When did your child start walking?

My son just turned 15 months old and he’s behind on his walking. His doctor said he should be walking by now. He can take 2 to 3 steps by himself and stand by himself but he won’t stand up unless he’s holding onto something. What is some things I can do to get him walking?


Go back to your doctor and have them give you a referral to a specialist. If the doctor was concerned then they should do something to help and give you suggestions.


My son was 18 months.
Daughter was 8.5 months.
Every child is different


Walk with him. Hold his hands and walk around with him. Put his feet on yours and do little baby steps for him.

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11 months. He will be fine. Children develop at different speeds

My daughter had muscle weakness and didn’t walk until 29 months. She still gets physical therapy and doesn’t walk or run like any other 7 year old. I would ask to see a specialist.

One of my children was 15 months when he started walking. He was a chunky baby, and my doctor wasn’t concerned. Once he started, he was all over the place!

Every baby is different ny oldest walked at 9 mo. And I have a 6mo

Only child started walking perfect at 10 months .

My daughter started at 15 months. Every kid is different.

Get a truck he can hold onto while he walks so he can push it along x

10 months ( all 4 of them). If he can take steps he can walk. I flipped my clothes basket upside down and mine pushed it around also let him hold your finger.

This happened to my friend’s daughter and their doctor told them to take off all the cushions on the couch and literally make their apartment easily accessible for the child to pull themselves up on anything and yes a walking tool will help

Both girls at 9 months 3 weeks

My daughter was 18 months. She was pure lazy😂 my son was 8 months. They’ll get there when they are ready x

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My son started walking just before 10 months.

Both of mine were 10 months, they had a walk behind toy that they loved and this helped them.

Mine was 17 months by the time she could actually walk walk, every kid is different :heart:


My daughter was walking at 9 months, my son was 11 months.

My first walked at 15 months, my second was 20 months. Now they’re 12 and 8 years old… both are just fine!

Both of mine were about 14 months. Every kid is different.

While he’s laying down exercise his legs for good ole 2 mins or longer. His legs must have a lot tension

My daughter was the same way she would walk holding my finger I ended up giving her an empty milk jug in each hand and she took off

My oldest started at 10 months. My youngest didn’t walk till she was 14 months. Kids do their own thing. My youngest would crawl all over. Stack stuff up so she could climb and get things she wanted. I left the kitchen to pee one day. Was gone 2 minutes. And this little girl had coolers stacked by size mind you. So she could get the bag of crackers off the microwave. :grin:

15 months for both of my girls.

Keep shoes on him. It will keep his feet more straight and balanced.

My twin boys were chalk and cheese in every way.
Each kid is different so try not to stress.
Kyal walked at 10months
Jai walked at 16months


One of my nephews was gone 18months before he attempted to walk , my 4th didn’t start walking till she was nearly 18 months old , all kids are different & develop at different times x

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My son didn’t walk until 14 months! He had a little push walker and a shopping cart toy which helped. My newest little guy is already walking at 10 months. Every baby is different!

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I thought it’s 18 months when they start to need intervention such as therapy. It could happen any day now. My son started at 16 months. He rarely stood up for more than a few seconds at a time. He never took any steps. He got up one day and just started walking.

My daughter is 16mo and still not walking independently and my dr is not concerned at all. She said if she can walk along furniture and pull herself up and climb on stuff (all of which she does) that she is just fine and will do it in her own time. If you are concerned I would see another pediatrician first as a second opinion.

My 1st at 1yr old and my 2nd is 10mo and just started taking steps

My oldest was 10 months. My youngest was 13 months. My youngest was behind on everything. Took a specialist and multiple drs to find out what was wrong.

My oldest walked at 18 months… my other kids were a different story. But get them a walk behind toy and it’ll help

My oldest was 18months and stil noy walking took him to ent he needed tubes in his ears. Once the tubes were in he was walking within a few weeks. The fluid in his ears caused his equilibrium to be off.

