When did your child get their first tooth?

Hi! When did your babies get their first tooth? I have a TWO-month-old & it looks like he already has a tooth erupting, but I am not 100% sure. Is it rare for babies to get a tooth this early? My first got his at five months. Just curious if any moms have had super early teethers?


My son looked like his teeth were going to erupt about 2 months and he was acting like it. They receded and came back up several times before finally erupting around 4.5 months.

My daughter got her first tooth at almost 3 months

My girl finally got her first tooth at 18 months lol. It’s a Lone Ranger right now.

It’s not unheard of for a baby to be born with a tooth or two. My brother’s friend’s baby was born with a tooth


My son got his 1st 2 teeth around 2.5 months, then the next 2 was by 4 months.

By the time my son was 8 mouths he almost had a full mouth of teeth.

The down side to babies teething early is they lose their baby teeth earlier for the adult teeth to come in.

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My daughters where both around 4 months. My son was close to 9 months when he got his first teeth

My daughter got her first tooth at 3.5 months. Didn’t make breastfeeding fun lolll

My daughter was born with a tooth believe it or not so I believe whenever they want to come out they will peep out :relaxed:

Boy 3 months, Girl 6 months, Boy 5 months. All got their bottom fronts first and usually within a few days they had both bottom front. My daughters teeth have been all-around slower coming in than my first-born :woman_shrugging:t3:

My mom said I was 6 weeks old when my two front ones started to appear.

I was 16 mths old my mom said she thought I would never have teeth lol :joy::joy:

My first born was 8 months when she got her first tooth, my second was born with 2 teeth that I was told to pull out she got her “real first tooth” at about 10 months, my son got his first tooth at 6 months. Each child is different.

It’s not too early! It sounds crazy, I know. I told my son’s pediatrician I thought he was teething at his 2M check. He laughed and said “probably not.” Wouldn’t you know it, he cut his two bottom teeth at the same time a week later. So it’s totally possible! It’s rare, but some babies are even BORN with teeth!

It’s a blessing & a curse to have early teethers. They’re much harder to help ease their pain that young (too tiny to hold teething toys, plus it’s hard to differentiate teething fussies from other infant ailments). But, they also finish that much sooner! My son is 18M and just got his last 2nd year molar… 20 total teeth and DONE! Good luck!

My son was around 8 months & my daughter was around 10 months when they got their first tooth.

4mos, 9mo, 11 mos every child is different.

Some children are even born with teeth.

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My daughter got her 2 upper front at 5months.

Mine has been drooling since month two. The teeth can also break and go back down a couple times before coming out. I was told when I said I thought my girls were too young. All depends on the baby. Mine also get four teethe at a time :flushed:. Good evil bad evil. Faster and louder. Lol hugs. .

5 months old when Dakotah cut her 1st tooth.

My oldest was probably around 5 months, my middle was almost two and a half YEARS, and I’ve sworn since the day my now three month old was born that she’s been cutting two front teeth. She’s a slobbery drooling mess and the only thing that makes her feel better is nursing.

I’ve heard they can start teething at 2 months old and that sometimes there’s baby’s born with their first tooth. My daughter has been showing signs of teething already and she’s been doing that since she was about 4 weeks old. She’s 10 weeks and 2 days now. Her pediatrician said to keep an eye on her if a tooth starts coming in.

My first was born with a tooth. It fell out at 3 weeks old and didn’t grow back in until her adult tooth came in at age 6 or so. My second one was born with slightly swollen bottom gums. Her first tooth broke out at 3 months. It’s rare but it happens.

My daughter had 2 teeth by 4 months and 4 teeth by 5 months. My son didn’t have a single tooth until almost 11 months.

My oldest had 4 teeth by the time he was 3 months old. My second didn’t get one until four months old and my youngest is six months old and doesn’t have any. Every kid is different.

My daughter had her front four on the bottom by the time she was four months old. She had all of them by the time she was a year and a half. She’s four now and her teeth are beautiful.

Some babies are born with teeth

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My little guy got his first 2 teeth at 3 months

My oldest got her first tooth at 2 months and had them all by 8 months. The doctor didn’t believe me till he looked himself :woman_shrugging:t3:

Mine got her first 2 teeth at 3 months, and her last 2 erupted when she was 18 months.

My son got his first 2 teeth at 2 and 3 months.

My second started getting the 2 bottom at 2 weeks.

my girl got her first tooth when she was 11 1/2 months :flushed:

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My oldest had 20 teeth by the time he had his first birthday. :joy: first one bumped in at 4 months lol

My son had two teeth at 2 months. It is very common

6 months. She’s now 13 months old and has 6 teeth out

Some are born with a tooth already cut. My sister had a baby cut a tooth at 4 months, my kids averaged about 6 months, except 2, one was 9,the other 11 months.

My son just popped his first two today at 10 1/2 months.

I was born with a tooth, lost it a another came lost it too and got my adult tooth.

Some are born with them.
Never really too early or too late, it’s just their body doing its thing.

Both of mine showed signs at two months and they both got a first tooth at 6 months.

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Not rare at all. My oldest was teething by then. I had teeth by then.

At any point really it’s been known for babies to be born with teeth

All babies are different!
My oldest had a mouthful of teeth by 11months and my youngest didn’t cut her first tooth until 11 months…

My daughter was born with a tooth popping out :woman_shrugging:t2: apparently that isn’t uncommon in her dads side of the family and she kept getting teeth at a pretty steady rate

My daughter was about 2 months when it started looking like her first tooth would come through, even the pediatrician said a tooth was pushing through the gums but the tooth kept retracting back in so my girl was 11 months before it actually came in all the way

Mine started teething around that time and it finally popped in at around 6 months

I work at a Pediatric Dentist office and we see infants early as 4 months old with teeth. We had a 5 mo old come in last week with 4 bottom teeth already. :+1:t2:

My daughter at 3 months.

My one son cut 2 teeth at 2 months.

Kid 1… about 3 months old for his first 2 teeth. Kid 2 he was a couple days shy of his 1st bday before he ever got a tooth popped thru

My daughter had 2 teeth at 2mo, 4 teeth at 4mo, 6 teeth at 6mo 12 teeth at 12mo. Literally a shark.

Lol my 2 older boys each had a few teeth by the time they were 4 months!! Baby girl didn’t pop a single tooth till she was 8 1/2 months!!

My little one is 4 months and has been teething since 4 weeks old (my child health nurse confirmed it. We could see them through the gums and feel them if we stick a finger in his mouth) but hasn’t cut a tooth yet.

My son had two teeth by two months old…

All of my 3 kids had thiers in 3-4 months old.

My first git her first tooth at 3 months plus. And they started coming loose before she made 5 yrs

My daughter got her first 2 teeth at 2 months old