When did your kid stop napping?

How old were your kids when you stopped trying to make them take naps?

I have 4.
My first napped until she was almost 4. They gradually got shorter.
My second wasn’t much for napping and that stopped about 2 years old.
My third was about 2 as well.
My fourth napped until about 3. Maybe a little earlier.
I stopped trying when they refused naps and also when I noticed they had a hard time going to sleep at night. When they did stop naps, I lowered bedtime by about an hour.

My first stopped at 4
Second stopped at 3
Third stopped just before 2.

My first two I had to stop the summer before kindergarten because they didn’t nap in kindergarten. My last is 2 1/2 and he naps a couple of times a week usually when he feels he needs it. He’s my wild non sleeper :joy:

Wait we are suppose to stop napping?

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Our 5-year old still naps at school.