When did you get your period after birth?

Hey mamas! I am wondering how common it is for exclusively breastfeeding mamas get their period regularly right after giving birth to their babies? I hate that I’m one of the unlucky ones to get my period right away! (Currently 6 months PP with my first) I’ve noticed during my period I’m not producing as much milk and it has me worried :worried: for anyone who has experienced this, what do you do to help it? I also notice that I think my hormones are all over the place , hot flashes, anxiety etc. What can you take to help that is safe while breastfeeding? Feeling like a hot mess here and just want some suggestions and love to get feeling like myself again and make sure my babe gets the best :heart: thanks mamas


I got mine at 6 months PP as well. My supply would plummet. I kept, pumping, pumping, pumping at work, and offered the breast as much as possible when I was home. This helped up my supply.

Definitely y’all to your doctor, get your hormones checked and be sure they are ok and drink a lot of extra water your body really needs it at that time, try to take a little time out for yourself and be sure you are resting and eating enough too.

9 months pp n I still don’t have my period.

I didn’t get mine until 14 months pp, but just nurse as often as they want during your period, that will help your supply. Also, stay hydrated and make sure to eat enough calories.

I’m unluckiest. I’m still spotting 4 months PP. (But I also had 3 biopsies done of my cervix) And had bleeding for 2 months. I use mother’s milk tea and pump in the morning and evening or when he’s asleep. And offer the boobs often.

I got mine at 5 months pp and to keep your supply up just keep pumping for pain you can take Tylenol not sure about anxiety

I didn’t get mine very regularly but a lot of that had to do with being on nexplanon birth control.

I had mine the whole time I breastfed my 2nd baby and then my third baby it didn’t come until I stopped breastfeeding.

I got mine at six weeks and four weeks pp so I feel your pain. With my second I had the same milk problem while on my period. Idk anything for the hormones, but for milk, hydrate hydrate hydrate. V8 makes these hydrate drinks. Does wonders. And oatmeal. Did the trick for me. I’d start eating and drinking those a couple days before and during. Definitely helped