me till I got comfy and slept elevated for about 2 weeks.

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I went and slept in my bed the first night I was released from hospital


I’d never heard of not sleeping in your own bed post C-section. I’ve had two and slept in my bed as soon as I was home


I lived on the recliner for 3 weeks and when I finally tried to lay flat on the bed it hurt SO BAD. I regret it. Definitely do it as soon as you get home.

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When I got home from the hospital


I slept in my bed when I got home. :confused:
Didn’t you have a bed at the hospital? You may need a stool or help to get up but using the muscles sooner rather than later is best. :black_heart:


I had to sleep in the chair for two weeks before I could walk up the steps to our room. Hope this helps.

I slept in bed with pillows to be proped up

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The day I came home :woman_shrugging:


Literally the day you come home from the hospital. The pain is the same getting out of the bed as it is getting out of the chair. Your still using the same muscle. I slept in my bed after both c-sections, the 1 was a lot harder then the 2nd.

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You were told not to sleep in your bed? I slept in my own bed as soon as I got home. You slept in a bed in the hospital.

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I slept in my own bed straight away. I was in so much pain. Was my first c sec my other 2 were natural so i didn’t know what to expect. It hurts but the more you move around the sooner you feel better. I got influenza while i was recovering so you can imagine coughing and trying to hold your stomach together lol.
If its just too painful go at your own pace. Everyone is different. Goodluck x

My c section was a big vertical one I slept in bed soon as but I suppose horizontal scars might be different pain especially in the crease so sleep in the bed when it’s more comfortable for you when

I had to sleep in the guest bed down the hall, because our bed is too high. It was easier for me, it was knee high and so I could literally “roll” out of bed and stand up.

When I got home , my lounge is not comfy to slept on

Slept in my bed first night, took care of my baby also

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I slept in my best as soon as i got home lol


I slept in mine the day I got home both times.

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As soon as I got home.

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I put a pillow under my belly cause I’m a side sleeper and that kept everything from feeling heavy and hurting

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I did the day I came home both times.

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I slept in my bed as soon as I got out of the hospital

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I slept in my bed the night we got home from the hospital

Day I came home and I had a water bed

I’d be checking that out as I was sleeping in a hospital bed the same day and my own bed as soon as I left hospital.

I slept on my bed from the day I came home.

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I could right away but only in one position propped all the way up for weeks

I slept straight in the hospital and at home, nurses insisted and up walking straight within 3 hours for all 3 of mine. We’re all different though, keep trying to straighten up, and congratulations on your new bub.