When did you start letting your kids have sleep overs?

8 isn’t too young. My kids were around that age. Just be prepared to get a phone call in the middle of the night. My kids didn’t do it, but I did when I was 7 and a friend of my oldest’s did it at about 6 or 7. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting your kid sleepover at friends house. I’m shocked at the amount of parents in here afraid of it. Doesn’t anyone remember slumber parties and their sleepovers. Sorry, just shocked at that.

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I always make sure the kids have a cell phone with them and are texting me to let me know how they are and always call before bed. I also make sure to ask the parents when dropping them off that they give the girls their wifi password right away so they can use their phones without using up to much data.
One last thing, I know my step daughters friends- parents and talk to them often, even have play dates and date night (just the adults ) where I get to know them myself and it makes me feel much safer letting them sleep over. We text and they send me pics throughout the day of what the kids are doing together ( Which i love )
Their father and I have gone on date nights with the girls parents because they each have only 1 or 2 good friends they only want to have sleepovers or play dates with so it makes it easier for us. We’re all close because of our kiddies.

My girl is only 19 months but I can’t wait for her to have sleepovers with friends. Have amazing memories of doing that.
If you have concerns why not invite the family over for dinner get to know them more?

Ok this is just really STUPID , at 2 hell no , but come on , kids still need to be kids , yes sleep overs should be ok , unless u don’t trust the parents !!! DA

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My girls would ring me and tell me they forgot their puffer or had a headache I would pick them up no question. Sometimes I would tell the parents that I was worried about headache etc

Personally I’d invite the parents and child round for a play date/bbq/meal and get to know them a bit better.
I’d let my 8year old go if it’s what she wanted after I knew the parents and I’d also give her a mobile phone and a code word… So for example if she text you saying…

“I forgot the popcorn” or something similar you knew to come and get her and that she’s not comfortable staying for whatever reason.

When my little one is old enough there will be a code word and no questions asked whatever time it is or where he is I’ll go and fetch him.

Follow your gut though mama always knows best x


They haven’t and they are 10,8,7 still too young in my book


I don’t trust anyone with my kids. I was molested at my first sleep over.


If u are uncomfortable letting her go then offer the sleepover at ur house. U will get an accurate depiction of how the other child is raised by the way she behaves with you. Have some fun activities planned that u can participate in to gage behaviors. In my opinion 8 is a little young, but if ur daughter is set on this. Then a compromise could serve u both well.


I wouldn’t no. Just take the girls out for a fun day trip.

Mine are only 6, 3 and 1 but I don’t plan on ever letting them have sleep overs. You can never be too cautious.


Have it at your house so that way you feel better and she gets her sleepover

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No sleepovers unless we are close with the parents of all the attendees.

So like a sleepover at my goddaughters house yes one day. But not if there are other kids who’s parents I do not know.

My daughter has been having sleep overs since she was 6. She’s 8 now. Granted most of the sleepovers was with someone I’ve known for years but you can’t keep your kids locked up in the house forever. Teach your kids right and wrong. Give them a prepaid cellphone with only your number in it for when they are gone. Let them have fun instead of stuck at home all the time.


Our kids are 9, 8 and 2 they’ve only ever had sleepovers here or with family.

I still don’t let my 9 year old. Although she now has stopped asking lol right now w the virus no one comes over but w my older two when they were that age they could always friends stay at our house they couldn’t go anywhere else. Just me personally

If I don’t know the parents/families it’s a hard nope from me.

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Unless I really really know the parents and have known them for awhile I encourage sleepovers to be at our house.


Never except my teen I allow her to go but I look up things on people before they go including Megan’s law

My daughters have been to sleep overs from 7yrs old, (unless it was a personal friend) I have a prepaid phone, if kids go to sleep overs and they are concerned they can ring me directly. Only cost me $10 a month and for that piece of mind but obviously I get to know the parents a bit even starting with a daily visit then they can decide if they want to stay or not.

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My dad always had to meet the parents, have their number, and know their address!! My sisters and I where doing sleepovers staring probably around 5 or 6 and they didn’t stop, for me, until I was 20, lol. I understand it’s hard to trust people, but don’t deprive your kids from having sleepovers with their friends. But I would honestly wait a little bit longer with all this covid stuff.


Only place my child can sleep over is my sister’s house or her grandparents house.
With how this world is, I have trust issues and will not allow her to go stay the night at someone else’s house.

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As soon as they cut the umbilical cord.


Mine did sleepovers right from kindergarten. Sometimes our house sometimes others.

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Never. My kids have spent the night at their grandparents but that is it. I wouldn’t let my kids go to a friend sleepover.

Sleepovers are a part of growing up in my opinion, and 8 year olds can really benefit from a bit of independence. Talk it through with you child and if they are feeling comfortable, why not give it a go?


