When did your toddlers stop napping?

When did your toddlers stop napping? Lately it’s been incredibly hard to get our kiddo down for his nap. He also just became big brother, so I know his world has been rocked. Nap time is awful. We’ve taken him in the car for a nap more times recently than his whole life.


Mine are 4 and 2.5 and still nap daily.

Mimy little guy will be 4 in November and he still naps and needs his naps.

I had 2 kiddos that napped until the summer before kindergarten (I had to break them before that). My last is almost 3 and he naps maybe once or twice a week and has since he turned 2. It all depends on how busy we have been or how well he slept if he decides to nap.

Right around two or three. However they are teens now and nap often.

Some kids just don’t need as much sleep. My oldest rarely napped as he got older and my youngest has always needed more sleep.

I have my 6 yr old trained to still take naps :rofl::rofl:

My son needed naps til he was 4. My oldest stopped at 3.

My 1st stopped at 18 months :sob: my youngest will be 3 in October and still naps. We get some days where she won’t but it’s not often

Ideally, kids should nap until school age. Realistically, this doesn’t happen often. My 3 year old stopped napping about a year ago unless he’s absolutely exhausted. My now 13 year old stopped napping around 2.5, 3. Before that, even if you can just get kiddo to lay down and watch a movie, you should. Them being at rest is close to getting a nap in, and gives you some quiet time as well.

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2.5 for the oldest.
Current 2 year old still naps.

My almost 6 yr old still naps. We love our nap time :black_heart:

Like around 3 years old unless it’s been a really busy day then a short afternoon nap

Right around their 4th birthday

Only my first 2 ever did :laughing: 3 and 4 nope. I think the oldest 2 where 2 1/2ish.

My girl is 1.5 and doesn’t nap that often anymore.

I try NOT to give my 3.5 year old grandchild a nap anymore and have nighttime be between 7-7:30pm now. That way I can have my evenings for myself! :blush:

My oldest now 6yo stopped napping at 6months😫, my 2.5yo still takes her daily 1-2hrs naps

My 4yo daughter goes into her room for nap time regardless if she sleeps or not.
We build quiet time into every day that she’s home. We both take our space alone.

My son napped at daycare til kindergarten. On my days off he stopped napping about 3 1/2 ish. I just couldn’t leave the house after about 1 or be in a car. He’d sleep 6pm-8amishvv

Our 5-year old still naps. She’s so busy that she needs the power nap.

Mine still naps most days and he’ll be 3 in a few weeks… But if he doesn’t want to I don’t try to force it. If he sleeps he sleeps if not :woman_shrugging:t2:.

4 years old. She’s 14 and still naps 2-3 hours a day. :rofl::rofl:

Well when nap time didn’t worked for me anymore I just started saying is rest time and make him stay on his bed for an hour even if awake.

My kids were both 2 when they stopped napping. They also both didn’t sleep in the car.

Mine stopped napping at 2! Lol. She rarely falls asleep unless we’re in the car

She stopped right around 2. Now if there’s a nap we’re up all night. No thanks.

My baby stopped napping at 1

My 5 year old never napped, even as a baby he napped 30 minutes at time. We tried everything for him to sleep. During school he would lay on his mat and go in circles. My 2 year old loves her naps and I hope she don’t stop.

My child is 5 and still needs a nap or she can’t function properly. It’s going to be BAD she starts kindergarten.

my girls probaly stopped totally about 5-6 years old there was some occasionally napping after starting kindergarten being long days compared to what was use too.

It start to be hit and miss at that age they will go threw faxes seriously it will never be the same and of course with new baby routines are not the same he will flip back an fourth on sleep schedules I had Irish twins and another three year old soo much fun I didn’t sleep like at all I’m still lucky if I get a few hours because now my body thinks it’s normal after five years haha which come winter it’s always the same three sick babies you won’t sleep ….

Around 5,still required to rest

Mine stopped at about 3-3.5

My son is 7 and stopped napping shortly before his 1st birthday the only time he naps is when he isn’t feeling well or didn’t sleep the night before

They give naps at daycare until they leave for kindergarten . My son is almost 5 and sleeps at school but barely take naps at home

The two oldest stopped napping at 1. My youngest is 2 and still takes naps. Just depends on the child.

Tell him he can stay in bed with books - he doesn’t have to sleep, but MUST stay in bed. Maybe won’t nap, but at least rest. If that’s too much, remove anything (toys) from room that will harm him and put baby gate across bedroom door. Must stay in room until timer goes off.

I as a parent made my kids nap until kindergarten. You’re the parent stop babying them and make them take naps. They grow more when they nap.


Eldest 2 I can’t remember . 4 year old would still on occasion nap. 2 year old stopped around 18 months. 13 month old still has 1 30-60 min nap but has a much longer awake window. So it’s generally half way through her day.

My toddlers never stopped napping. Kindergarten kind of forced all day on them and they always crashed as soon as they got home.

First 2 stopped napping at one​:woozy_face::upside_down_face: 3rd feral minion napped til 4 and will still at 7 take naps if he feels inclined to

My kid naps and then is up til midnight or 1. Actual photo of me.