When did you get your period after birth?

Hello I was just wondering when did you guys get your first period after birth back? I’m exclusively breastfeeding and my Dr told me its about 6 to 8 weeks after birth but he said it can vary. My baby will be 4 months on May 2nd and I still haven’t got one!

p.s I am not on any BC…


7 months and I didn’t breastfeed

3 months. When I went back to work

Got mine after 11months I was breastfeeding.

I was exclusively BF I didn’t get mine until 14 months later

My baby will be 5 months the 12th next month I have EBF since he was born and I have not gotten s period either it’s fine

It varies 1st was 10 months, 2nd was 6 months. I breastfed with both.

13 months and it only comes once in a while.

My friend did get hers back until 8 months later and she breast fed. I got my birth control at my six week and had my period about a month later.

I had a secerian with my first child. They said that was normal to not have one for 4 to 5 months. Anyways I’m here at the Dr pregnant with my second child so…whoops :joy:

8 weeks postpartum, but some women see a big delay when they’re breastfeeding.

Ummm It took well over a year with both my boys before i had a period again
My second son is almost two and i didnt have one till he was almost a year and a half.
Think it depends on how much you breastfeed and your body.

With my 1st, 4 months, 2nd child 5 months. Both were ebf. I was on the mini pill with 1st & paragard 2nd

As long as I pumped in addition to bf, I didn’t have one at all. I got my first when I stopped pumping at work and only nursed in the evenings at 18 months. Enjoy it while you can. The first couple were the worst I’d ever had.

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13 months. Exactly 1 month after I stopped pumping.

My daughter is 2 and I’m breastfeeding, still no period

I exclusively breastfed my babe, and didn’t get a period until 11 months PP.

Everyone is different. I pumped for 5 weeks, 4th week I had spotting then 8 weeks postpartum I had my period back

I breastfed twins and got my period back after 6 weeks. (Yes it was my period, diagnosed by my physician.) It can vary widely especially if you’re breastfeeding. But breastfeeding is NOT birth control. My sister is just like me and breastfeed executively for 7 years and managed to plan 2 more pregnancies during that timeframe.

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I didn’t start mine until my babies first birthday.

My baby is 14 months and I still havent got a period lol

7 months pp. no period yet.

Exclusively breastfeeding here, it was around 6-8 months for me.

I breastfed but it didn’t affect my period. My postpartum bleeding stopped around 4 1/2-5 weeks and I got my 1st period a week or so after that.