When did you transition your child to a toddler bed?

My son is almost 17months old, and I am due to have another child in roughly two months. Lately, I have been considering moving my 17month old from a cot to a toddler bed, he sleeps through the night and goes to sleep without any protest but can also be a light sleeper at times. Any advice from mums with babies close in ages would be great Thank you.


3 straight from crib to twin bed. Put twin mattress on floor with crib matress on top. Slept on floor next to him for 3 nights and was able to stick mattress on bed after that he was good. Pretty easy transition i thought there was going to be him getting up and down and not sleeping but no problem.

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I was actually in the same boat when my kids were that age I was my kids are now 2 n 3 but I been there. We did the same thing I put my daughter n a toddler bed n put a gate up to her door so she wouldnt come out she got super excited. We let her pick out the sheets and praised her when she seen it n climb in it made it exciting for her first couple nights were rough but she eventually caught on n she now 3 n loves it. It will be rough at first but they will get used to it. Like I said we did baby gate in her doorway so she couldnt come out n everytime she got up I layed her back down.

10mnths old.
But only because my girl learnt to climb over the cot and it was dangerous. I’d rather she roll out of a low bed onto pillows and blankets than 4ft drop from top of cot.

She was fab in it aswell!

My boys were 19 months apart. I booted my oldest out of his crib before he was ready. He ended up with me, in my room in his toddler bed, for a very short time, until he wound up in my bed. Not saying your child will do the same; however, if I had the opportunity to do it again, I would have bitten the bullet and purchased a second crib. All that to say, wait for signs to see if they’re ready. If you have to, get a second crib. A child’s sleep is SO IMPORTANT!

Crib to twin mattress

About that same time. He was almost two

My kids are 19 months apart. I didn’t base their milestones on each other. My daughter (older) never climbed out of her crib, but when it got to the point of her being able to get herself out of bed without us, we changed her crib into the toddler bed. That was around 2. We bought a convertible crib for my son, as well, and we took the side off to turn it into the toddler day bed around 2.5.

Our oldest is only 17 months older than his twin brothers. He loved having his toddler bed right next to “his babies”. He was a light sleeper too, but he loved helping when they got up in the middle of the night if it woke him up. He’d get diapers and bring them to me or his daddy and would sit and watch while they got changed and if they needed to eat, he’d just crawl up in the bed with us and we’d all cuddle. And wake up like that in the morning :joy:

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Would recommend waiting until both are old enough to have the freedom of getting up and you feel reasonably sure they understand not to wander around the house or even get out of the house at night- I had 2 girls 18 months apart- I moved them to twin toddler beds when the youngest was 18 months old-she was more mature in her thinking & actions than my older one! Also the toddler beds use a baby crib standard mattress so you can buy a used pair and use the crib mattresses from their baby beds! I still remember discovering a neighbor’s 2 yr old wandering the street in our neighborhood in his sleepers- he had gotten a step stool - unlocked the front door and was happily wandering around outside in freezing temps!

I have a soon to be three year old March 7 and I just got him comfortable with sleeping in his toddler bed with a movie that plays all night in case he wakes up

I’m planning on doing the same thing with our 16 month old as I’m due in March. Just going to do his bedtime routine in his toddler bed instead of our bed. Fingers crossed for the both of us!!:crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

My granddaughter was in one when she was crawling

I just looked back and my daughter was 25 1/2 months old when I switched her. She did great. Nap time was a little rough but she ended up doing pretty good.

Once our son started vaulting over the top rail. We converted his crib to a daybed

I took mine out of the crib, when they climbed out.


I’d keep him in a crib until he’s at least 2.

I did mine around 1 1/2 years.

I did all mine around 15 months

We moved our daughter at 18 months…doctors orders. He was afraid she’d flip or crawl out of the crib. She took about a week and was fine. Moved her to big girl bed at 2.5 years.

My daughter was around 14 months. She never slept good in her crib or toddler bed bc she flips around at night. Got her a full sized bed and put up rails. It was a much better fit for her.

Mine started crawling out of it alittle over 1 year old. That’s when I switched him to a lightning McQueen toddler bed. He loved it and wanted to sleep in it.

22 months old we put our son in the toddler bed, he took to it right away and loves it. He hated the crib and would let us put him in anymore.

Switched my now 17 month old to a toddler bed (crib with rail) at 16 months. One week of adjustment now no issue. Same situation as you—second baby is due in a month and I have to have a repeat C-section. I wouldn’t be able to lift my son out of his crib while recovering and my husband will have to return to work shortly after my surgery

On their 1st birthday I moved them to their own rooms and into their toddler beds. They really liked having their own space and to be able to get up and play in the mornings especially.

My son slept in his crib until he was 2 then I brought a twin bed he slept in it well

My kids are less than 17 months apart and I kept the older one in the crib and had the younger one in a bassinet for the first few months next to my bed by 2 years most kids can climb and get out of cribs which can harm them but every situation is different you go by what you feel is best for your kids only you know what is best for them your their mother

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12 months for the older ones and a little earlier for this one!

My kids were 2 years old when we put them into a big bed

15 months. My daughter started climbing out of her crib.

For my boys 2nd birthday they got toddler beds. They love them. My daughter went to a toddler bed when she was about 18 months. She was ready early though.

We moved our son into one at 23 months. We were told not to get a toddler bed, but to get a twin or full so you don’t have to replace it again, but we did the toddler bed anyway because he is obsessed with lightning mcqueen and thought the transition would be easier if he LOVED his new bed. He hasn’t gotten out of it once in the last month!