When did you first feel baby kick?

How far along were you when you started feeling the baby kick? I am 18 weeks and still havent felt anything…should I be worried?


I’m almost 19 weeks with my third and I feel him a lot. Started around 16 weeks being questionable . I wouldn’t worry though. Your placenta could be blocking you from feeling movements

If this is your first pregnancy you may not feel it until a bit later. I was 18 or 19 weeks when I first felt a VERY faint kick. It was so faint that I didn’t even realize that’s what it was until it started happening more regularly. By 20 weeks I knew they were kicks but they were so tiny that I only felt them if I was focusing on it.

All my pregnancies, at about 14 weeks I started feeling movement, not kicks but a fluttery, butterfly kind of feeling. But my first baby was 13 months when I got pregnant again and he seemed to feel something going on in my belly at about 10 weeks.

First pregnancy 25ish weeks
Second (and current) pregnancy 7 weeks - I know it sounds crazy, but I am ultra sensitive to any movement within my body.

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I was 22 weeks and had an anterior placenta for my first pregnancy. (Meaning placenta was attached to belly side of my uterus rather than back side) for most of my pregnancy i mainly only felt kicks along the sides and very top of my belly

With my first, about 24 weeks. Second, 20 weeks and third I felt flutters at 10 weeks. Typically it can take longer to feel your first. And where your placenta is can impact when (and if) you feel baby kick at all.

last pregnasncy i was 14-15 weeks
this pregnancy about 19- 20 weeks or so

I was 22 weeks with an anterior placenta

1st at 16 weeks
2nd at 25 weeks

Drink some ice cold water on an empty stomach and I bet you’ll feel your baby instantly.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We are all different, best bet is your doctor

I was 23 weeks pregnant when I first felt my baby kick