When did you feel your baby move for the firs time?

Hey guys I’m a plus size momma currently pregnant with my second when did you feel your baby move I’m currently 17 weeks and I think I’ve felt some but not sure


I started feeling my third baby around 15 ish weeks.

I was around 20 weeks…

I was a size 18-20 and I was 13 weeks

And congratulations mama!

I felt my son move at 12 weeks on my birthday.

2nd baby and I started to feel her move around 16 weeks :heart:

Same. Was about 19 weeks with mine x

16 weeks with my first baby. 14 weeks with my second baby. I was plus sized with both.

20 weeks baby 1.
17 weeks baby 2
12 weeks baby 3. I swear I felt it and continued to feel it.

This is my 8th pregnancy 5th birth and I felt fluttering and butterfly movements early like 13 and felt actual kicks at 21

26 weeks with my first. 18 weeks with my second and my third i wanna say it was a little sooner than 18 weeks. Im a plus size mama too.

I was around 4 months maybe 5 when I realized I was feeling my baby move. I just kept thinking it was my anxiety or something until I talked to my Dr.

like 20 plus weeks i think for both my babies

felt my first at 18 weeks, 2nd at 22 weeks, and i’m almost 19 weeks with my third and haven’t felt him yet.

I think I was about 20 weeks or more on my last pregnancy - general level between 16-20 weeks but could be up to 24

It’s feel like bubbles in your belly

With my first I didn’t feel movement till around 22 weeks. Currently 29 weeks with my second and I started feeling flutters by 13 weeks

For my two singles it was 15 weeks for both. For my twins it was 25 weeks

First time I felt flutters around 16/17 weeks. I honestly don’t remember the 2nd time

About three months. Seemed early to me.

Same. Currently 21 weeks and have been feeding her for a few, so roughly around 17/18.

I don’t remember how many weeks I was but it started with flutters and then when it was a kick I knew it was a kick lol best feeling ever. The stretching not so much lol

You may have an anterior placenta and not feel movement until 20-22 weeks. This is the case for me with my second child. With my first I felt her around 16-17 weeks. I am also plus size.

I felt my bay move at like 13 weeks. But this was also my 8th child.

I first felt my second move at 20 weeks, after my first ultrasound

My 1st never felt move 2nd felt move if I put a ice pack on my belly, 3rd. About 4and half pregnant. Last on about 4months

I was a plus size mum. My first I felt around 22 weeks and second around 18

I’m not plus sized and I didn’t feel my baby move until 22 weeks. It’s different for all sizes of women, some early as 13 and as “late” as 24 weeks.

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I didn’t start feeling my son move until 23-24 weeks or so. Next pregnancy may be different for me I am 130+ lbs lighter.

20 wks and up for the last too I think you feel it easier and quicker wth the first . Phantom kicks are a thing too

If I remember right, it was around 16-20 weeks.

I felt flutters at 13 weeks with my first, with my second I was about 17 weeks and with my third not until 21 weeks. Every pregnancy is different, and it also depends on where baby and placenta is located inside you.

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Mine started as flutters - which initially mistook for gas :laughing:

27 weeks. He didn’t like to move a whole lot will the last 7 weeks and ended up being breech

Every baby is different. I’m on my 5th pregnancy and I’ve felt my kids at 16 weeks and not till 20 before. I’m also not plus size so I don’t think it really matters. The one I didn’t feel till 20 weeks I was only a size 8

I worked in Ob-Gyn and you will feel flutters at 20 weeks

With my first I didn’t recognize the movement and feeling until around 29-30 weeks! I was quite small though at the time and she sat more posterior!

I felt flutters at 16-17 weeks but didn’t feel definitive movements until about 22 weeks

I never felt my baby move ever I was having a scan and the nurse said he’s very active van you feel him Icoukdnt feel a thing I was a plus size but I was monitored very close cos I’m a transplant patient I never felt him at all I was a nervous wreck the whole pregnancy let me tell you I feel his mouth now as he’s turning into a teenager​:rofl::crazy_face:

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