When did you start showing?

Did any of you mamas show earlier after multiple pregnancies? And how many weeks did you show earlier?

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I showed at 14 was ny first time I was also a twig… my 2nd and 3rd I don’t remember … this is my last one I’m 16 weeks and showing now but I also had a little chub from my last one =(

I started showing at 13 weeks with my 1st, 10 weeks with my 2nd and I can’t remember when I started to show with my current one but I’m 23 weeks and huge

With my 2nd I gained 13lbs and didn’t show…I could still wear my non maternity uniform and duty belt…my son was 8-8.

I felt like I showed earlier with my son/second pregnancy but at the same time my belly was small enough people didn’t notice in certain instances.

like 8 weeks lol but im 5’ tall