When do babies hold their own bottle?

How old was your little when they were able to hold their own bottle?


My son was able to at 6 months or so… however he chose not to :laughing: he would never hold it. I honestly didn’t mind it though. I wasn’t able to breastfeed so I felt like mommy holding it for him until we transitioned to sippy was extra bonding.

5 months. She had been trying since 2 months. She was able to hold bottles with less in them, now is a champ, even when she is sleeping

This should not be done when bottle feeding as they can choke and it is a time to bond

Mine refused to try until she was almost a year old…

Physically capable, around 5 to 6 months old. Willingly capable, never. Lol

She was super lazy when it came to holding her bottle. She was never really a milk drinker though it was a struggle to get her to drink three or four ounces at a time. She still that way with milk. In the times that she did take a bottle was really around like the time she woke up before her naps and at that point she was taking 3 naps a day and then before dinner and once In the night… so she was really sleepy during those times which didn’t help with her laziness.