From a mother of 2 teens, 1 will be an official adult (20) next month. When you do let them make sure you have prepare them for every senecio. Start prepping now. Things mine weren’t prepared for: friend sleeping naked in the same bed(boy), girls playing truth or dare and daring her to kiss another girl. Both scenarios we new and thought we could trust the parents. The girls were on a select volleyball team and it was a “bonding” night at the coaches house. My son ended up sleeping in the office chair in the living room! Mom got a swollen shut black eye that night too! :flushed: Got him a cell phone the next day!

Mine are 12 10 and 5 i only let them go to people i actually know . And the older two have phones incase anythkng does happen . And by know i mean immediate family and people i have known 10+ years :woman_shrugging: random friends are a hard no.

My daughter is 7 and has had sleepovers with family since she was less than a year. Started having sleepovers at a friends house this year, but I know the mom well and consider her a good friend.

I had sleep over at that age but my bestfriends house was across the street. I would suggest a code word to use if she needs to get out of there. and just let her know rules and parameters. If your not comfortable, take you time to know the parents more. Some of my best memories are from sleepovers. They give kids a bit of independence from you, and I think it could be more beneficial than harmful.

I think it’s most important to make sure your child (girl OR boy) understands right from wrong. Do they know what’s unacceptable behavior from an adult AND other children? Do they know they can trust you to come tell you if someone crosses a boundary or encourages them to do something they shouldn’t? Because honestly kids can be violated and led astray in many situations besides just sleep overs. I had a friends dad who crossed boundaries during a sleep over when I was very young. I didn’t tell my mother. I also had a teacher that crossed boundaries when I was very young, and I didn’t tell my mother about that either. I’ve had friends be bad influences on the school bus home, or at after school activities… so my advice is, it’s not just about where or when, it’s about making sure your child reacts to it properly because bad things can happen anywhere at any time and with anyone. :tired_face::cry: but independence is an important part of growing up and learning how protect themselves. The worlds a crazy scary place these days :confounded: I worry for my babies daily and just hope I’m doing the best as a mom to help them know how to handle whatever comes their way and know they can come to me about ANYTHING… but I definitely get that prevention is better than intervention after the fact.


We don’t do sleep overs. Unless it’s grand parents or EXTREMELY well known family friends.

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Never Friends Houses :-1:
Only grandparents & Aunts house.

Mine will probably be 17 :joy:

I’m in the same boat. Growing up my mom never let me go to sleep overs. Ever. And I felt left out of a lot of stuff. I honestly felt it wasn’t healthy. Now I am a mom and don’t know exactly what I will decide about it. At some point you have to trust that your child knows what to do right? But at the same time like you said you never know with people.

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I suggest getting to know the family before allowing a sleepover. My daughter has her first friend over for a sleepover tonight, but we got to know the family before any sleepover. The friend staying over has her tablet where she can face time her parents whenever she wants and if she wants to go home at any point in the night I will gladly call her parents. Fyi both kids are 6 years old and they are having a blast!

Honestly I normally just let all the kids come here lol I have really bad anxiety and when my son stays at friends house I can’t even concentrate because I’m constantly thinking the worse.

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Mine are 13, 10 amd 7 weeks. My oldest two have went to friends houses and their friends here since about 8 years old. They stayed at there grandparents from the time they were babies.

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My daughter had been begging for a sleepover with her friend. I just have the little girl sleep at my house. They’re 8. I did let her sleep over just recently, and only because it was her friend and her mom…no siblings or men in their home.

I don’t know that I’ll ever be ok with my boys having sleepovers. My parents let me start pretty early but it was at the neighbor’s house and she was a bonus grandma for us. Whenever her granddaughter was down I could go stay (although I did get homesick and cry to go home one night).

I don’t and I never will.


I only let my 10 year old go sleep over at friends houses that i have known all my life or family. My 4 and 2 year old only go to their grandparents houses. Its all up to you and what your comfortable with. Trust your gut

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There were few ppl i trusted . i would aloud my kids to a friends house . an i would have her kids almost every weekend . i would take them swimming .make lunch .watch a moive . they had fun . They were young . I think if u feel ok wt it . Then you let her. Why don’t you try having the little girl over a few times first . Have the parents over to . Get to know the parents . Then go from there .

I had sleep overs starting in kindergarten. My parents knew their parents vaguely. It takes a village. If any issues arise, confront them.


Age 8 and we got to know the parents well first a few play dates at both homes/parks etc with both parents there (mothers/fathersand kids) then a few dates at the others house with one parent present and then we felt ok with a sleep overs :blush:

My daughter meet her best friend at 4. Right before kindergarten. Her parents became our best friend as well. We did have a code word. Best thing ever in our lives. We raised our kids together .

You can’t trust anyone these days

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We had said we would never allow her to stay outside of family. But then we made really good friends with a family from her kinder class. Since covid, I’ve stayed at their house. She’s also stayed. I feel very safe and comfortable with them so we bent our own rules. I doubt we’d bend them for anyone else :woman_shrugging:t4:

My son has and only ever will spend the night with family and then only the ones I know I can 100% trust. His grandmother offered to take him for a week or every weekend to give me a break since having my 11 week old, but nah.

