When did your period come back while breastfeeding?

When did your period come back while breastfeeding? I’m planning summer vacations and don’t want Aunt Flow to interrupt. I’m due in April with my third and plan to EBF so hoping period will stay away for awhile.


It was different with all of my kids

pretty sure it’s different for everyone. some get it some dont. ebf doesn’t mean it will stay away either.


I’m currently 9 months pp and it still hasn’t returned

Mine was 5 months pp while breastfeeding both times. Its very much up to your body.

Pretty sure you can’t determine that. At all. :woozy_face::rofl:
Good luck to you in the future because you’ll be planning around your baby and not aunt flow anymore lol


I went a year after both while they were nursing. It is different for everyone but average if completely breastfeeding with no supplementation Is 4-6 months. Don’t count on it.

You never know. Can’t really plan. Mine came back 4 weeks postpartum breastfeeding

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Just book your vacation. If you even get your period, it could be irregular. I exclusively breastfed and got my period 6 weeks after birth. And they have been irregular since. My period took 3 months to come back after I stopped with my first.

Mine came back less than 6 weeks after I had mine

6 weeks. 8 weeks (I had an iud inserted which kickstarted my period) and my last 2 were at 10 weeks postpartum AND both of those times I had a second period 2 weeks after the first one

I’m nearly a year postpartum, and I still haven’t gotten mine back. This is baby 3. Babies 1-2, it came back way before now.

13-18 months. No bottle, pacifier or night weaning and it will stave it off longer

Get pregnant again and won’t have to worried about aunt flow :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s your 1st isn’t it? Your about to enter a whole new world of stuff you didn’t or can’t plan. Good luck

Sorry breast fed 3 kids 28 days after birth , there it was . They said it’s unusual .

After my last one it started back up about 4 month pp but was crazy irregular.