When can you switch to pull ups?

when can you switch from diapers to pull ups ? can you use pull ups even if your not actively potty training ? my daughter will be 2 in october and i plan on potty training her once i recover from having baby #2 in january ( c-section )


Yes and yes, we do a mix right now, mine is 2. With some clothing pull ups work best.

I switched to pull ups before we started potty training. I think my son was 10 months old. But normal diapers were giving him heat rash. It was summer time when I switched over. And he wore pull ups from then until he was potty trained

I never used pull ups. I focused on potty training on Friday Saturday Sunday. My kids didn’t like being wet or dirty so they learned quickly. It’s all about consistent. I would try to get her potty trained before the new baby. This will reinforce the “big sister” proud moments.

I switched mine well before potty training started. They moved around so much that the regular diapers, no matter the size, wouldn’t stay on anymore, lol

I put both my kids in pull ups before they were 1. I found they are so much easier to use when changing nappies lying down or standing and just ripping the sides especially because they were both wiggly worns. My 3 year toilet training and my 19month is learning to put his own pull up on

Of course you can. I prefer them over pampers any day.

Both of mine are in pull-ups. They started trying to take off their diapers (as babies) so we switched to avoid that. I love pull-ups way more than diapers!

I only used pull-ups when I was potty training AND only used them for nap and bedtime. I used underwear to potty train in. You get less pull-ups for more money, diapers are actually cheaper

We never did pull ups. When my kids showed interest in using the potty we went straight to underwear.

My daughter will be 2 in November, is nowhere near ready for potty training, but we have had her in pull-ups for over a month now.

Switch to underwear, potty training will go faster. If they’re in pull ups they know they can go on themselves. If they’re in underwear they’ll get tired of being wet…
You still have months to go on this pregnancy, start potty training now! The longer you put it off the harder it will be.

started when i started potty training their first birthday. they were mostly for just in case while learning. (all my kids were potty trained in less than a month).

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I use pull ups at night with my twins bc the pull ups they don’t pee through and diapers they take them off so I use pull ups

Once they can fit in them!

Do yourself a favor and avoid pull-ups

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There’s no rules for these things. Switch her over if you want.

I would start potty training now before the new baby comes.


Pull ups are really no different then diapers except the way they go on. I’ve switched both my kids without the intention of using them for potty training. Just because it was easier putting on with wiggly toddlers!

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Usually if u use nappy pants they will just use them like nappies…
Just put underwear on them.
Put a potty Close by an keep asking if they need to go to the toilet. if they do accidentally pee then quickly sit them on the potty. An praise them a bit “look you did a wee etc. “you went to the toilet. “Well done.
Sometimes a lot of kids will just sit on the potty an do nothing but it’s the start of sitting on there. Getting familiar with the changes.
even if it’s a little while everyday just for them to get the feel of it.
I use nappy pants at night for the kids to get used pulling down an up underwear. I found when it changed from summer to winter - I had accidents as I realised it was from having troubles pulling down pants.

My daughter is 13 months and has been wearing pull ups since she started walking. It’s your own choice and what’s easiest for you. I find pull ups help her change better when we are out and I don’t want her lying on a floor :confused:

She has also been sitting on her potty and seems to enjoy her pull up pulled down around her ankles compared to being fully naked

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My daughter HATED laying down for diaper changes but told me she wasn’t ready to potty train so we switched to the Pampers 360 cruisers which are just slip on diapers. We love them. Used them clean through potty training.

Why not train her before baby comes?


I only use pull ups on days we are actively trying to potty train cause they’re so much more expensive than regular diapers.

I didn’t use pull ups with any of my kids (3). I used training underwear. I also didn’t force potty training until my children showed interest in going on the potty. Then I bought a potty that looked like a real potty and they sat on it when ever I did. I kept it in the bathroom so they understood it wasn’t a toy.
You can also use reusable pull ups they are like thick absorbent underwear. But they unsnap on the sides. You can wash them as well. I did the 3 day method I didn’t leave the house for 3 days I used a timer :timer_clock: and set it for every 20 minutes then set a timer for 2 or 3 minutes then letting the child up. Using pulls up are expensive. I recommend saving the money and buying reusable ones.

We switched the pamper pull ups before potty training. Around a year and half or so. My son was horrible at diaper changes and my mom babysat him daily and was having a hard time. The pull ups helped tremendously and I didn’t find the leakage etc. to be any different.

I never put my boy in pull ups one day I forgot a diaper for him to put on after swimming , and he goes mommy I pee so I took him to the bathroom and he’s been peeing since. Now obviously every child is different it may be quick and easy or it may be the hardest journey you and your child go thru but I’ve seen prices of pull ups they’re expensive. If you can afford them go ahead and if you can start now maybe take her or him to the bathroom just to get comfortable with the toilet? That may help as well. Good luck momma


I have never used Pull-ups. They are very much unnecessary when it comes to potty training and can even hinder the process.


I switch from diapers to nighttime pull-ups because she just was not ready to potty train but she had a lot of pee lol 

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Buy little girl panties when ready to potty train

We got training underwear and potty trained. Literally could not afford them

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I just switched my 3 year old to pull-ups and we aren’t actively potty training. They hold a lot. It’s just up to you. I only did it cause it’s easier.

Edit to add - the angry react is cracking me up. I’ve potty trained two kids already and learned my lesson to wait til she’s ready :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m following her lead. Some days she wants undies, some days she doesn’t, and that’s okay. It ain’t worth the stress. She won’t go to college in diapers. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can start potty training now. Use bathroom Before bed time. Put on pull-ups. Carry her to the bathroom at about 2am. (yep, I carried my 2 year old to the bathroom at night, in her sleep. She would wee, I would wash her hands and carry her back to bed, still asleep😃)
Let her use the bathroom as soon as she awakes in the morning.
She will gradually ask to go potty.

It will be much easier by the time baby #2 arrives.


It all depends on the child

The new pampers 360 are like pull up. My daughter in law loves them for our 15 month old grandson. She says they are easier to put on. He doesn’t hold still she just tears them off when changing. Pull-ups have a Velcro type side but you don’t get as many. I also agree to potty train in real underwear and use diaper or pull up nap and bed. Try the pampers 360 get more for your money and child could pull them down and up if needed

Whenever u want to. I personally think they make potty training harder


They don’t absorb as much as diapers.

I’ll say this, I had 2 kids (by c section) 2 years apart and just because you’re ready doesn’t mean she is :sweat_smile: I too wanted to get the first into pull ups and onto a potty when I had the other but that’s not what happened, every kid is different truly and they develop at their own pace. I’d start getting a potty out and the potty books, pottying in front of her and all that jazz but it might be a while before it’s actually time and that’s ok. Enjoy your newborn and don’t be too hard on yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

my granddaughter kept taking her diaper off so we stuck on pullups

My suggestion would be to pottytrain before the new baby.