When did your baby start getting teeth?

When did your baby get teeth? My girl will be 9 months here soon and still no teeth

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Mine got her first tooth at 11 months then didn’t get anymore until 13 months

My oldest was 3/4 months. my youngest was 7/8 months.

Mine got his first tooth at 9 months!

Mine was like 15 months and they all popped thru all at once. So much easier than my first child who got his first at 4 months and struggled with teething for a year

My first cut 2 at 6 months old and second is 11 months old and doesn’t have any yet

My son didn’t get teeth till after he was 1, he started teething at like 6 months old but that was just the teeth moving around he didn’t actually get them until like a week after his first birthday

My oldest got started getting his at 6 months, my daughter 10 months and my youngest didn’t get his first tooth until after he turned 1 (around 14 months)

I’ve always heard that the ones who get teeth late also have strong cavity-resistant teeth

My baby did have her first tooth pop in until 11 months

One was 5 monthes , 1 was 7 monthes , and 2 were 11 monthes