We do not allow our daughter to go to sleepovers, however if her friends parents are comfortable with them staying over our house its allowed.

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Tanya Keegan this is what I was talking about

My kids started around the age of 7-8. I usually had several kids every weekend.

I feel like 8 may be too young, I’d say 13 they would be able to sleep at a friends house as long as I knew the parents. Of course you cant trust anyone but I also feel you can’t shelter kids completely, that’s when they become socially distant and rebel out as they get older. I am totally with you on being uncomfortable and nervous especially between not know who is going to be in the home or not while your child is there, sometimes we cant even trust our own family members. But I feel there is also an age where the child is old enough to be able to be honest with you, unless it was family i wouldnt allow it at 8 though.

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I have 6 kids ranging from 2 to 20, And I dont really allow sleepovers until they are teens as I feel they are more capable of handling themselves and getting help if needed and they get their phone at that age, Unfortunately in this day and age you can never truly know someone, if it were that easy to tell someone’s intentions we wouldn’t have so many murders, rapes or molestations, And its just not worth the risk to me. Though I know the risk isn’t gone as a teen, I just feel more confident that they could get away/have the confidence to say/do something if it came to it.

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My daughter was 7 when she had her first sleep over at her and my friends

I think my oldest (10now) was 7 when school friends stayed over, he had a sleepover for his birthday so i had 10 boys sleep in my living room :rofl::rofl: mine havent stayed out much but thats probably because im the “go to” house, i like to know all the kids are safe :purple_heart:

Wow I’d never do that. I don’t trust anyone with my kids🤨 people are crazy.


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I would offer to let her have a friend sleepover, but not vice versa.

I absolutely refuse to let my kids have sleep overs. Way too many things can happen

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We started at school aged, as did our kids.
Now, we are on the midst of a pandemic, so in this case I would be taking into account what things are like in that regard in the place you live. If there was no community spread and you live in the same community I wouldn’t be as worried. There are other factors such as has said friend been traveling the last few weeks ect…

Around 6 years old after I got to know the parents. I have 2 kids but years later my kids friends since kindergarten have become part of the family lol love them all! Now with covid only one of my extra kids gets to spend the night. We do virtual sleepovers with the rest.

Im 34 and never had a sleep over at a friends house. My mom just never felt it was necessary. Iv stayed with family thats about it. I am not against it but I would definitely have to get to know the parents before i let my kids stay over at a friends house. And i have an 8 year old and a 4 year old.

Not a good idea anything can happen just to read what happens to innocent children it’s scary

My daughter stays in her aunt’s or nanny’s that’s it playdates yes sleepovers nah sorry not till she is a teen

Nope. Me and my husband have already discussed we’re not doing sleepovers at friends houses with our children :woman_shrugging:t2:

Start with a few play dates both at your place and their’s. That way your child can get used to different rules and foods at the friends house and you can see how the friend behaves. Then decide if an overnight is okay.

I’d say no to sleep overs my 5yp only stops at his nans. You can never be to careful especially with how the world is these days

Never. Other then my sister’s my daughter will never be able to sleep over at anyone’s house. She can have friends here. Thats how my mama did it with us too. Gotta keep your babies safe.

I personally didn’t start sleepovers till middle school. My 6 year old son has had 2 close friends sleep over at our house, but he hasn’t yet slept over at someone else’s.

My kids are 9 10 and 10 the only sleepovers they go to are family. Call me over protective idc. In today’s world, it’s hard to trust anyone.

These days that’s what I call a good mom

Personally I think you should wait until weigh much older I don’t trust people anymore. The reason I say this is my middle child was sent to a home where I thought you just safe. Turns out the father is giving an alcohol and trying to molest them. And the mother knew

Get to know the parents a little more, make sure you have their numbers and if your daughter has a cellphone even better. Have talks with her and let her know what should/shouldn’t be happening. Let the parent know any restrictions you have etc. I know it’s super scary now a days, go with your gut

  1. Only with close friends son or family.

Only with my close friend. And grandpa’s house.

I remember sleeping over starting in kindergarten. However, now… Idk my son is in 2nd and I still dont outside of family.

I have 3 girls and my oldest didn’t have her first sleepover until she was 12 (15 now) and that was at a relatives house. All three of them know that they can go to the party but mommy is picking us up.

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An iPhone has the option to press the lock button 5 times in case of an emergency. They also have smart watches that will allow your child to press a button and call you. I don’t trust anyone with my kids. Period. But I also know we can’t shelter them like we want to.

I don’t understand the whole “I’ll never let my child stay over at someone else’s house you can’t trust anyone, but if they want they can stay the night at my house”… like what? What makes you think you’re more trustworthy than that other parent??