When did your baby start to smile?

Hey moms. When did you baby’s start smiling? My girl will be 2 months old on the 16th! By this time both my oldest kids were all smiles. This girl just stares at us. She does reach for things and kick alot and is super active when she’s awake but no smiles! Only a couple maybe… should I be concerned? I hate to Google stuff but ya know I did anyways and it said if your baby isn’t socially smiling by 2 months to talk to the Dr… I know all baby’s are different…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When did your baby start to smile?

If ever you have a concern talk to your dr then you can get your child help if there is something wrong.

It’s the smile that your baby gives when you smile at your baby and your baby smiles back at you. It’s a sign that the vision and social parts of his brain are developing. Your baby should be smiling by three to four months old. If not, it could be a vision problem or a problem attaching to parent figures.

Stop overthinking it.

2-4 months but honestly mine were delayed in that process. One child had autism and didn’t react much to anything. One child had bilateral hearing loss and required aids and didn’t really acknowledge us much. One child just didn’t care :joy:. Another couple laughed early and nonstop. Any concerns should be voiced with the pediatrician but usually they’ll let you know as well if they have any of their own concerns.

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I would let her doctor know and just keep an eye on her. Try not to worry yourself!