When did your baby outgrow their swing?

When did your baby’s stop using their swing?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When did your baby outgrow their swing?

My first son stopped around 3 months. My second son never used it. My 3rd, we didn’t even bother getting one.
We stopped all entrapment type apparatuses

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My first used it till she was almost 2… she climbed in it herself, 2nd one hated it(1st was still using it anyways lol), 3rd was about 1 year and 4th till about 6 months. I figure if the baby likes it and fits, let them use it

1st was about 5mo. She was tiny for so long and loved it. 2nd was about 3-4mo.

I still use mine and I’m 61 years old

Depends on the swing. The old stand up ones you crank fit
They are walking. The new table or
Floor ones were
Too small as of like so. Months. Sad