When causes irregular periods?

So I will preface this by saying I very much intend to talk to my doctor/OB about this, we’re just between insurances atm.

So long story short, I am 10 weeks postpartum. I had my baby vaginally and bled for 8 weeks, the last five weeks being spotty and on and off. Well these past couple of weeks I’ve continued to have spotting, bright red. It will be like my period is starting but then it stops completely for a day or so. I have been getting cramps and I’m emotional just like I’m getting my period. Has anyone else had this? I’m scared it’s something medically bad…

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Some hospitals have a nurse hotline you can call with questions after you have a baby

It could be your period trying to start and become normal again. Mine was crazy with my first for a little while!

Glad you have an appointment! Everyone is different, however I went through the SAME thing! It was my period trying to get into the right schedule again. It sucks for sure! Keep your appointment though, because they gave me a shot to help my period regulate. I cant for the life of me remember what it was called but it helped! Good luck momma and congrats on your new bundle of joy!

You dont need insurance to call your ob office and speak tgo a nurse

If you notice a bad smell with it then you need to see a doctor, I’ve had a piece of placenta or something from birth stuck inside. One of the signs is that your bleeding slows and then suddenly comes back

You can simply call your doctors office and speak to the nurse. She can best advise you on what to do.