When did your child stop believing in santa?

What age did your kids quit believing in Santa Clause? My 9-year-old son still believes. (He’ll be 10 in December). I thought maybe he was getting suspicious of it, but I could tell by a comment he made today that he totally still believes. I know of at least one of his close friends that no longer believes. I’m not sure about his others. I don’t want to ruin it for him, but I don’t want him to get made fun of. Not only because of the obvious, but if that was to happen, I’m afraid he would be mad at me for not telling him the truth.


11 year old here, and he commented the other day about something Santa related and he still believes. He asks occasionally and I’ve always said that it’s ok to believe, as everyone is allowed to believe in different things. But he still always says “OK I will put this toy on my Christmas list for you”, so maybe on some level he knows :wink:

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My 8 year old granddaughter that lives with us stopped believing this year because she had a friend tell her over and over that Santa wasn’t real so I just told her the truth .

My son is 8. He sort of believes. He questions it but I think hes afraid if he admits hes not real that he wont get anything. I dont lie to him… instead I answer back with a question. Honestly it’s up to you to break it to him. But definitely make sure he knows before high school. I kinda think when my son is going unto middle school I’ll let him in on it

So my almost 14 year old still believes. He has had friends tell him Santa :santa: isn’t real and questioned us about it. Our response has always been, “do you believe that Santa is real?” He responds with yes and we tell him that’s all that matters​:+1:

Let him catch you doing the Santa stuff so you don’t have to spoil it for him and he doesn’t get made fun of

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9 yrs old and still believes in Santa?? Is he a special needs child??


I have 9 kids the oldest being 14 he still believes 🤷🤷 nothing wrong with it at all.


I have an 8 year old and a 5 year old who still believe in Santa.


Well my boyfriends 10 year old daughter soon to be 11 still believes and gets made fun of because she does. I feel bad and want to tell her but it’s not my place. I understand the magic of Santa but when they are old enough not at their expense

I lied to my parents until I was 16, thwy said when I stopped believing he would stop bringing the extra gifts

It’s about trust. Mine trust me fully so they didn’t question the existence of Santa. When my oldest was nearing the end of elementary school and I was having a hard time making sure Christmas was gonna be as it usually is, I thought it was the right time to break the news to my kids. Also because I’d rather them find out from me instead of being teased.
So I got them together and explained that Santa wasn’t a person, more like an idea. And that I was their Santa. They were ecstatic that it had been me all along giving them their favorite things they never thought to ask for. I told them it was their job to not spoil it for anyone else and they had to find ways to be Santa for others without any credit for the deed. Trust not broken.

Just wait until he asks. I was I think 12. Of course I heard my friends say it wasn’t true and they teased me a little bit, but I just wanted to believe it. Why spoil that little bit of magic in their lives any sooner than you have to?

Honestly let them believe as long as possible


Keep him magical who cares what everyone else thinks. Innocence is… amazing. Not everybody gets the chance to have innocence


I think my daughter believed in Santa until 9 or 10, then she found my “Santa stash”, and the gig was up, lol

As long as you can keep them believing the magic of Christmas is still there. My granddaughter will be 12 in November I know she knows but she’ll never admit it and it was about that age when she got suspicious. Plus heard all the rumors around school. What a rude comment, maybe you need a little Christmas magic .

Well Santa is real, so… Why wouldn’t he believe in him?

Santa can be anyone, and should be everyone. Christmas is magical and only transforms as we age - why ruin any part of it?


My kids never. I dont like the idea of misleading kids. My kids ask me and i tell them santa is a nice story but he isnt real.

I think its great. Too many kids are seeing and hearing innappropriate stuff. I tild my kids that everyone is a “santa” bc its about giving. So believe away.

I’m not sure when my son stopped believing but he never said a word when I finally figured it out I asked him why didn’t you say anything… he said why ruin the magic … you love the magic of Santa and this time of year … and so do I !!! So it’s ok to not say anything … magic of the holidays is where it’s at !

My daughter knows she got told by kids at school i explained we still do the santa thing shld of been honest from the beginning really fuck knows why we lie

I have a 8 and 12 year old who still believe in Santa. They also believe that Martin our elf is real. My 12 year old has a friend who doesn’t believe anymore and also knows that Martin is not real and when she comes to stay the night during the holidays she actually helps me move the elf and come up with fun things. I say let kids believe for as long as they want.

My sons father told him the truth a couple years back. On christmas day. He was 6.

Eventually all children grow up and realize that santa is not real and when that time comes u explain to him that santa claus is the spirit of christmas and he must always remember to.never ruin.it for a small child and say hes not real in your heart truly believe in a hearts he is real

Seriuosly didnt notice that comment jen jen what a statement who do u think u are???

