When did you leave your baby for the first time?

When did you mommas leave your baby for the first time (like for several days in a row)?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When did you leave your baby for the first time?

First son was 1 month old, I went to help my dad during his kidney transplant. Second son is 2.5 & has never stayed nights away from me.

At 2 months old I started my son one overnight a week with my parents. When he was 8 months old he stayed with them for 5 days so hubby and I could go to florida :heart:

When he was 2 months old :woman_shrugging: he stayed with his grandma for me n my ex could get alone time

18 months and still haven’t left him for more than 6 hours

My youngest spent 2 nights with his grandparents at around 6 months old so we could go on a get away for my fiancés birthday.

My eldest was 1 nearly 2 before he spent more than a few nights away which was apart of his dads Christmas visitation we do each year. His dad has him for at least 7 days every Christmas break. (I live in Australia and we have 6 weeks off at Christmas instead of the middle of the year)

1st and Last time so far was when she was 3 years old. For 2 nights while i was in the hospital.

13 months old and never. Older kid wasn’t til he was 3 coz his dad and I split so he started spending weekends there.

I am a stay at home Mom my 3rd is almost 1 and I am 8.5 months pregnant at 11 months we left her 2 nights so we could just sleep because she gets up 2-10 times a night and we were just exhausted - we slept both nights 9pm to 10 am and relaxed all day ! We did go to a hotel 2 hours away
And went out for lunch and dinner - we knew we would miss her to much and would be tempted to go get her if she was just 5 minutes away

First time was for 4 days, oldest was 2.5 and youngest was 9 months old.
Second and third time was for 5 days each, oldest is 3 and youngest 1.
All 3 times it’s been business trips.

I left mine to go to work and that was all.

7 years, only one overnight so I could have the next baby.

Both my kids were about 3 months.

I still haven’t. The longest he stayed away was one night and I cried the whole time.