When do babies hold their own bottle?

Hey ladies! I have a question. I have a 9 month old son. He will NOT hold his own bottle. He will scream until I need him. I even let him play with it when he’s not super hungry to see if he will get the hang of things. Did anyone else experience a “late bottle holder?” He’s my only child and is seems to me my nieces and nephews were holding their own bottle by now lol

Thanks for your input!


My son didn’t until I would drop it and he would grab it

My son will not hold his own bottle but he will hold a sippy cup. So I started putting his milk in it. For the most part its ok but he needs to learn how to tilt it to actually get some milk lol. Hes almost 7 months

Mom cant hold bottle for him? He’s probably not taking that many now.

This is my post . Thank you to all the ladies who have written actual great advice. To the ones telling me to "embrace those moments " I did not write this because I am frustrated and want these moments to be over. I love feeding my son,it’s one of our main bonding times. However I am a first time mama and I wasn’t quite sure if there was a proper age when he should be holding his own bottle. I have recieved some wonderful advice and will be trying different ways. Thanks to the girls who offered real advice. Also to the ones saying he’s too old to be on a bottle,he’s not. My health nurse had advised he be on the bottle until a year old. After that we will throw them away. He was also born a month early.

He has no problem holding or throwing or even drinking out of a sippy cup. The ones with or without handles. He drinks out of them no problem . It’s just the baba. I’m pretty sure he’s just lazy lol


mines one and still wont but he is just being lazy i lay it down he will hold it

Maybe he just enjoys being held while having his bottle.It is quite soothing, and relaxing. He enjoys being loved.