When can you swim after giving birth?

How early after having your babies did other mommas go swimming? My LO is supposed to be here mid summer and I would definitely still like to go swimming while it’s warm out! Also how old were your babies the first time you took him/her swimming?


I swam up untill the day I was in labor and took my son swimming as soon as I stopped bleeding post partum. Really it’s better to wait until your cervix is closed. Other than that swimming is an excellent way to recover post partum.

You should wait until your lochia has stopped

As soon as you stop bleeding usually you can go (or you can call your ob and ask as well just to be sure) I waited 6 weeks as I’ve had a vaginal birth and tore so didn’t want to infect anything

I took mine after she had her first immunisations

My doctor told me 6 weeks because there’s a risk of infection.

I went swimming after I stopped bleeding. My daughter went swimming once her stump fell off.

6 weeks if vaginal.
Infections SUCK and you dont wanna risk it.

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My son went in the pool at 6 weeks

I swam up till right before i had my babies. My dr told me i had to wait 6 weeks pp before swimming. My oldest was born in may but we didn’t take him swimming till he was a yr. My 2nd was born in september & she is 20months & has not went swimming yet

Definitely wait the 6 weeks. As for baby, we took ours after her first immunizations.

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I have 2 that we’re both mid July I swam up until I went into labor

My doctor told me to wait 6 weeks. He also told me that he couldn’t tell me that I could get in before 6 weeks, and that he couldn’t tell me to just be careful.

My dr said after my 6 week postpartum appointment

I took my baby in our pool at 3.5 months :slight_smile: she definitely had no clue what was going on but kicked her legs and was interacting with me mostly. She slept really well after lol

I took my son in two months after having him. Only waited that long because I had to heal. Just get the baby a wet suit and a little beach hat. As long as it’s not exposed to the sun or heat for long I’m sure they will love it

I was in a chlorinated pool at 1 week old cause our air conditioning broke according to my parents