When did you get rid of the high chair?

At what age did you guys “phase out” or get rid of the high chair? Did you use a booster seat at the table afterwards? Looking for ideas. Thanks!


Around 18 months with both my boys we switched out if it and into a booster seat. It was just easier

When my son was a 1 1/2 I bought him a little table with chairs, but since we moved we use a small step stool at the table with us.*he is now 2

I only had a high chair with my oldest I think we stopped using it around age 2 or so not exactly sure that was along time ago he’ll be 12 this year now. With my youngest two I did not use a high chair we had a space saver high chair it was so much easier and did not taken up a lot of room I think they used it until about 18 months - 2 years.

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My daughter is almost 2 and we still use high chair. The one we bought does come apart to a booster seat but it doesn’t fit under our table correctly when attached to our chair so we keep using it as highchair. We don’t eat at our table even at dinner times. She eats breakfast, lunch and snacks in her high chair and daddy is pig headed and thinks she has to eat dinner sitting on his lap cause he feeds her dinner while I’m eating and then eats himself

Honestly I stopped with all by age 2 she just sat at the table fine. I suppose it depends on the kid & the listening skills & the tables height from the chair.

My daughter was about 15 months and use booster for about 2months… Now she just sits in a chair at the table cuz she prefers it

My daughter is 2 and loves her high chair so we still use it and probably will for a while.

Since my kids are short til 18 months

We used a booster seat for a long time after the high chair!

Nevered uses a high chair. Had a booster seat with a little tray. And when tall enough took the tray away and moved my daughter right up to the table. She was about 11 months when we got rid of the tray

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My boys are 2 and prefer to sit like big boys at times. Often they will get themselves into their boosters, but end the meal sitting on the chairs like their brothers and sisters

Well… my rugrats figured out their straps at about a year so when i come around the corner with their food n find them trying to escape… moved em to a booster.
Kiddo figured out the straps on that one n that was enough of that and moved em to a little table and chairs.

About 2 or 3 when we got a booster seat or when they can sit at the table

We have a convertible high chair. Starts as a high chair. Then can convert into a seat with a tray and then a table and chair. We went straight to table and chair when she was around a year old.

By 2 my children could sit in a chair

When he could climb out at 18 months we got the booster that clipped to the chair he had that for years

Bought my daughter a table and chair when she turned 1

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18 mo my little guy wanted to be a big kid and he refused to get in the high chair so that point had use a booster seat that Buckle to the chair and then buckled him to the seat and after that you would rock back and forth and try to tip it over so that was out so he just sat straight on the chair on his knees buy Age 2 he was a big boy I wanted to sit on the regular chair

My daughter is 2 and ive never used a high chair!!! Bigggg mistake cause now she runs around while trying to eat and wont sit still… So i learned with her that when my son gets here i will definitely use one!!!

my youngest stayed in a highchair til 2 or 2.5 but he never would use a booster seat… he would get so upset if we got him one because he was a big kid lol

Currently using a booster with a tray that can be attached for my two year old. He still uses the tray and enjoys it. He also sits in his booster when he colors and stuff to avoid other things getting colored on :joy:

We have one of these that our 1 1/2 year old loves because she feeling like she’s actually sitting at the table with us. It’s great for restaurants too!