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Personally, I think it’s beautiful that he still believes. It’s kind of sad when they don’t anymore. One thing I always did, for as long as my children lived at home was, no matter how old they were, I always waited until they went to bed on Christmas Eve to put anything under the tree. Even as teenagers, when they obviously didn’t “believe” anymore, the wonder in their eyes told me that, for a moment, they did again. Let him hold on to it as long as he can, or wants to.

When they go to school other Children will tell them the truth, most kids put two and two together by 5years to 8ish and some kids probably know that their no Santa due to their families don’t have enough money, or have a different faith.

Leave him alone, I believe in my higher power. Alot of you don’t.

Let him believe as long as he wants for that fact let all kids believe in that lil bit of magic kids grow up to fast as it is

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Tell him the truth sooner than later… His friends are gonna clown on him

In our house you only get presents from Santa if you believe


For those calling Jen Jen Rude for asking if the child is special need, what if he is though? How would somebody answer the question if he was?


Mine are older and all know now but i still dont let my youngest who is 11 downstairs after a certain time xmas eve …
As i was the oldest and when i found out i used to help my parents put things out xmas eve but i really missed the surprise of getting up xmas day and walking downstairs and seeing everything from the prezzyz to the food laid out x

Why does it matter how old a child is that still believes in Santa, let them keep believing. As they grow older it will be about the sprit of Christmas and what it means that is the true gift we give our kids.

I think some kids are just too nice to tell their parents they don’t believe lol


Hey I’m 28 and still believe in Santa

I believed in Santa till I was 10. All my friends said he wasnt real and a nodded and went along with it but deep down I knew he was real because my mum said so. Then my brat little brother asked her outright in front of me and ruined everything. Yes- I’m still bitter he ruined the magic of Christmas for me.

Let him believe as long as possible all other fantasy’s are being taken away surely he can enjoy something before someone spoils it for him

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My kids still believe well if they don’t they have me fooled and they are 11 and 8 and I’m choosing to allow they to believe, what’s wrong with having a bit magic at Christmas. They did ask but I said if u believe in the magic it will happen and they seem happy enough.

My 10 year old found out a year or so ago and said he knew longer that he wasn’t dealt but didn’t wanna miss out on getting presents so he pretended :joy::joy:

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I never enforced Santa as the one bringing the gifts. But instead he was a man that helped back a long time ago.
We don’t have alot of money, so I don’t want my kids going to school saying I only got a few gifts, and other kids saying well Santa brought us new iPhones.
I didnt want my kids to thinks santa loved them any less.
He’s an idea, not a reality (in short terms)

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It’s a tough one. I still believe Santa is magic❤️Just let him down gently, but still believe in the myth

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I have an almost three year old. I don’t tell her the whole ‘Santa’ story and play it out on Christmas. She’ll acknowledge other kids believe that and respect it. I just think there’s too much put into the Santa deal. It’s more of an acknowledgement to our faith and family


My mum has always told us that the day we stop believing in Santa is the day he stops coming. I am 41 with a 6 year old. My siblings are 36, my sister also has a 6 year old. We all still believe. Lol


With my kids I let them stay believing. I told my son that many don’t believe in Santa as many don’t believe in magic, but magic is real. One year I lost my job, the kids knew I did, yet a group of people bought them tons of gifts to help us out (which included boots and clothes) It was amazing. They KNEW I couldn’t afford it and all present were written from Santa so I legit have no idea who sent them. So they got presents from Santa. They know we struggle but they don’t go without if I can help it at all. I keep magic alive as long as I can. Because sometimes in life, when you are struggling all kids have to hold on and believe in IS that magic.


I was 6 and caught my parents wrapping the gifts and also noticed the writing on the tag. I didn’t feel like I was robbed of anything after I found out

Let him believe in him…
When he starts asking questions just give him the mind set Santa is magic more so then some fat man down the chimney.

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All kids will be told by other kids that Santa isn’t real. Most of the time, they will still believe. But eventually start questioning it. You will know when the time is right. All kids go through this, he will forgive you.

When my girls were starting to suspect, I told them those who didn’t believe only got clothes for Christmas. This worked until they were teens and wanted clothes… lol

My 10 year old would still be believing right now if an ADULT didnt tell her. She ruined it for my daughter. Told her on easter that Santa and the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy weren’t real. Now I know her daughter figured it out early but I can tell you I was pretty pissed off to find out that an adult had to ruin this for her. We try really hard to make the believe.