I used to hold my 13 month olds hand and let her walk beside me. It’s all muscle memory

My son is almost 17months he didn’t start walking till July and it’s october so he was about 14months,babies start on their own don’t rush it

My oldest walked at 9 months my youngest 14 months

I’m on the same train my daughter is 15 months and doesn’t want to walk my oldest daughter walked when she was 10 months and this one nothing

15 months every child is different and it’s also a confidence thing.

Get a physical therapy evaluation to ease your mind.

My daughter didn’t start until right before she was 18 months. She just got up the one day and took off.

A snack that your child likes or a toy and across from where they are already standing.

10 months for both kids.

My daughter started walking at 13 months. She took off like she had been doing it for years. It’s not uncommon for your little one to not take their first steps until they’re 15 months… even 18 months. Your son will do it when he feels ready :relaxed: Also, the type of floor might play a role. My daughter wasn’t a big fan of our hardwood floors for a long time! She took her first steps at my mom’s house (she has carpet and I could tell my daughter always felt more comfortable on that).

My daughter didn’t start walking until 15 months and that was just taking a couple steps she’s 19 months now and she’s climbing and running everywhere

In his own good time. All kids develop at their own pace.

My daughter didn’t walk till 13 months. One day she stood up and took off like she had been walking her whole life.

My son was 19 months… nothing physically wrong with.him, just lazy lol

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Both of my kids were walking around 9-10 months. My youngest started walking right after getting a baby alive that walked lol

Oldest was a yr and youngest was 6 months

My son was a slow walker we got him a push toy and 2 weeks later his booty was pretty much running

My daughter had better balance when she was holding a coffee cup (empty :joy:) than she did with empty hands. She was backwards lol but once I tried getting her to walk to me and she kept babbling and falling on her butt and once I handed her the cup she walked a good 15-20 steps (vs 3 steps empty handed)

My neice was like this, she went to chiropractor and it wasn’t long she was walking. I have heard kids being 18mo n older walking

My son walked at 12 months but my friend’s daughter didn’t walk until 17 months and doctors weren’t concerned.

My son was 16 months.

My oldest was 8 months, middle 14 months and youngest 10 months. All children develop differently. Sounds like he’s almost there. Has he fallen and hurt himself. May be he’s scared of falling. That’s what happened with my middle. She fell onto my grandparents coffee table at 10 months and popped a big goose egg knot and was scared to let go after. When she finally did let go, she took two steps then ran.

My oldest started walking at 11 months 2 weeks and my youngest at 14 months 2 weeks. Both just randomly started walking. I got them a push walker instead on the ones you sit them in and it helped their balance

My baby boy just turned 15 months. And he has just progressed to start taking steps on his own. Once he has gotten the hang of it he’s progressed really fast. A month ago he was barely taking any steps. Now he’s nearly full on walking.

My grandson was 16 months but he was diagnosed with autism at 2 years. So that explained the delay.

My 2 oldest daughters starting walking at 15 and 16 months and they are completely healthy. Some kids just take a little longer. Having a push toy of some sort might help things along😊

My son didn’t walk until around 16mnths. He received physical therapy through early intervention program to help the process along.

My son was slow starting to walk but the dr. said he was fine. He said he was fine mentally just slow on the physical. Hes 41 now and no problem. So try not to worry hon…

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My grandma used to use the old fashioned clothes pins(as they are similar to our fingers ) for holding them and then as you go lightly let up on your end and the kids still think they are holding your fingers!! Helps

My 1st (daughter) walked at 10 months (it was terrible)! My 2nd (son) walked at about 15 months. Honestly he had no reason to walk, his sister brought him whatever he wanted. If she didn’t, he would just crawl over and get it. It wasn’t until I was very pregnant with my 3rd and stopped carrying him he decided he would rather walk than sit in a stroller when we went places. He just isn’t ready.

I would ask to see a physical therapist but probably not until like 18 months. Every baby is different but the average is about 12 months. Since he’s standing and will take a few steps it doesn’t seem concerning. Maybe just stubborn like my son is lol

There’s so much our PT knew that our pediatricians didn’t when my 4 yr old suddenly started limping and was in pain. We went through 2 different pediatricians, xrays, blood draws, and he took so much pain meds before finally getting a referral to a PT. It took less than an hour for her to figure out he was just behind in his muscles on one side from breaking his leg 2 years prior. He just needed to build that muscle up and all is well now :slightly_smiling_face:

We used a walker and our baby has been walking since 9 months old. All babies develop at their own pace but ask his doctor if you even need to do anything or just give him time.