Google the story of how to tell them the secret of knowing about Santa is becoming ‘santa’. It helped and this year I am doing it with my 8 (almost 9) year old son.


My sons 6, and knows Santa isn’t real… how do you get them to believe?
Cause my son called the bs a long time ago lol

I taught my kids Santa isnt real they have never believed in Santa


My 8 yr old still does. I tell them I can’t afford to do what Santa brings and does for them so must be him🤷‍♀️… my 13 yr old obviously don’t. But my 8 5 5 2 and 1 yr old does. Life’s shitty right now they need something to still believe.

Odds are this is his last year really believing anyway, so why not enjoy the magic.

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I would just let it be and let him find out on his own. Most kids aren’t mad when they find out.

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My daughter was 7 when she asked. She said her classmates said he wasn’t real. I told her he was from an old story.

My kids never believed in Santa. They were too skeptical. I tried to do the Santa thing, I’d even make “snow prints” on the floor and everything. They never believed me, but they do pretend to believe at their dads house :rofl::rofl:

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Im usually really open with my kids. Whenever my kids have come to me about it I just ask them if they believe. If they say yes then I say okay then. If they say no then I just ask them not to ruin it for anyone else who still believes.

My almost 12 year old says he still believes, I think he may have suspicions but he will make comments about how Santa’s magic works and time travel theories that lead me to believe he is not ready to let it go. I know most of his peers stopped believing in the last few years, that doesn’t bother him because “everyone is free to their opinion” (his words)
To answer why he didn’t get thousands of dollars in gifts, but his friends might wind up with the newest playstation- we have always said Santa is aware of the parents guidance on appropriate gifts.


I wouldn’t say anything most kids find out for themselves and figure it out just fine​:woman_shrugging:t3: I believed for a very long time… I first questioned my mom about the tooth fairy… I still remember it we were biking and she asked me if I really wanted to know… and in that moment I knew I didn’t want to know I peddled as hard as my small legs could take me, all the way to my grandparents so she couldn’t tell me the truth :joy: it’s was 14 Km door to door and we were only like 4 Km in when I asked :woman_facepalming:t3::joy:

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My friends little boy started to not believe last year I told her don’t confirm or deny it just say if that’s what you believe that’s OK, how about being santa and surprising a friend or neighbour, as far as I’m aware it went fine, my 10 year old wants to believe but I think she’s had too many friends tell her it’s not real that she’s unsure and keeps telling me that none of them are real-tooth fairy, Easter bunny, santa, birthday fairy, Christmas elf and any other make believe that I make up as I go along, I even have a cupboard monster who’s hiding from the light, he turned up one night crying the light was hurting him so I let him live in the cupboard under the stairs, he’s not nasty but the light hurts so noones allowed in the cupboard ever! He protects my secret stashes through the year as payment and comes out at night to eat when everyone’s asleep and the lights are off

I’m trying to keep my last little (12 years old) with a little magic. I’m pretty sure she’s started questioning it at 9 but believed. Then at ten not really believing so we had the “big kid convo” as I called it and I said that Santa only really brings 3 little toys or books but nothing more then dollar store type things and that parents provide the rest which is why some kids get sooooo much and others get so little and why kids find presents from Santa that their parents hid because the parents want to make it bigger for them but some parents don’t have that option. She still talks about Santa for Christmas stuff but I’m not sure if she had a little belief in magic still or if she’s trying to keep my belief alive lol

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Let that boy believe as long as he wants too thats the spirit and magic of the season and when he growns up and gets to become the santa itll mean even more :star_struck:

We have a rule around here, when you quit believing in Santa all you get is underwear… so far none of my 23 grandkids get underwear


When my son figured it out he was mad as hell.Said we have been lying for years when we preached for him to tell the truth!!

My son found out (from kids at school) when he was 10. I tried to keep him believing for a little longer but at that age they are bound to find out.

Nobody ever told me Santa wasn’t real… I just came to realize it over time, but even now I still feel some magical way about Santa and Christmas and like maybe I don’t fully not believe and that makes it that much more special so honestly this world sucks, let him believe as long as he wants❤️

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Getting made fun of for having an imagination and staying young is worth it
Let him enjoy it until he asks you I say
We are forced to grow up to fast in this world these fairy tales are beautiful and important
I found out Santa wasn’t real at 13 and I got teased but wouldn’t take anything back
They were great years

I always felt that if there friends knew that it was time, also it really depends on the maturity of the child. My daughters were born knowing it all, but enjoying it all too! Christmas is magical for so many reasons.

My daughter was 7 when she stopped believing, but I always told her “if you don’t believe you don’t receive” she’s now 12, but her step sister is 7 and still believes and now has a 2 month old baby brother that will believe when he’s a little older

Let him believe as long as possible!