My daughter was a week to a couple of days from being 17 months when she finally started walking, I think she got the gist of it but was shy about doing it in front of other people, now she’s 2 and is running in to walls and tripping all over the place when she’s playing lol

If their legs and hips aren’t ready, you can do more damage than good trying to force it.

Walking, just like every milestone, happens when they are ready.


Woman to Woman: Check if you have Early intervention system in your state,reach out to them. They might suggest to see Physical Therapist.
Mom to Mom : If Nothing looks off then don’t worry. They all will learn to walk,talk and run eventually. They all have their own phase.:smiley:


Every child is different. My son started walking around 15-16 months. His pediatrician wasn’t concerned as he was taller than most 15-16 months old which also made him alittle heavier. She stated some children being taller or alittle heavier due to height sometimes walk later due to their size and muscles and bones getting stronger to accommodate the size.

Take him on walks holding his hands even if it’s just for about 20 mins. We would take my daughter to the park and both hold her hands and walk with her on the sidewalk/trail. my daughter didn’t start waking till she was 14 months don’t worry all kids move at their own pace.

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My youngest 2 took a couple of steps at around a year old, but then decided to crawl again for another couple of months… Probably because it was faster than walking. The doctor said the youngest totally could walk if he wanted to but just wouldn’t. I’ve also had someone tell me that the late walkers have better eye/hand coordination than the early ones.

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Get him a toy walker that he can push around, and practice holding his hands and get him to walk with you :blush: my daughter was slow at walking too but think she was just lazy lol once I got her started she never stopped!

My daughter was about 15.5 months when she was really walking. Her pediatrician wasn’t concerned at all, I think I just carried her around too much! My mom told me I was a late walker also.

Encouragement of the stuff they can’t have usually works lol. Or stand up mirrors. Does your child have a favourite object/toy? Use it. But it’ll happen in the child’s time. Don’t panic and enjoy the time you have before walking starts cause that’s when the danger really begins​:rofl: my 1st ran before he walked and my 2nd climbed before she crawled then walked. So good luck with how yours starts cause after that…you’ll need more than eyes in the back of your head. Or a big bucket of glue…to stop them from moving for just 1 second.:rofl::joy::crazy_face:

Try to find h a pair of high tops for babies. That’s what did it for my son. He hasn’t ever stopped running.

My daughter did PT to help her and they said to put all their toys up so they have to walk to get them. Also do things like don’t pick them up or put them down where they want. Make them work for things.

My son walked at 2 he was under physio though from 15 months. Don’t worry it will happen x

My son didn’t walk till 16 months. He literally just took off one day. I wouldn’t worry about it to much

Don’t worry she’ll be running before u can blink an eye!

One of our twins was just shy of 19months when she walked. We had physical therapy all booked and ready and once she walked she literally just took off. Our pediatrician said as long as there is no physical reason why there aren’t walking(which he could find none) then they just walk when they walk. This child has gotten to every milestone late except numbers and letters as she is now three and can sight read some.

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My daughter didn’t walk until she was 17 months …it all depends on the baby I think

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My daughter was 14 months they will walk when they are ready Each child is different

My son was 18 months before he walked and my grandson also.

Toy with weeal on it to push around on hard wood floors

They do everything in their own time. My daughter is 15 months and isn’t walking, she skipped crawling and did scooting instead. She’ll cruise along a couch or low table but no steps or standing alone. She will. I’m not worried.

Child short or tall for age ? Tall children take longer to walk.

Mine were 10 ,11, 11, 12, months old

My youngest didn’t walk until nearly 22 months. He does everything now. They do it when they are ready (unless there’s a medical reason) I wouldn’t worry too much just yet.

My 2yo didn’t walk until 18 months. With him it was “ I can get there faster crawling “ thing. Now he is all over the place

A child would generally be walking by 18 months if there is no underlying issues. If you have concerns then speak to your doctor. Some children take longer then others