I have ran into this with my daughter. And the first time someone told her Santa wasn’t real, I told her that he is real as long as she believes he is, but once she doesn’t believe, he wont be real to her anymore, but may be to other kids still.

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My kid’s were taught Santa is a person who gives. He helps those in need, and shares love. He isn’t just one person, he’s anyone who cares about others. My kids know Santa will always be real if you are always there doing something nice for someone.

It’s not about the gifts, but the spirit of giving.


Both of my kids were 7. The kids at school pretty much ruined it.

I’m super surprised at some of the ages. My son was about 6. Almost every kid in my family was around that age… that’s crazy that there’s some kids that’s a lot older and still believe. I’m sorry but if my kid hears at school he isn’t real and asks me… I will NOT lie to him so he gets picked on at school.

About 8. One of his friends told him

My son is 9 and still believes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::santa:t2:

Santa doesn’t come when u stop believing is all I ever said, and I always said that I believes even though lots of adults and some kids don’t thats why he still comes❤

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My son still believes at 7. When he gets older, it’ll be " if you don’t believe, you don’t receive" :joy::joy:. Gifts from Santa, that is :grin:


My daughter is 8 and still believes. She’s a Pisces (old soul) so when she asks me a direct question about something, I’ve come to realize she already knows the answer and is asking for an explanation. I always counter her questions w what she believes! If she were to ask me today if Santa is real, I’d say “what do you think? Do you think he’s real?” And let them lead. Maybe he still believes and wants you to tell him he’s right or maybe he’s at the age that honesty would be beneficial. Only you know your kid

Santa is real though 💁 If you don’t believe you don’t receive. Christmas is the time for magic. I know he is real… If he wasnt, Christmas would just be any other day :relaxed:


My son is 11 and still believes

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If he stops believing just tell him there are people who still believe in the magic and not to ruin it for me. But don’t just ruin it outright. As long as their are believers, there will always be a Santa. We are writing a note to our 17 year old who will be 18 in March from Santa thanking him for his constant belief every year and to carry the tradition on for the next generation.


My son has some friends That don’t believe but I told him Santa only comes to people who believe and I make it pretty magical for them. My 12-year-old still hasn’t admitted he doesn’t believe but I can sense he knows. I am 37 years old and will always believe in the myth and the love that the story tells.


My answer is if you dont believe, you don’t receive.

Just wait until he asks, that’s what I did and just be honest

My son is 7 and never believed :laughing: he told me that the tv proved he was fake. Lol. So we don’t do Santa at our house.

Let him believe in Santa when I was in 6th grade we had a super smart kid in our class even though he was like 9 years old and the teacher blurted out about the parents doing the gifts making him cry and run out of the room. If he believes let him, makes the holiday more fun thinking about the magic of Christmas.

I told my kid I bust my ass all year long to be her santa and if she didn’t want to believe then I wouldn’t participate

My kids understood about 9 years old or so that Santa is the spirit of giving to others. Also if they stop believing in Santa, they only get socks and underwear. They are all in late 20’s and will tell you they still believe in Santa!

At my house Santa only comes if you believe, the moment you stop so do the gifts :gift: my kids are 15, 13 and 8 and they still believe lol

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My Mom and Dad always told me, when you stop believing, he stops coming. I’m 40 and still have a stocking at my parents house. My oldest is almost 13 and she believed up until 2 years ago. My youngest is 8 and still believes

Let it be. There isn’t anything wrong with and definitely no harm in doing so. There is a lot more bad things he could be into.

My husband believed until he was in 8th grade. His parents wanted him to have as much magic in his life as possible :sparkles:

My 11 year old doesn’t believe but pretends for her younger siblings.

We were taught, and I taught my now grown children, that as long as you believe, Santa is real then you will receive. That he’s more like the spirit of giving and not necessarily a person and that you can be Santa for someone else by anonymously giving to others. It doesn’t have to be a monetary gift either. It can be a random act of kindness or helping someone in need also.


My son was 4 and my daughter 7 when the neighbor kid(girl) told my kids Santa wasn’t real and then her mom told my kids he wasn’t real too :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: but luckily they both still believe. My daughters reason Santa is real is bc mom doesn’t have money and wouldn’t buy the stuff for them :joy: they’re 6 and 9 now and I have a 3 yr old too. But I know my oldest has her suspicions but she’ll be 10 in October and she’s pretty understanding but hope she wouldn’t ruin it for the younger ones!

Just because I love Christmas I’m gonna let my little one believe as long as she chooses.

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